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ROLF Pedalboards Dendragapus

ROLF Pedalboards Dendragapus

4.75 4.75 out of 5, based on 1 Review

which is the best pedal board out there? It's ROLF Pedal boards from Switzerland!

2nd February 2017

ROLF Pedalboards Dendragapus by George Necola

ROLF Pedalboards Dendragapus

I am reviewing this product as a happy customer from Christoph @ ROLF pedal boards.

The story goes like this:
The band HEADS. played a local gig and I was FOH for them at this certain club. The guitar guy Ed from HEADS. is a nice Aussie living in Berlin and we talked a lot. I've added him on facebook and we kept in touch. I saw these nice pics recently on facebook added by Ed about his new purchase. I asked him where he purchased it and I contacted the seller (that was Christoph) from Rolf.

We got in touch and he is and was the most helpful guy on this planet concerning pedals and boards. My intention was that I have a lot of pedals and I am always too lazy to connect them and bring them with me for playing live or in the studio. So I was looking for a solution to have them mounted, wired and powered all the time + possibilites to add more pedals if necessary.

The concept:
wooden board with a metal stand. PSU under the wooden board, mounted with Velcro-Tape. The pedals are mounted too with Velcro-Tape and the cabling is made with Sommer. You can have different colors, cable-lenghts are custom according to the pedals you use, the PSUs can be combined (you can have 2 different PSUs mounted on the bottom) and a switcher. I decided to use a BOSS ES-8 because it's the best switcher available concerning the functionality I want (using the effects in different order before/after...).

The design:
we spent like 20 hours on facebook and phone to discuss my design. He was super helpful! We ran trough everything from what pedals to use, what kind of PSUs I need (I needed 2 because of the Digitec Wammy). I told him what pedals I have and which I want to use and he calculated the space and the layout. We agreed that I have to use the biggest of this boards together with a MONO-case for transport.

In my case I was able to go to his workshop and spend time talking about it. He lives 2 hours from my hometown. I went there by motor bike and we had a good chat and he filled me up with coffeeeee. Very nice guy. He plays in a band called Olten. Worth chekin out.

The work:
he spent approx 8 hours building it. He updated me with pictures about the progress. He then sent me the invoice and shipped it to me. Damage done. No more questions. Fantastic work!

In use:
I recived the case and started immediatly fiddling around with it. I have one power plug (230volts), 2 inputs and 2 outputs. Everything is routed trough the ES-8. One output is going out directly from the ES-8 the other one trough my Two Notes C.A.B. for playing directly into the PA. I've tried both and it works like a charm.

the pedals I use: Digi Whammy DT, MESA throttle, Ibanez Tubescreamer, Volume pedal, H20 reverb/delay/chorus.. and others..

The pedals don't move. They are fixed like a brick in a wall. The pedal board is robust but not too heavy. It gets obviously heavy with all the pedals and the PSUs but I can handle it. I am a strong guy

The summarization:
if you want a custom board, super helpful support (from start to finish and aftersales) and a super friendly guy on the other end who does not hesitate to help you build your (pedal)dream, you should go for ROLF. they are more expensive then off the shelve stuff but you can't ask for help if you buy off the shelve. I am a happy customer. Wonderful experience, pedal board works like a charm... go for it.

He can ship and work internationally. Speaks fluent French and communicates in English as well.

Christoph, you are the lord of the board.

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