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Sample Logic Rythmology


4.65 4.65 out of 5, based on 2 Reviews

Sample Logic introduces RHYTHMOLOGY, a rhythm based sequencing and effects loop engine containing over 1000+ loops capable of generating powerful grooves.

15th March 2017

Sample Logic RHYTHMOLOGY by Synth Guru

Sample Logic Rythmology

Developer: Sample Logic
Formats: VST, Audio Units, AAX Native (Win: Pro Tools 10+), (Mac: Pro Tools 11+), Core Audio, WASAPI, Maschine, Komplete Kontrol, OS X 10.9+ (64-bit only) Intel Core 2 Duo, 4GB, RAM (6GB recommended). (Native Kontrol Standard (NKS)
Disk Space Required: 5.2 GB free disk space for sample content, 1 GB free disk space for Kontakt player.
Price: Intro $199
DRM: Kontakt player
Demo: Not available

The Scope:

Sample Logic introduces RHYTHMOLOGY, a rhythm based sequencing and effects loop engine containing over 1000+ loops capable of generating powerful grooves. The library contains a multitude of samples including organic, cinematic, urban, industrial, world, electronic, house, hip hop, rock, Latin, just to name a few. RHYTHMOLOGY is loaded with a myriad of options to individually custom tailor every aspect of the loop. A randomize option is also available for on the fly changes. RHYTHMOLOGY has a Multi Core sample engine that consist of 4 individual cores, enabling the user with the ability to shape and design loop sources simultaneously or individually. RHYTHMOLOGY requires the free or full version of Kontakt to run.

The Interface:

The main screen displays RHYTHMOLOGY’s 4 loop core engines. Each is color coded to match the keys on Kontakt’s virtual keybed or on the Native Instruments S series keyboard. Each core consists of a sequencer with up to 16 steps. Steps can be toggled on or off with a click of the mouse and each loop can be segmented and manipulated. A visual representation of the looped sample appears above the step buttons. You can think of each of the four cores, as being a super sequencer in which each step can be manipulated resulting in dozens of unique possibilities. You can play a single loop or use up to four simultaneously. Here you can also select how each of the four loops is played from forward, backward, or bouncing back and forth.


Here's where the fun begins. Pressing the FX button opens another set of windows that display Volume, Pan, Transpose, Stutter, and Reverse. There are a number of presets that can make adjustments to all these parameters simultaneously when a selection is made. Changes can also be applied manually for each parameter if desired.

There’s a total of 22 types of effects to select from however, only 4 effects can be used at a time per sample. These include Formant, Vowel, Stereo Spread, Tonal Delay as well as some of the more traditional like Flanger, Phaser, Reverb, and so on. Tabs corresponding to the respective effect, appear above the effect window. These contain additional controls for the specific effect selected. There are additional custom effect presets that change the flavor of the loop.

Multi Core-Browser:

Loops can be selected via the multi core-browser by type, such as Acoustic, Chill, Drums N Bass, Dubstep, Electronic, Pulsing, and many more genre types to suit your music style preference. Based on your selection, available loops are displayed on Results panel. By pressing the heart icon, which is next to the loop name, loops are added to a Favorites list for quick access. This feature is really handy to quickly view loops according to your preferred style of music.


There’s a mix-master screen where the four loops belonging to a preset appear. Here you’ll find volume controls for each loop, as well as Velocity to Intensity controls, slice attack, slice delay among others. The master effects can also be found here and include the same 22 effects found on the FX screen. A maximum of six mix or master effects can be used at one time. Once an effect is toggled, its corresponding parameter values appear above.

* Pls see below for screenshots of the user interface.

Sound Quality – I knocked off a few points here. The sound quality is fairly good but not stellar. While there are samples in the library that are high quality, are clean sounding, and have a rich deep bass sound, there are also a substantial number of samples that sound over driven as if recorded with a high degree of distortion. At first, I wasn’t sure if it was one of the effects that was causing this or if the sample was recorded intentionally with distortion from the onset. I toggled the Skreamer effect, similar to overdrive or distortion, on and off but the distortion remained. This doesn’t mean that the samples are unusable or are bad quality necessarily, as some producers do like distortion/overdrive in their tracks. When it comes to distortion, I prefer to apply it if necessary, rather than the sample already containing the effect when it was initially recorded. Other than that, RHYTHMOLOGY lives up to its name. The possibilities seem endless and there’s a ton of flexibility to custom tailor the sounds to taste. There's no available demo for this product but audio demos are available at the manufacturer’s website and on the Sample Logic channel on YouTube.

Ease of Use – The user interface is very straight forward and easy to navigate. All of the controls are visible and there are no complicated menus. There’s a comprehensive user manual that covers all the functions in detail.

Features – One of the things I really liked about RHYTHMOLOGY is the vast customization that can be applied per step within the sequence. It’s very easy to change one sample without affecting the overall sound of the rest. The randomize feature is especially handy to find the sound your looking for, if you don’t have the time to fine tune one yourself. Another feature which I enjoyed is the NKS functionality which is displayed in color on my Kontrol S series keyboard. Unfortunately, samples cannot be imported here which could be a deal breaker for some that want the ability to use their own custom samples when additional creativity is desired.

Bang for buck – An excellent price for this type of plugin. There are less expensive groove machines and sequencers out there, but they don’t offer the degree of sample customization that can be achieved with RHYTHMOLOGY .

Overall – RHYTHMOLOGY is a very intuitive plugin that’s recommended for beatmakers or producers looking to incorporate unique and creative sounds in their tracks. This plugin is quite useful across many genres of music as well.

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