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Tsumbay TS-BH20/IPX7

4.5 4.5 out of 5, based on 1 Review

The best cheap Bluetooth ear buds you can have!

10th February 2018

by amir30213

  • Sound Quality 5 out of 5
  • Ease of use 5 out of 5
  • Features 3 out of 5
  • Bang for buck 5 out of 5
  • Overall: 4.5

I am so happy to review this wonderful product with you all. Today, I am reviewing the Tsumbay TS-BH20/IPX7 headphone. This headphone was given to me by Tsumbay for review and my my my...these may be small but they are a big treasure for me.

It is truly hard to believe that these headphones are as cheap as they are ($25), sound as good as they do, and have as many features as they have. They are intended to be workout headphones for jogging, exercising and the like.

I usually hate bluetooth headphones. Why is that, you ask? Because bluetooth headphones almost always have sound flaws and pretty bad ones. That does not stand true for these babies. This headphone is bold and wants to hang with the big boys and I am proud to say that IT DOES as far as sound goes.

I feel the build quality of these headphones are perfect for ear buds. Nothing feels flimsy to me. These headphones are wireless. There is no aux input to use the headphone with a wire. I feel that feature should have been added. I will not take any points away for that, Tsumbay. I do wish that you all could add that feature in the future though. The headphone has clips that go around your ears to help them stay on and those work okay but they aren't the best.

The comfort is good. I usually am not a fan of the type of ear buds that feel like someone is sticking their fingers in your ears. I'm still not but I feel with these it was necessary to make them that way and have the clips so they can stay in your ears even while jogging and being active. Honestly though, these headphones are good for light exercise and not so much fast and intense exercise. A light jog or walk is okay for these. I feel with anything that is fast and intense though...they will most likely come out or at least require you to re-adjust them.

This headphone has one feature flaw for me. I was told that you can swim with these headphones by the person who gave them to me for review. That was put to the test when I went to the pool and let someone use them while swimming. They began to mess up and malfunction. Also, the volume buttons no longer worked. The headphones still do work though and they sound the same. Hopefully, the volume buttons will work in a day or two of letting them dry out. What is even worse is that the manual clearly states not to submerge these headphones in water. I found this out after I was told by the person who gave me the headphones to review that they could be used for swimming. My point here is...why say the headphones are waterPROOF and then say in the manual that they should not be submerged in water? It is very confusing. They really should have just said that they are water RESISTANT, not waterPROOF. At the very least, the fact that they can not and should not be submerged in water should be mentioned on the box because you would think that waterPROOF means you can use them in water.

GREAT SOUND though! These earbuds sound better than some headphones out there that are $300. That isn't to say that these sound like $300 headphones because they don't. It is to say that you do have expensive headphones out there that sound crappy and do not deserve to be $300 when a pair of $25 headphones like these sound far better. Usually cheap ear buds suffer in the bass department. These dont. This headphone has a good amount of bass to it. It isn't an abundant amount but it is certainly there and the bass has power, weight and true definition to it. Don't expect these small little ear buds to give you the extremely well defined bass that a studio grade headphone like a Audio Technica M40X can give you but you can expect them to have more power, weight and definition in the bass than most cheap ear buds do. Transients of kicks and snares also cut through on these ear buds quite well. They sound pretty honest. If the mix is crap, the headphone will not hide that.

I would say the mids sound pretty neutral. I compared these to my ATH-M40X which is kind of an unfair comparison but they actually sound alike to me. The only difference is that the M40X has more body, more weight and has more detail overall. Both have a fairly neutral sound signature though. Not perfectly neutral but well within the realm of neutral. Ear buds can not sound like an M40X. Theres just no possible way. The treble in these is also impressive. Again, not as much detail as a studio grade headphone but it is clear and pretty honest. It is never piercing unless the mix itself is piercing.

These sound good with all music to me. I listened to everything from classical, hip hop/rap, pop, alternative rock, heavy metal, rnb...ALL OF IT sounded good on these headphones.

Would I buy another pair of these? YES! Would I buy several pair of these? YES! Would I give these to someone as a gift? YES! You know why? Because they are inexpensive and IMPRESSIVE! guys did a really good job with this one. However, I do feel Tsumbay told a flat out lie to me about being able to swim with these headphones and claiming them to be waterPROOF. They are not waterproof. They are water RESISTANT. Takes about 2 hours to charge and they say you can play them for 8 hours. Well guess what. The battery life is far more impressive than that. Left these playing music for over 24 hours and they still had power left. Now that's pretty impressive.

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