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KAHAYAN 8x4 Midi Amp/Speaker selector

KAHAYAN 8x4 Midi Amp/Speaker selector

4.75 4.75 out of 5, based on 1 Review

Imagine exchanging the sound of 8 guitar amplifiers and combining them with 4 different speakers at the touch of a button. If that were not enough , add the possibility of doing it via remote control using any midi device.

24th January 2019

KAHAYAN 8x4 Midi Amp/Speaker selector by Midas

  • Sound Quality 5 out of 5
  • Ease of use 4 out of 5
  • Features 5 out of 5
  • Bang for buck 5 out of 5
  • Overall: 4.75
KAHAYAN 8x4 Midi Amp/Speaker selector

Kahayan proaudio surprises us once again with an innovative product which satisfies the needs and needs present in the day to day of both musicians and professionals in the audio industry. This time we are going to talk about the 8X4 MIDI AMP / SPEAKER SELECTOR model. A totally discreet and hand-crafted high quality selector, which allows us to connect and combine between x 8 amplifiers / 4x speakers without the need to waste time in the connection between the different signal sources.

Avoiding in this way having to connect / disconnect the wiring to make the appropriate combinations between multiple amplifiers or guitar / bass combos and the different speakers. Something extremely practical in recording studio sessions, live concerts or even for the "showcase" of stores or stores of musical instruments which in a comfortable and fast way can allow them to access the different amplifiers, thus facilitating to the clients, to perform the different checks between their instruments and an extensive possibility of combining different amplifiers with different loudspeakers.

In addition to having a transparent sound due to its pure circuitry based on relay technology and minimal signal routing. Which does not get to degrade or color as if it happens in other selectors models available in the market and this is where the 8X4 MIDI AMP / SPEAKER SELECTOR makes the real difference.

"A discreet high-quality hand-crafted selector for exceptional transparent audio"

Plugging In

Front view of the push buttons between the different combinations of the signal sources

In this new version of the 8X4 MIDI AMP / SPEAKER SELECTOR apart from incorporating the Midi function, the rotary switches of the previous version have been replaced by practical push buttons with an activation / deactivation LED. One thing that caught my attention is the use of relays that Kahayan has used in the construction of the unit. Something that offers a lot of confidence and tranquility each time we switch between each of the different signal combinations, giving us the feeling of being in front of a totally stable piece of equipment, built and designed with the utmost detail and high quality in all its components. It should be noted that through several units connected in parallel or cascade, we can expand the number of connections between amplifiers and speakers, in the same way that if we want to double the signals to stereo.

Also on the front, we have the input of our guitar + pedal board a "Thru" output with a "Mute" button to allow us to take the signal to the tuner.

On the left front, in addition to the x8 amplifier selection buttons and the x4 switching between speakers we find a practical "thru" output for the tuner, as well as a "mute" button which cuts the signal to send it through of this. Which shows that detail by the manufacturer in terms of the practicality of their equipment. But to the left we have the input "Inst" input where we connect our instrument to be addressed by all the matrix routing of the 8X4 MIDI AMP / SPEAKER SELECTOR. On the right front is also the On / Off selector that shows the status of the unit through a led light.

Back view of the unit


On the back of the unit on the back, is where we have all the inputs / outputs of the selector. Where we can also find a send / return for the amplification bus of the signal as well as two midi In / Thru ports, which adds a greater versatility to the equipment. This can be controlled remotely by any midi device, either via a keyboard, Ipad, our protools, logic or any unit with midi protocol. Something that makes the 8X4 MIDI AMP / SPEAKER SELECTOR that is the only one in the market to gather all these functionalities.


After connecting different channels of amplifiers, the unit delivers exactly the same sound that comes out of the amplifier, without degrading the signal by adding extra noise from the internal circuitry of the selector itself. Which does not happen with other units of selectors, which usually induce some internal noise. In the same way the 8X4 AMP / SPEAKER SELECTOR does not produce any kind of mass or buzz noise even when clicking between the different inputs / outputs of its own internal matrix. It will be necessary to take into account the impedance adaptation between the different sources of the signals between amplifier / speaker since the unit does not adapt them. Its functionality is the same as that of a patchbay.


8X4 MIDI AMP / SPEAKER SELECTOR is the best of the friends that a guitarist of both studio session and direct may have. Since this offers a quick way to access the different amplifiers / speakers and to combine these without the need to have to wire all of it every time we want to exchange units, and without it degrading the signal at any point in their circuitry . Robust and solid construction, the device speaks for itself claiming its European artisan pedigree, through an atypical construction perhaps in most of the equipment manufactured today, where the products manufactured and launched in series through the various Asian manufacturing countries are the order of the day All this with the advantage in its topology, which does not color or modify the original signal. To all this we must add the versatility of being able to access all your routing via Midi device. Therefore it is not surprising that Musicians like Tim Pierce (Bruce Springsteen, Madonna, Michael Jackson, Phil Collins, Bon Jovi) affirm that "this unit has changed his life", other musicians which endorse the 8X4 MIDI AMP / SPEAKER SELECTOR are: Dean Parks, Ramón Stagnaro, Ludovico Vagnone, Greg Wells or Dan Warner among many of the professional guitarists who use it both in recording studio sessions and in direct ones.

There is no similar unit in the market, we can find other different models of selectors manufactured by other brands sucha as the Ampete 88´s Studio Amp/Cabinet switching system or the Lisle Amp-Speaker selector 8x8.


- x8 Amplifiers/x8 Speakers selector
- Mute selector which direct the signal to the tuner
- x1 Instrument input via Jack ¼”
- x1 Tuner Insert jack ¼”
- x8 ¼”Jack amplifiers outputs
- x8 ¼”Jack inputs to loading operation from the amplifiers
- x4 ¼” outputs for speakers
- x1 output Jack ¼” load and x1 input Jack ¼ for insert in the Amp bus.
- x1 midi output port/x1 Midi thru port
- Consumption:6w
- Power supply: 220/110V/50/60Hz
- Weight: 5Kg

Mapp Price


Manufacturer´s website:
Kahayan Pro-Audio
kahayan-pro-audio | 8x4 MIDI Selector

Distribution and sale web page:
kahayan-pro-audio | Dealers

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