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DigiTech Nautila

DigiTech Nautila

4.5 4.5 out of 5, based on 1 Review

Digital stompbox chorus/flanger.

30th August 2017

DigiTech Nautila by Kiwi

  • Sound Quality 5 out of 5
  • Ease of use 4 out of 5
  • Features 4 out of 5
  • Bang for buck 5 out of 5
  • Overall: 4.5
DigiTech Nautila

This is a digital chorus/flanger with a difference. In chorus mode it can have up to 8 voices - in flanger mode up to 4 voices (which is rare). It can go to 100% wet which is a huge bonus. The Emphasis knob is basically a tone control for chorus or a feedback/resonance control for flanger. I don't see this mentioned in the marketing but the designer has stated elsewhere that he used their new BBD modeling - and the sound is definately a rich, dark, thick tone. I have the Digitech CR-7 chorus which is excellent but lacks a tone control - and the Nautila is much richer and darker and very analog sounding. Stereo inputs, analog dry path, true bypass, high internal voltage - this is a high class act. Some people evidently don't like the color scheme ... I think it's gorgeous. To quote my wife; on seeing it: "ooo - pretty!" and on hearing it: "instant yum!".

There are plenty of reviews on this thing ... most are positive. But the reason I am making this review is because I have been looking for a strong ensemble effect that can rival the richness of the 1970's string machines (3 and 4 voice BBD chorus) or the 1980's tri-chorus or the Juno chorus and Dimension FX (2 BBD). Real analog versions are rare and expensive - and most digital multivoice chorus have lacked the depth and richness I have been looking for. The Nautila finally delivers what I've been looking for. It can be dialed 100% wet and set for a dark analog tone which can get very lush and complex. I highly recommend this for synth and bass as well as guitar.

Multivoice flanger is a rarity and it has become my favorite on guitar. I have a love/hate relationship with conventional chorus and flangers - I find they can be too obvious. I like the old EHX Electric Mistress for chorus with a bit of flanger flavour. The extra voices that the Nautila adds actually softens the flanger effect - making it less gimmicky and less like a jet plane woosh. (You can do an excellent jet plane woosh or Barracuda if you set it to 1 voice if you want).

The name Nautila sounds a bit Nautical - I suppose a lot of people equate chorus with being watery. But the image seems to refer to the Nautilus spiral sea shell. The designer has mentioned that the delay times have been based on the Fibonacci series as seen in the Nautilus sea shell expanding whorl shape. Sounds good to me. Also the LFO can morph continuous between Log, Sine and Triangle waveforms. That gives a bit more interest and variation.

it has a speed change function if you long press the foot switch ... a speed up or slow down. I don't have much use for this myself, but could be useful if used as a Leslie pedal emulator.

I like this pedal so much I now have a second. It won't totally replace all other chorus and flangers - but what it does is very musical and something new.

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