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KAHAYAN Proaudio Solid 4000 Stereo MixBuss Processor

KAHAYAN Solid 4000 Stereo MixBuss

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9th January 2019

KAHAYAN Solid 4000 Stereo MixBuss by Midas

  • Sound Quality 4 out of 5
  • Ease of use 5 out of 5
  • Features 5 out of 5
  • Bang for buck 5 out of 5
  • Overall: 4.75
KAHAYAN Proaudio Solid 4000 Stereo MixBuss Processor

The Solid 4000 Mix Buss Processor of Kahayan delivers to your mixes that extra “Glue” and the mojo of a SSL 4K, through a level of character and saturation fully controllable to the user's taste, and all this in a reduced module of series 500 .

Many times merely it is not really necessary, as perhaps we do not have at our disposal a large amount of equipment to achieve that character, homogeneity and cohesion in the sound of our mixes similar to that of the classic analog mixers of large dimensions. If above all, we add the sound quality of one of the legends in terms of sound in the mixers is concerned and all this in a small module of a 500 series format of Api, the result is the Kahayan Solid 4000 Mix Buss Processor. Hand-Crafted in Europe and with exactly the same components as the modules of the master section an SSL 4000, the Solid 4000 Mix Buss is perhaps one of the most affordable ways to get that big sound in the mixes, with a punch and unique sonic quality , but without compromising the clarity of the sound.

Under Test

The Solid 4K despite having only x2 controls can be somewhat complex if we do not make an optimal signal adjustment, looking for the "sweet spot" and equilibrium point between the potentiometer of the "drive" or saturation and the level of the "output" parameter. Which should not be confused with the fact of thinking that this will increase the color and harmonics present in the original signal. It is appreciated that Kahayan, as a good expert on the needs of engineers, has included a practical vumeter which will always serve as a reference parallel to the final verdict of our ears. To give a tangible example the "drive" would be something like the total of the sum of channels in a 4k mixer solid mix which would go to the master bus of the console. That is to say that if we went through the emphasis of this one, we would get a broken, distorted and saturated sound in the same way that it would happen in the mixer itself, something for which we would have to have the necessary caution in its adjustment and control. Unless what we seek is intentionally that saturated sound. What happens in the red band after the O on the vumeter scale, is already saturation level and where the sound begins to distort and "break". Therefore the search for the balance between the drive and the output are the key to the behavior and idiosyncrasy of the equipment itself.

After inserting it in different buses and subgroups of instrumentation, the difference in sound between the sum of the stereo bus of the DAW and the solid 4000 is more than obvious. By adjusting both buses to the same levels and passing the Drums subgroup, the sound quickly acquires a dimension and life, which the DAW bus lacks. Being the best of it, it turns out that we get the same way to be inserted in our bus Master Stereo section, getting that empathy and warmth that we often look for and miss in the current digital work stations. In the same way saving us a lot of time searching through the libraries of our hundreds of plugins, until finally finding one which can offer us something in terms of a similar satisfaction in the results. It is almost ridiculous what the 4k can do with a drum or drum box to levels of improvement and restoration of sound. Something that is attractive and extremely interesting is the addition of an SSL bus compressor 500 series module, thus obtaining what would come to be the main frame of the own Solid State Logic 4K. This in turn, shares the same circuit as the Solid 4k 500 series of the Epsilon 32-500 and therefore can be complementary to this.


Parameter that controls the harmonic distortion, it is as if we aggressively forced several buses / mixing channels of the mixer. High settings increase the grain and the unit. The lower settings tend to open the dynamics. Something like reference and starting point to be able to see the behavior of said parameter would be to pronounce it so that we can see the effect of this by forcing it and taking it to the point of distortion.


Compensates between the output signal level and the Drive control setting. As mentioned in the test, you have to look for the combination between this and the drive to find the desired sound or "sweet spot" under your own taste / criteria.


If we seek to give that point of empaste and cohesion and quality to our mixes all in a small size of x2 modules of 500 series chassis such as the Api lunchbox or Heritage Audio OST-4. The Solid 4k Stereo Mixbuss is an interesting and unique equipment. Since it offers all this at an interesting and moderate price, you just have to think about the necessary equipment which you would have to acquire to obtain a similar equipment in the final overall result of your sound. Which perhaps makes Solid 4K Kahayan one of the most affordable equipment we can get today in terms of capacity & performance.

Made in Europe, Solid 4k stereo mixbuss by Kahayan is manufactured and assembled using the highest quality components .


Kahayan Solid 4000 Stereo Mixbuss Processor
Stereo processor module with the sound of the SSL 4000
Connections: x2 Balanced inputs/outputs Vumeter
Drive input: Saturation level/signal filling
Output: Output level/drive combination
Bypass switch
Headroom: +24 dBu
Width: x2 units of 500 series rack slot frame
Left slot current: +16V/142mA (max),-16V/46mA(Max)
Right slot current :+16V/41mA (max),-16V/41mA(Max)
Weight: 1kg


There are several modules of 500 series existing in the market, which would be somewhat complicated to reference some of them. Despite this, perhaps the Solid 4K Mixbuss from Kahayan remans unique in its kind. There is currently no similar 500 series module with a similar characteristic to it. The Elysia Karacter 500 could be a complementary alternative but with a behavior somewhat different from the Solid 4000K.

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