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Fiio M9

Fiio M9

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Portable Hi Res audio player. Supports Flac up to 192k 24bit & DSD

4th December 2018

Fiio M9 by Jules

Fiio M9

I have been disappointed that every time a new iPhone is released it doesn't have Hi Res audio or the latest Bluetooth functionality. I am a 96k & 192k fan.

For several years I have been using Qobuz streaming and downloads on my laptop and phone. But on my phone the resolution is low.

So I investigated where DAP (digital Audio Players) were at and found found the FiiO M9.

It runs a basic Android operating system. (But has no browser) and via Android apps you can run Spotify, Tidal and Qobuz.

Tidal works up to 96k but Qobuz runs up to 192k 24bit and here is the cool thing - you can download music files into the app for offline hi res playback.

Qobuz is the one for me!

The other cool thing is that the FiiO M9 has the Aptx HD and Sony LDAC bluetooth. (LDAC - transmits at 3 x the bandwidth of normal Bluetooth and while the way it's done exactly is shrouded in mystery - it is able to (almost perfectly?) transmit 96k 24 bit audio to LDAC headphones.)

I was super excited to try this on my new Sony WH 1000x M3 LDAC capable headphones.

I hit a bug (well known) that the M9's LDAC clashes with wifi and the audio stuttered annoyingly.

So with a bunch of albums downloaded I switched off wifi and tried LDAC playback.

It sounds AMAZING!

Super highs and lows, massive soundstage depth.

The Atpx HD Bluetooth also works very well. (Capped at 48k 24 bit)

If you have APTX HD or LDAC headphones this is a great walking around / OTG player. And awesome for the car with its line out.

Transferring rough mix / mix in progress files to this and listening in your car or walking around would be a great thing IMHO.

Amazing hi res sound
Works with Qobuz & Tidal apps
Small - nice protective drop proof clear case included
LDAC = best hi res Bluetooth transmission to headphones
Store 100+ hi res albums on a Micro SD card!
Fun to use once you get the hang of it

Stripped down Android operates slowly
Screen responsiveness is slow
Tiny letter type keyboard lags when downloading big files
LDAC playback only works with wifi off
No cellular operation / bowser
Steep learning curve at first.

UPDATE: Operation was too poor with Qobuz for me to tolerate. So I sold it and bought a Hiby R6 Pro (and that struggled with Qobuz also, so I moved over to Tidal for Streaming / offline download)

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