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Archeer AH45

Archeer AH45

3 3 out of 5, based on 1 Review

Closed-back bluetooth headphones.

22nd April 2018

Archeer AH45 by amir30213

  • Sound Quality 2 out of 5
  • Ease of use 5 out of 5
  • Features 3 out of 5
  • Bang for buck 2 out of 5
  • Overall: 3
Archeer AH45-a45.jpg

The Archeer AH45 headphone was an attempt of having an all in one headphone. It is both a Bluetooth headphone and a Bluetooth speaker (although you can use it without Bluetooth if you wish) and while it is nice to have that as a feature, I'd rather Archeer to not try and do more all in one type products.
I have my reasonings of which I will reveal in this review.

First thing I noticed right away that I did not like about this headphone was the fact that it has poor foam pads. The pads sit on your ear and not over your ear. If you make a headphone that is meant to sit on someone's ears, the pads should be comfortable enough to where it doesn't become bothersome to the person wearing them. I am not expecting the most comfortable pads in the world at their price point. However, I do expect that for a $45 headphone, better pads could have been provided. I can not wear these headphones for very long at all. I would say after about 10-15 minutes, I am ready to take these off.

The build quality isn't bad. It actually exceeds it's price point as far as build quality goes. It is a little flimsy but it doesn't feel like it can break with the simplest of ease. It would take a fair amount of force to break these headphones like perhaps someone sitting on them or someone throwing them which is a ridiculous amount of force. These headphones can also fold up and can be carried around pretty easily as well. I wish that the ear cups could swivel because they are extremely stiff.

One thing that upset me a little is the fact that these headphones have speakers on the side of the ear cups and usually when headphones have that, they are open back headphones which means that the sound escapes out of the speakers for the purpose of making the overall sound better. Usually this results in loss of bass and low end but better sounding mids and treble. The sound doesn't escape out of the speakers at all unless you are in speaker mode. While you would expect these headphones to have a bit of a open back or semi open back sound, they do not.

Like a lot of cheaper headphones, it tries it's hardest to be a powerful bassy headphone and fails miserably. It overall has a cloudy and muddy sound to it. The low end interferes with the mids and treble and destroys the clarity.

The speaker's have the opposite issue. You get more clarity in the mids and treble but sacrifice ALL bass. Pay attention to the caps. ALLLL bass. There is absolutely NONE in the speakers whatsoever. If you use these for even the smallest party, no one will be dancing. Everyone will be miserable and probably leave your party unless you have good food.

Archeer, you tried but I am sad to say that this was a failure. I was much more pleased with the Archeer AH07 and Archeer A225 speaker that was sent to me. Both those products are far better than this headphone and are worth buying. The A225 speaker KILLS the AH45 headphones in the low end department and has more clarity as well. The AH07 has a bit of a honky sound but even so, it still has better bass and clarity than the AH45. The AH45 is worth $25 at best in all honesty.

My advice would be to not ever try the whole headphone/speaker combo ever again. Stick to letting headphones be headphones and letting speakers be speakers.

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