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Boss GT-10

Boss GT-10

4.25 4.25 out of 5, based on 1 Review

The Boss GT-10 offers a wide range of quality effects, with excellent signal chain options. The GT-10 assigns function really causes the unit to shine, with the ability to attach Literally ANY Parameter to the built in pedals.

19th April 2018

Boss GT-10 by Frippian

  • Sound Quality 5 out of 5
  • Ease of use 3 out of 5
  • Features 4 out of 5
  • Bang for buck 5 out of 5
  • Overall: 4.25
Boss GT-10

The Boss GT-10 is an ageing unit, produced 10 years ago, with three Units in the Boss GT line since produced (Gt-100, Gt- 1, and Gt-1000). Despite it’s age, the quality remains. I have been in possession of a used Gt-10 Unit for an entire year, and now feel prepared to make a proper judgement of it’s abilities.

The Effect modules included are arrangeable as per the performer’s preferences. All the effects can be placed before or after the A/B channel split or in either channel. The Effect Modules are as follows:

I. Compressor/Limiter
The Compressor Is a 4 knob setup, consisting of Sustain, Attack, Tone, and Level (Volume). The Limiter includes 4 knobs, Threshold, Release, Tone and Level (Volume)

II. Volume Pedal
The Volume Pedal can be set to function with the action of the built in Expression Pedal. Three settings, Slow, Normal, and Fast, determine the slope. The degree of tilt from heel to toe of the expression pedal can be adjusted in the assignments.

III. Overdrive/Distortion
The Distortion Module includes 25 emulated pedals, with a 26th custom option, which allows you to edit the body, lows and highs of a custom distortion pedal. Each pedal includes 5 knobs, Drive, bottom, Tone, and also Effect Level vs. Direct Level knobs, allowing the user to adjust the degree of bypass used in the signal.

IV. Send/Return
Included with the unit, are two jacks labelled Send and Return, used to add an external effects loop into the signal chain. The options for this module are Normal, Direct, and Channel Branch.

V. 2 Seperate MultiFX Processors
• Touch Wah
• Auto Wah
• Subwah
• Advanced Compressor
• Limiter
• Graphic Equalizer
• Parametric Equalizer
• Tone Modify
• Guitar Simulator
• Slowgear
• Defretter
• Wave Synth
• Guitar Synth
• Sitar Simulator
• Octave Pedal
• Pitch Shifter
• Harmonist * Dual Voice, Key specific, Diatonic + User Settings
• Auto-Riffer
• Sound Hold
• Acoustic Processor
• Feedbacker
• Anti-Feedbacker
• Phaser
• Flanger
• Tremolo
• Rotary Speaker
• Uni-Vibe
• L/R Pan
• Slicer
• Vibrato
• Ring Modulator *Includes intelligent frequency Mode
• Humanizer
• 2x2 Chorus
• Subdelay

VI. 2 Separate Amplifier Modelers
Only one Amp Model can be used for each channel, though both channels of the effects processor can be used simultaneously. There are 39 amp models, plus a bypass and a custom amplifier option. Speaker Cabinet size can also be selected.

VII. 2 Separate Noise Suppressors *Can both be used on a single channel

VIII. Equalizer
IX. Delay * Includes reverse, pan and warp delay.
X. Chorus
XI. Reverb

*Many of the above effects have the ability to select the level of bypass used by each module.

The quality of each effect is quite good, seemingly faithful representations of many great boss effects, some of which are difficult to find, such as the SlowGear. The ability to partially bypass most effects adds a level of expression that is quite pleasing.

The amplifier models are quite good, but should only be used if you do not already have an amplifier with a sound you enjoy, or else risk an unfortunate coloration of your amplifier tone.

A 20-second Looper is included and is relatively simple to use. It cannot store any pre-made loops in a memory, which may diminish it’s usefulness for some users. The looper is operated by 2 pedals, and is quite straightforward. The disappointment of the Looper, is that it has no stand-alone volume control.

Absolutely Every parameter can be assigned to control pedals 1, 2, or expression pedal 1. additionally, the option of 2 additional Control pedals, and an additional expression pedal, is available. (Sold Separately)

Over all, the system is easy to get into using, as it includes 200 preset patches, most of which can be purposed to your own play style. Using the preset patches is a great way to get used to the interaction of the system.

The system also includes 200 spaces for user patches.
With practice, the system becomes easy to use, and in capable hands, produces great expressive tones.

Additionally, the back panel includes midi in/out jacks for use other midi compatible gear.

The only true con with the system is the difficulty of accessing the editing system without the use of a computer. Fortunately, this program was created by a user of the GT-10: Info: GT-10 Fx FloorBoard

Props to Gumtown for this excellent program.

Bottom Line: Big bang for your buck, particularly if you can find a used unit undamaged.

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Last edited by Frippian; 19th April 2018 at 04:48 PM.. Reason: I didn't upload an image for the thumbnail. Added additional thumbnail of back panel.

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