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Barefoot Sound MiniMain12 MM12

Barefoot Sound MiniMain12 MM12

4.5 4.5 out of 5, based on 1 Review

19th November 2018

Barefoot Sound MiniMain12 MM12 by never

  • Sound Quality 5 out of 5
  • Ease of use N/A
  • Features 4 out of 5
  • Bang for buck N/A
  • Overall: 2.25
Barefoot Sound MiniMain12 MM12

Hi all,

just auditioned a pair of Barefoot Minimain 12 in a studio and I want to share my thoughts on these speakers.

I have previous experience with Adam A7x (my monitors), Adam s3x, Genelec 8050a, Amphion One 18, Dynaudios and other speakers.

I listened to the Barefoots in a treated room, that was not so large. I think these speakers were out of the league of the room they were in. The room is about 20-25 square meters. Although it has a really high ceiling, I don;t think there is enough cubic meters volume and acoustic treatment to fully acomodate the barefoots.

So here I go:

Right off the bat, I noticed how consistent these speakers are. Throughout the freq spectrum, at any volume, the sound would stick together nicely and the dynamics seemed lively but stable.

The overall sound was natural, clear, open, and very pleasing to the ear!!!

Bass was present, full, and contoured. Maybe not as obvious as with Genelec 8050a - but the Gens kinda have their own forward presentation of sound. But to be clear: the bass on the Barefoots was very good. Again - The room was not doing them justice, but I could feel on Arctic monkeys how the bass & kick were warm and sticking together nicely, maybe bigger then on other systems. On techno minimal the sub bass was pulsing nicely - invisible, yet present.

Mids are very natural. Actually all the freqs come out very natural and pleasing. Mids are right in their place. Not hyped, not masked. They are just "there". It;s like you can touch them with your mind.

Highs - a vrey nice surprise. I come from the world of Adams and Genelecs. With either 2 of those, the highs and high-mids will become fatiguing after a while. The metallic sound of them will kinda make you take a lot of breaks. Not with the Barefoots.
Highs seemed so silky, so airy. So fragile, yet just enough.

Stereo image is great
Sound stage is big & present
The dynamics of these speakers are unlike something I never heard! The transients are really fast, but without becoming artificial. The overall impression is that of control - how much in control is everything.

There is plenty of muscle when turning the volume up - and the beauty of it is that it preserves the dynamics and the control as you crank them up.
Only managed to put them in protection with some rough mixes of mine that were obviously not hipassed properly.

I left the room really impressed. It's hard to find any cons to these speakers. That is until I found out how much they cost

They might be the best speakers I listened to (and the most expensive ones)

One funny thing is that I noticed the same mix mistakes that I knew of from my Adam a7x session (cheers to my Adams )

But the pleasure of listening to the barefoots is something unreal
But at 25.000 eur a pair

oh well...

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