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Troikatronix Isadora

Troikatronix Isadora

4.5 4.5 out of 5, based on 1 Review

Isadora lets you control the audio, video and light of your performance. Create responsive media experiences super quick and flexible. The possibilities are endless.

3rd October 2017

Troikatronix Isadora by saschko

  • Sound Quality 5 out of 5
  • Ease of use 3 out of 5
  • Features 5 out of 5
  • Bang for buck 5 out of 5
  • Overall: 4.5
Troikatronix Isadora

First Isadora is not primary a DJ software. I didn´t find anything fitting for it here on gearslutz. It is a media server with a focus on interactivity. The primary inspiration comes from the world of modular analogue synthesizers. You link modules called actors together to build your patch. Similar like Max. If you work a lot live, the scene based concept, works perfect. I don´t know any similar software that implements this.
You don´t have to be a coder or know any programing language. The workflow is very intuitive.

Here a short video of big gathering in Berlin 2016

Some examples in no special order. You want to control any parameter of your software instruments, plugins, audio effects, video or light without touching any hardware? Like a theremin? Connect a kinect to your computer and link it with Isadora. Choose the incoming values and let your creativity flow.

But you also just can start first with your webcam to triggering something.

Here a basic explanation how to connect your audio effects

A small note: VST is going to be implemented soon.

You want to control interactive multiple outputs like quadrophonic? I find it very easy. See here.

Note: Multiple outputs in Windows works different on Mac. There is more about that on the Isadora forum.

Here I come to the community that is really great. They are very supportive when you ask on the forum.

To see what the community is doing with Isadora, have a look here:

You can start right away, just download and use the demo, which has full functionality. The only restriction is that you can not save. A free version of Isadora where you can save your project will be soon available. The restrictions will be the resolution 640 to 640 and an interruption of the send control streams after 15 minutes.

You can download the software and some of the example patches here

There are a ton of preinstalled effects you can play with. A lot more to install for free. Like FreeFrame and GLSL shaders from for example.

The users come from all kind of fields and genres. Also the size of the venues, from small to broadway. You can easily link multiple computers and have them in perfect sync over network. The USB key version of Isadora lets you save on multiple machines. So the master has the USB key and the slaves (where you saved your patch before) run in demo mode. Like this you can have a lot of power from multiple machines but you also can have a backup plan, if one crashes. I have seen setups where as an audience you don´t see a transition when one machine crashes and the other takes over. The user michel on the forum is specialized in that.

The video tutorials are quite old and will be updated soon. But even the software improved and changed over the years a lot, it is still a good way to get you started.

I am fascinated what you can do with just one single MacBook.

For one performance I used just my MacBook Pro Mid 2012, updated to 16GB Ram and SSD. It controlled and feeded:
9 HD projectors (scaler in between), a laser tracking system, DMX lights, kinect, sound, midi controler, two MacBooks with Isadora running in demo mode, mapping, interactive video. All Isadora as my main software, no crashes.
Here more about it:

This years gathering in Berlin was again incredible. Meeting people coming from all around the globe and see how different they use the software was really inspiring. It is like a blank sheet of paper: your creativity fills the empty patch and scenes.

In another performance I used the pedal of my keyboard to trigger the new scenes/songs of my concert. I could not do it by hand because I was playing the violin at the same time.

It may look like that the software is focused on video, but as a musician why not having more possibilities for multimedia in your shows? You can use it just as a media server if you want.

Some personal notes: I work in the field of music for over 30 years now. To implement video and light was always a big part of it. I can not imagine how inflexible the whole process has been, burning DVDs over and over again for small changes, etc.

I am a passionate Isadora user since 2012 using Isadora for many of my own concerts, show designs and installations for dance, theatre and galleries. In 2015 I was invited to join the Isadora ProNetwork, allowing me to beta test unreleased versions of the software and provide feedback to the company on future software directions. In 2016 I officially became a member of the Isadora Tech Support team.

Here the Wikipedia entry about Mark Coniglio the creator of Isadora

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