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Genelec 1237A

Genelec 1237A

5 5 out of 5, based on 1 Review

my experience so far with Genelec's 1237A and GLM software

13th November 2018

Genelec 1237A by Johnny Hulst

  • Sound Quality 5 out of 5
  • Ease of use 5 out of 5
  • Features 5 out of 5
  • Bang for buck 5 out of 5
  • Overall: 5
Genelec 1237A

I am an dutch soundengineer and started my career in 1991, my first main monitor speakers back in the days were Yamaha NS40, wich were not the best, but I had no reference, so I started from this point.
After a short period I moved to Tannoy DMT12, wich were replaced by Quested HQ210 passive.
In 2000 I shut down the studio and sold everything, but after half an year I started a studio again with Tannoy's DMT12 but now version II.
These speakers I have worked with until summer 2018, I have done more then 500 albums over this period and I loved them, deep and big sound, they pull you right in.
But they were getting old, so I started to look around for a good replacements and I was stuck between Barefoot MM27 or Genelec 1237A Sam.

I've been in this larger studio nearby were they had the Barefoot mm27 installed, and it was that huge soundstage and in your face sound wich I liked very much, and oh boy after 2 days working with these I thought I was sold.
After that I came across the new Genelecs 1237A Sam, I saw a musician's studio-photo and he had the 1237A speakers installed so I gave him a call and asked if I could listen to his new Genelecs.
And damn, they absolutly sounded great, I dug a little deeper and that GLM software what Genelec had designed pulled me over to the Genelec side. This was also out of concern with my recent (garage)studio, having a serious peak at 38hz, wich I hoped to filter out with GLM software.

Before installing the Genelecs I made an Impulse Response of my Tannoy's so to know were I'm at with the new Genelecs.
After that I installed the 1237A and hooked 'm up (and before any measuring with GLM) try out some music and mixes i've done.
The very low end (38hz) was more then I needed but I knew this was happening in my room, also 1.8khz was very prominent and this is a 1037/1237A thing.

So time to startup GLM software and try to manage my 'problems'. To work with the GLM software you need a GLM-adapter (wich hooks up to your computer using USB), and a Genelec mic wich uses a minijack and goes straight in the GLM adapter.
Then you need a cat5e cable from the adapter to the left speaker and from the left speaker straight to the right speaker. Hook up the genelec mic, and set the mic on the listening position.
I started up the GLM software and did a multi point calibration (instead of singlepoint). With multipoint the GLM software takes you through several steps and tells you when and where you need to place your mic.
After the measurement is done the GLM software try's to make the best solution for your room, and in my room GLM took out 3 very small steep points around that 38hz area and 1.8 khz was also taken down, as some other minor area's... GLM software did a good job, it sounded overall so much better but after going thru some songs I wanted to modify the settings even more, just for my own (Tannoy) taste.
The eq section in the GLM software is a bit limited, you only have 4 eq filters in the low area 20hz to 1khz, 2 filters wich cover the whole range 20hz to 18khz, 2 low shelf filters and 2 high shelf filters, and you can only cut not gain.

Anyway I didn't like the 38hz done by 3 seperate small eq points, I changed that to 1 with a large Q factor so I had 2 bands of eq free to play with. The 1237A from itself is a little hars compared to my old tannoy’s, I’ve tried to tune that down, as you can see in the attachment. From 1.2khz until 3.5khz I took it down a bit and thats how the tannoys sounded too, wich I like.

Now after a few albums down the road with the Genelecs I'm very happy how I've set up the GLM software, after the first album the mastering engineer was missing some low end, so I took 1.5 db more out at 40hz, overall I'm good to go now. (see attachment)
Changing something is easy, I duplicate my setting and make my changes or tryouts. They show as a tab in the software so you can go back and forth, or make adjustment for another engineer who likes it different as you do.

The soundstage is huge with these 1237A and the power in the bottom is unreal, but what do you expect from a speaker which has 500 watt amp for the 12inch, a 250 watt amp for the 5 inch mids, and a 200 watt amp for the 1 inch tweeter. Thats nearly a kilowatt per speaker.... I like it a lot and if they keep performing as my old tannoys did over the past 18 years, you will not hear me complaining.

The only wish I have to Genelec is the eq section within the GLM software, Genelec should make the eq filter switchable for al 10 filters.
For example I did’nt use the low shelf eq, but i could need a normal eq to sculpe it even a bit more.

Thanks for your time and have fun selecting your speaker.


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