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Kurzweil Rumour

Kurzweil Rumour

4.75 4.75 out of 5, based on 1 Review

This is a great unit, it emulates many different spaces and types of reverb. Can be very realistic and hi-fi. It can also be very lush and have a more retro sound at the same time.

19th October 2017

Kurzweil Rumour by shoegazer93

  • Sound Quality 4 out of 5
  • Ease of use 5 out of 5
  • Features 5 out of 5
  • Bang for buck 5 out of 5
  • Overall: 4.75
Kurzweil Rumour

I just got the Kurzweil Rumour today and it was very easy to dial in great sounds and save my presets in a new bank. The interface is extremely simple to navigate. My favorite reverb in the world is the PCM 70 Concert Wave algorithm set to a long reverb time with some nice modulation/chorusing. I have struggled to find a unit that will give me the tone/vibe of the PCM 70

( even other lexicon units like the 81 wouldn't give me the vibe of the 70. I think this is due to the converters and not being able to achieve the same frequency response with only the unit)

The rumour shocked me because I was able to use the Global Eq on (Input mode) to really capture a very close simulation of the PCM 70. In addition. I set the internal clock to 44.1khz and the the conversion to 16 bit. This really helped provide the vibe of the pcm 70, as on 48.1khz and 24 bit it was too clean/almost metallic sounding even with eq. I used the preset My dreamy 481 or something like that with reverb time about 15-60 seconds depending on how shoegazey I was trying to get. I then made different tweaks like room size, HF damping, Low Reverb time, Xover between lo/high hz, Low Pass filter, LFO depth/rate, and diffusion. Another awesome feature is that you can use infinite reverb time! This sounds great and is fun to use. (I used the hall 3 and non linear verb types parameter as well for two of my different presets)

As far as real reverb spaces go, it sounded decent, but once again I bought this to be lush/ambient verb. Many people have written how this does real spaces very well. The Gated Verbs/Non linear settings were cool and I could see them being great on a drum sound.

Okay lastly I will talk about LASER VERB. It seems very little has been said on the internet about the famous Laser Verb algorithm. Imagine a weird phaser/flanger sweeping like a filter over the delay repeats with a wide sense of space like a verb around it. Some really interesting uses here, definitely not like anything else out there. Maybe some audio plugins might get in the ball park, but I don't know if you'd ever nail it/find exactly what you need.

Once again I am using this on guitar through the fx loop of an AXE FX 2. The real verbs on the axe fx 2 are great and everything, but getting really lush/ambient verbs is not its forte. You can get decent sounds out of the AXE FX 2 as far as lush verbs go, but you will never capture the character of a vintage fx processor 100% as far as the verbs go. Everything else mod/delays the AXE FX 2 does as good or better in some cases.

Last note after playing my new rumour presets I made compared with the PCM 70 presets I made, it is a close contest. I say the PCM 70 is my favorite, but the rumour is 90% there as far as sound quality, vibe, and features. The PCM 70 has a few more features/parameters on the reverb algorithms than the Kurzweil. In addition, it has slightly more reverb time. However the rumour has the infinite decay algorithm and modulation on the same algorithm which the pcm 70 does not have. This is truly a sleeper unit for 250$ i am extremely happy. can't wait to see it on my synths and drums samples. Going to record some sound clips with this and the 70 on the youtube soon.

Sound quality is 4 stars because some of the spaces on 24 bit/ 48khz were kind of metallic sounding/needed eq tweaks. And on the lush reverb it is like 90% as special/vibey as the PCM 70lexicon rack.

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