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Impact Soundworks Koron

Impact Soundworks Koron

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Impact Soundworks introduces Koron, an exquisite collection of traditional Iranian instruments.

18th April 2017

Impact Soundworks Koron by Synth Guru

Impact Soundworks Koron

Product: Koron

Developer: Impact Soundworks

Formats: Kontakt full version required 5.52+ Will not work with the free player. 11GB disk space, 4 GB RAM, 2009+ Processor

Price: $179 Introductory

DRM: Link provided for download

Demo: Not available. Will not work with the free player.

The Scope:

Impact Soundworks introduces Koron, an exquisite collection of traditional Iranian instruments. There is a total of ten instruments featuring over 17,000 samples and 1200+ performances that can be customized via the interface controls. The term Koron refers to “notes a quarter-step lower in pitch” which sets Iranian music apart from the rest of traditional Middle Eastern music. The sample library is both highly authentic and unique in that the Koron concept is applied across the samples.

The Instruments:

The instruments are broken down into two categories, melodic and percussive. They include the following:


Zarbe Zoorkhaneh

The Interface:

The user interface is divided into four tabs consisting of an instrument information screen, a main instrument screen, articulations, and an effects screen. The information tab displays a detailed drawing of the selected instrument, descriptive information, and historical significance of the instrument. The main screen has a mic section that includes a short and room mic with respective pan and volume controls, ADSR envelope, various controls for pitch wheel, fine tune, and so on; and a scale section. The articulation screen contains controls for adjusting the various articulations that are specific to that instrument such as Short Riz, Tremolo Fast, Hammer/Pull, and 4 FNG Up Slow, just to name a few. The effects panel contains an EQ, Compressor, Delay, and Reverb. Each effect has a set of respective controls.

Sound Quality – The sound quality is top notch! The stringed and percussive instruments sound very clean and clear. The samples are very flexible with well-played articulations. Instrument performance patches sound spectacular and with their respective articulations, some astonishing compositions can be easily crafted. Unfortunately, there is no demo version available however, you can listen to sound samples at the Impact Soundworks website.

Ease of Use – The user interface is well thought out. There are no complicated menus and nearly everything is within reach via the four interface tabs. The articulations can be triggered right from the keyboard, so you can make changes on the fly while composing your track. The CPU footprint is very light, I did not experience any significant crackles or cut-outs in the sound while playing.

Features – Since Koron comes loaded with NKS integration, it makes it super easy to take full control of the application via the light guide, if you’re using a Komplete Kontrol keyboard. For those that don’t have the keyboard, you still have access to the visual interpretation of the light guide right on the Kontakt user interface. Another feature that I really liked are the effects that are available with Koron. I know a lot of people prefer to use their own effects modules, but these are very good right out of the box and are highly usable, I utilized them and they served me well.

Bang for buck – Outstanding bang for the buck! While some might think that these instruments are included as a standard part of a world collection of musical instruments from other manufacturers, you may find a few but not all the ones contained in Koron. I checked one particular world collection and although it contained a large assortment of Middle Eastern instruments, it didn’t have any of the Koron instruments. This inclusive collection of the instruments of Iran is one of a kind! I’m really glad to have had an opportunity to work with it.

OverallKoron is a very unique instrument library that will complement any existing library of world instruments that you may already have in your arsenal. It sounds spectacular and can be a great asset to have for use in film scores when the use of Middle Eastern instruments is desired. The performance patches coupled with any of the 17,000 available patches along with the striking sounds of the percussive instruments of Koron, are sure to make a powerful impact in your music scores and compositions. Highly recommended for sound designers, producers, and any musicians desiring to use high quality Middle Eastern instruments in their music.

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