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Pueblo Audio JR2/2 with PS34 PSU

Pueblo Audio JR2/2 with PS34 PSU

5 5 out of 5, based on 1 Review

If you want very transparent, hi fidelity, very minimal pathway to preserve sound, exact same signal whether it be 1db or 80db, excellent and organic ribbon pre without concern for phantom in direct signal path....(see review for more)

25th November 2016

Pueblo Audio JR2/2 with PS34 PSU by TK DRUMMER

  • Sound Quality 5 out of 5
  • Ease of use 5 out of 5
  • Features 5 out of 5
  • Bang for buck 5 out of 5
  • Overall: 5
Pueblo Audio JR2/2 with PS34 PSU

hello GS,
im writing this review as a thank you to GS forum for connecting me with Pueblo Audio. I have found my favorite mic pre. This is not like anything else i have seen/heard and it is exactly what i have been looking for.
I want
- very transparent, 3-D precise imagery of audio field
- ability to isolate from phantom power so doesn't muddy the signal for tube condensers with their own power source, dynamics, and ribbons
- no chance of phantom harming my ribbons (don't have to wait several minutes when phantom is turned off on most pres)

i was looking for a very transparent mic pre, ideally i was going to buy a separate mic pre for my ribbons than my condensers in order to give my ribbons a very minimal and clear signal path.

i tried other "dedicated" ribbon pres, but the signal was not organic for me and further research suggested that higher ohms causes ribbon to sound more bright because of harmonic distortion rather than the actual sound coming from the ribbon itself. I tried the higher ohm pre amps and it just didn't feel right to me (if you like it thats cool, this is just my personal perspective). I wanted something that could give me exactly what was coming out of my ribbon mics. Pueblo does this for me. (by the way uses 3k ohms which in my experiments are perfect for organic feel, the transient detail is captured by the preamp itself so no need for high ohms to get greater transients from ribbons)

Scott (creator of Puebo micpres) separates the phantom section completely from the preamp section, you bridge with an xlr cable...BRILLIANT! Finally someone has done this and it gives me a dedicated ribbon pre without any phantom circuitry to muddy it up or the opportunity for phantom power to be in the capacitors when i change from a condenser to a ribbon on my micpre. So what about everything else....excellent. By running the condenser microphones through the phantom side then in the micpre, i am hearing detail i never have before. My $3k micpre did not bring out this much detail. I have an iFet (fet 47 clone) and it sounded pretty good in my other pres, but going thru the JR2 you can truly hear ALL its frequency range. Also if you want to you can take your condensers into the phantom side then into whatever mic pre you want. The phantom power is sooo much more cleaner that it sounds better than the phantom power of my other mic pres. Lots of flexiblity, like a swiss army knife.

The power section is completely separate, which means bigger power section for a lot more eletrons getting to the signal to begin with and creating a zero noise signal because no electical radiation or interference. You pay $800-1000 (1000 for custom upgraded cable, i got this, yes its worth it to me) and the power section will power up to 4 pueblo units. So upfront paid for power and jr2, which was 1k and 1.35k total $2350. If you don't need the phantom at all you can get 4 channel jr4 for $1650 total with power = $2650. What i like is my next addition for my studio is a JR4, 4 channel, but i will not need to buy another power section. So, it is much more affordable to just keep adding 4 preamps for $1650 when i have the money rather than buying some other 4 channel preamps that cost more because you are paying for the power supply, etc. in each unit. Plus i can have all my preamps in a separate rack, AWAY from electical interference or near my source i am recording. AWESOME.

I feel that this unit is one of the best quality and well priced units available.

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