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Microtech Gefell M930Ts

Microtech Gefell M 930 Ts

4.75 4.75 out of 5, based on 1 Review

The 930 Ts is clearly a polished and modern VO performer; there's nothing "classic", "vintage", or "tubey" about it. Which is the perfect scenario for the majority of VO assignments. You will simply never regret having this mic, and you'll sadly miss it if it is ever gone.

18th September 2017

Microtech Gefell M 930 Ts by VoiceShow

  • Sound Quality 5 out of 5
  • Ease of use 5 out of 5
  • Features 4 out of 5
  • Bang for buck 5 out of 5
  • Overall: 4.75
Microtech Gefell M930Ts

For starters, there are few audio companies I have learned to respect as much as Microtech Gefell. I've been an audio producer and voice talent for 35 years, and when you've researched microphones as much as I have you come to know the companies that simply refuse to produce products that aren't universally respected by professionals in the field. Even the audio professionals that have yet to identify a specific reason to purchase a Gefell microphone will immediately nod with respect at the mere mention of the name. And every one I've ever met is continually looking for an excuse to purchase a Gefell mic.

I finally found mine. It was the introduction of the M930Ts.

I keep an arsenal of voice-over microphones at my disposal for the various types of work that I do; commercial, audiobooks, corporate narrations, etc., all require a slightly different style of microphone to provide the best results for that purpose. I'm continually refining my selection of each to stay on top of evolving trends and improve the quality of the presentation.

Recently it came time for an upgrade in the category I'll describe as corporate narration. These projects require a big, polished sound, but not one that calls too much attention to itself. (For reference sake, a sound that does call attention to itself would be the movie trailer sound.) Because I'm constantly researching microphones so that I can more or less instantly pull the trigger on something new when the time comes, I already knew the mic I wanted for this purpose next: The Gefell M930 Ts.

This is a new variation of the already formidable M930, and the addition of the transformer to the output stage - thus becoming the M930 Ts - was exactly what the original M930 needed to hit a real sweet spot for me. Most of you already know that having a transformer in the microphone's output stage adds warmth, depth, and smoothness to the sound produced by the capsule, as compared to the same components in an all solid state signal path. It is hard to fault the original Gefell M930 for sheer purity of sound, and many have praised its qualities for VO work specifically. But the qualities that the transformer brings to this equation is icing on an already tasty cake.

I wasn't alarmed when the delivery person arrived at my front door and handed me a box that I could hold in one hand. I had been alerted to the diminutive size of the mic. And now so have you.

The specs are obviously where they need to be. As I said, the company doesn't make anything an audio professional would not admire.

The first listening to a project recorded with the mic in my studio and with my voice was a real surprise. You'll be surprised too if you believe that big sound only comes from big mics. In addition to being big and smooth, with great warmth, the Ts is articulate (as you would expect from Gefell), but not as edgy or forward as other mics I regularly use (a Brauner Phantom and a Sennheiser 416, mostly). I'll credit most, if not all, of these qualities to that transformer. But there's no denying that this mic is also honest and clear. Just what the VO doctor ordered for many project types.

I've had sibilant issues that had me reaching for the de-esser from mics costing double and more than the M930 Ts. After many hours speaking into it since it arrived, I've never once been tempted to de-ess any of the tracks.

The 930 Ts is clearly a polished and modern VO performer; there's nothing "classic", "vintage", or "tubey" about it. Which is the perfect scenario for the majority of VO assignments. Whatever "character" is added to the sound is the job of the producer and can always be applied in post; even if the producer is also the talent. It rarely needs to be a part of the original tracking. The M930 Ts checks its own ego at the door, and is happy to let your presentation shine through brilliantly; accurately and with great authority.

The M930 Ts doesn't offer much proximity, but I doubt you'll be looking for more richness from this mic than is present at normal mic'ing distance. I found the sweet spot for 930Ts at about 10 to 12 inches from the capsule. This is typically a bit further than some VO talent work from a mic.

I regret that I don't have a standard M930 to A/B it with, so I can't offer you that comparison. There is no doubt a difference between them that I, for one, would love to hear. From my experience I could guess that it is likely in the sub-1KHz range, where the Ts checks in with a lot of heft and prominence. I'm curious to know if there's much of a difference in the rest of the range.

I don't know how much attention Gefell paid to the application of spoken word when designing the architecture of the M930Ts, but it sounds like it could have been a lot. Maybe they just got lucky (doubtful), or maybe they knew all along what a great VO tool this would be. No matter, all I know is that I feel very fortunate to have discovered it, and to now have one in my locker.

With the Ts, I got the sonic difference I had been looking for to compliment my other mics, without the downsides of a tube mic. I'm not sure there is another non-tube mic out there that can fit that bill. If you perform or record VO regularly, seriously consider the M930 Ts as your next (or first and only) VO mic, and especially before you think about adding your first tube mic.

Whatever other VO mics you own, you will simply never regret the purchase of an M930Ts. The Gefell M930Ts will add a very desirable glow to your sound, and make every word you speak sound better.

P.S., I didn't give it 5-stars for "features" since it doesn't have any. But in some important ways the absence of switchable features is actually a good thing. There is the potential for retaining more of the purity in the signal path without those switches and whatever else may be involved. My ratings also take price into consideration. 5-stars doesn't mean there's nothing better, just nothing better for that price. And, in this case, even at twice the price.

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