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Mojave Audio MA-50

Mojave Audio MA-50

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In 2016 Mojave unveiled the MA-50 Condenser Microphone featuring a cardioid based capsule and transformerless technology.

4th December 2017

Mojave Audio MA-50 by Synth Guru

Mojave Audio MA-50

Product: MA-50
Manufacturer: Mojave Audio
Price: $495 (MSRP)

The Scope:

In 2016 Mojave Audio unveiled the MA-50 Large-Diaphragm Condenser Microphone featuring a cardioid based capsule and transformerless technology.

The MA-50:

The MA-50 is a large diaphragm cardioid condenser microphone. It is transformer-less. The mic has a black matte finish with chrome silver accents and displays the red Mojave circular logo near the center. The capsule is encased in a silver mesh cover. It measures approximately 7.5” (19.5cm) from its base. It fits in your hand like a glove, it feels smooth and silky and it weighs 1lb. (0.45Kg). The build quality is excellent, solid construction with no loose-fitting components. The mic also comes with a shock mount and a threaded adapter for use with various mic stands. For this review, I used the Ultimate Support MC-125 microphone stand, which handled the weight of this mic nicely. Additionally, the MA-50 comes with a rigid carrying case that measures 9” x 4.5”. The diaphragm is 1” in diameter and is “gold sputtered”.

A little history about Mojave Audio for those that may not know. Mojave Audio is the sister company to the highly acclaimed Royer Labs, which have become famous for its high-quality ribbon microphones. Mojave Audio was founded by the legendary microphone designer and pioneer, David Royer in 1985 in the garage of his house and became a full-fledged company in 2005, making its products available world-wide. Dusty Wakeman serves as president of Mojave Audio.

The MA-50 utilizes the same capsule as the MA-200 and MA-201fet which cost a whole lot more making this beauty a super bang for the buck. I tested the mic with various sound sources including vocals, wind instruments, bells, and cymbals. In each case, the MA-50 performed flawlessly. Unfortunately, I don’t own any acoustic guitars, so I wasn’t able to test the mic against stringed instruments, but it’s known that this mic performs extremely well with acoustic instruments and strings. Voice Overs sound surprisingly crisp and clear. Lows and mids sound outstanding during playback. Highs are not excessively bright in comparison to other microphones of its class.

The shock mount is well constructed and does a very good job in dampening vibrations. It has a very sturdy clamp that keeps the mic in place and keeps it from slipping and tilting unlike lesser quality shock mounts.

A voice Over audio sample demo by Charles Kahlenberg is available at the Mojave Audio website.

* Please see below to view pics of the MA-50.

The Scores

Sound Quality: The sound quality of this mic is truly remarkable. Voice Overs sound crisp and clean. On vocals this mic handles the transients extremely well. The overall sound reproduction is superb.

Ease of use: Very easy to connect the shock mount and set up onto a mic stand.

Features: Frequency response of the mic is 20Hz-20kHz (±3dB) and has a Max SPL of 125dB SPL. Sturdy and well-padded carrying case.

Bang for buck: Exceptional bang for buck. The MA-50 utilizes the same capsule contained in the more expensive Mojave Audio mics and it rivals similar products in its class that cost much more. It’s a great deal that will deliver high quality recordings without breaking the studio budget. Currently the MA-50 is on sale for an even greater bang for buck if you act soon!

Overall: This is an exceptional sounding condenser microphone that is well suited for a wide range of studio uses. Recommended for all mid-range and pro level studios. This mic will perform well on-stage, whether used for vocals or for capturing the sound of acoustic and wind instruments. I believe drummers will be very well pleased too as it performs great on drums. I would also recommend this mic over others in its class. Not only will you get a great deal, but outstanding sound reproduction that’s comparable to higher end condenser microphones.

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