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Eventide H9000

Eventide H9000

4.5 4.5 out of 5, based on 1 Review

I've had the H9000 since Nov '18 so had a fair amount of time to explore. The machine is generally intuitive to use, algos can be complex though. I've got a load of new song ideas, unique stuff. Primarily using it with guitar on my project - vocals and other sources will come later

28th February 2019

Eventide H9000 by macgee

  • Sound Quality 5 out of 5
  • Ease of use 5 out of 5
  • Features 4 out of 5
  • Bang for buck 4 out of 5
  • Overall: 4.5
Eventide H9000

It's a deep machine so wouldn't expect speedy results unless you're familiar with prior harmonisers.
Most algos are completely unique so imagine learning a complex plugin over and over.
You may or not like the default sound of an algo but dig in because you could be rewarded as I have been

I read a review slating the plate so challenged myself to find a plate preset that matched or rivalled the UAD Plate. Several plates are unique algos so picked one that had a good starting point. i didn't like the default settings and UAD won
After 15min I managed to get an exceptional sound from that algo with beautiful depth. Not exact match but I was very happy.
Amount of params and range means you can go subtle to extreme and anywhere in between, fine tune!

There's so many options, analog and digital. Though I had issues with SPDIF, put it down to cables cos different combos worked ok.
It's possible to use as an outboard unit with signals sent over USB so you can use DAW I/O plugins to route signals thru for processing or as AD/DA. First create an aggregate device with Apollo+H9K then you can send and return 16 mono from the DAW to H9K for processing.
I discovered a bug where USB level on return to DAW were lower than what was sent. They confirmed the bug and are working on a fix.
ADAT supports 8 channels at 48k but not SMUX for 4 channels at 96 - I put in feature request

Front Panel
LCD isn't hi res but its ok. - sure retina would be nice, maybe an upgrade at some point?
Its easy to navigate and edit using buttons and shortcuts
You can run emote standalone, in DAW and LCD with different views
E.g. Switch algo on H9K, standalone Emote shows algo editor, plugin Emote shows different algo or other view

Algo Discovery and Presets
The challenge-There are around 1600 algos but some are simple in out or utility(tempo calc, wave generator) and less useful ones but some beauties lie among these so explore.
You may load an algo but there's no effect so you have to go in and turn the effect on-this is why multiple views are useful
Only way to know what an algo contains is to explore
Tagging and favourites aren't supported so I find something, modify it and save to a new preset with initials. Then can search based on initials
I hope they add tagging and fav support

There's many beautiful algos so you should be spoilt for choice if you invest the time.
Some favourites are Dream Salanders, Circular Delays, The Gyre, Jan's Resochords, Vox Plate, Thick Ambience, Blues Heart, etc..
Except for Dream Salanders and Circular Delays, I had to modify the others to come out with something I loved.
Its missing some key Features/Algos from H8000 like UltraShifter, Sampler, Custom Scales, Monolithic mode and several algos. These are essential and hope they make an appearance soon.
Rack algos could have lots of FX in different combinations, e.g. comp, Chorus, Delays, Flanger, Phaser, Distortion and pitch so one algo can be a monster.

FX Chains
16 individual algos are supported across 4 FX chains.
Each FX Chain can have 4 Algos (not sure if more per chain) so you can create unbelievable chains of FX.

You need external DI since H9K needs to receive Line level
There's no speaker sims (I'm doing a feature request for IR loader) so if you want FX and distortion from the H9000 then you need speaker sim, UAD Apollo or similar or Reamp to Amp

Eventide have been great, both on email and on the forums. The engineers and developers respond to threads
I've shared feedback and they've responded - They'd share interim updated so I could test the fix.

- Fairly intuitive but still worthwhile reading the short manual
- Massive library of great effects, legacy and unique
- USB Support
- DAW Integration for audio throughput, automation
- Emote for managing the hardware remotely
- Vsig Support - not too complex
- Tons of connectivity options with expansion

- Missing features and algorithms from H8000
- Can't currently Vsig edit algorithms to add functions e.g. add midi cock or retrig to an algo
- No Vsig for Mac, Eventide say its planned
- Has a few bugs but I'm confident the team will resolve these - they have resolved lots already
- No ADAT SMUX for 96k
- Uncertain future - will ultra shifter, custom scales and sampler be ported? I'll caveat this in the fact that we now have Vsig support which automatically gives it a future and the v1.1 update with some cool algorithms and features and they're both valuable additions.
v1.1: Software v1.1 for Eventide H9000 & H9000R Multi-Effects processors and emote announced

Rating: I rated features and bang for buck at 4 because though it is massively featured at the hardware level, some things need to be released for the true value to be appreciated, e.g. remaining H8000 algos, new H9000 algos, Vsig for Mac

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