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Overloud Breverb 2 Digital Reverb Suite

Overloud Breverb 2 Digital Reverb Suite

4.75 4.75 out of 5, based on 1 Review

Breverb-2 from Overloud is a high quality, crystal clear, flexible algorithmic reverb plugin that has an elegant, inviting interface and sensible workflow.

17th February 2016

Overloud Breverb 2 Digital Reverb Suite by Tommy Zai

  • Sound Quality 5 out of 5
  • Ease of use 5 out of 5
  • Features 5 out of 5
  • Bang for buck 4 out of 5
  • Overall: 4.75
Overloud Breverb 2 Digital Reverb Suite

Breverb-2 from Overloud is a high quality, crystal clear, flexible algorithmic reverb plugin that has an elegant, inviting interface and sensible workflow. It’s a good-looking effects plugin that is extremely lively and unexpectedly musical. To quote another reviewer, “Breverb has a sound to match its sweet appearance.” I’m astonished by how fast it is to find the perfect space for my tracks. Within the collection of algorithms there is a versatile selection of spaces that range from small, tight rooms to expansive caverns. This is not a convolution reverb, therefore is doesn’t have natural world limitations. Users have the freedom and flexibility to create virtually any space imaginable. Although I would classify this reverb as “modern,” it’s surprisingly capable of producing a vintage-esq sound. I actually discovered this by checking out a YouTube video:

There are loads of well-managed, useable presets that sound good out-of-the-box and serve as a excellent start-point for tweaking. It also has an well organized user preset management system with import, export, and sharing. The presets are accessed via a drop-down menu per each algorithms. Users will find all the standard reverb parameters as well as a dedicated EQ and gate. Most controls are located on or through the main screen. Included are easy to read, accurate meters. There is a Extended Nonlinear section for creative shaping and Motion parameters to add . . . movement. The Regen feature makes this even more interesting. All sliders, knobs, buttons and drop down menus are responsive and enable simple, fun tweaking.

Throughout my musical career, I shied away from using much reverb. I mixed and mastered in fear of overdoing it. Yet, I was always envious of other projects that boasted a clear, yet rich, spacious sound. Breverb-2 is one of the few reverbs out there that encourage you to crank the dials and turn up the sliders. With this reverb, it’s really a question of what sound you’re after. The overall tone is appealing regardless of the algorithm. It’s clean, but not cold and sterile. Any harmonic overtones are pleasing, and I am unable to detect any unwanted artifacts. The sound is wide and truly does seem to wrap itself around the music. Many verb aficionados measure a units worth by the quality of the tail. In the case of Breverb-2, the tails have a silky smooth, uncolored fade at all millisecond increments. The combination of fullness and clarity carries a most any mix instead of sinking it in mud.

• Post-production via the*Source algorithm, which provided full control over early bursts/refections, reverb field, and tail parameters.
• Drums, vocals, and pads.
• Chambers, plates, and large rooms really stand out.

• Simple purchase, download, install, and authorize procedure.
• Small virtual footprint.
• Slick, alluring, scalable GUI.
• Many great sounding presets.
• Tremendous sound quality.
• Easy to use, despite its power.
• A-B comparisons.
• Pre-delay increments indicated in milliseconds for precise BPM tempo sync.
• Extraordinary ratio between sound quality and CPU usage.
• No added latency.
• Stable.
• Creative, responsive developer.

• I heard there are preset mix packs available.

I highly recommend Breverb-2 to any e-musician, producer, sound designer, etc., who is working with digital audio of any genre. Download the demo, and then sit back and brace yourself for something sweet. This fine reverb plugin might very well become your go-to workhorse. If you’re looking for natural spaces or particular environments, there are other options out there, but if you are after an excellent algorithmic reverb — this just might be the one! I’ve read that it’s modeled after “the most sought-after hardware units.” If so, I’m not sure which models, and I’m not sure it matters — this virtual unit sounds smooth and tasty! Without hesitation, I give Breverb-2 a pair of thumbs held up high! Thank you, Overloud, for creating this amazing piece of audio software. Fabulous!

Last edited by Tommy Zai; 26th February 2016 at 05:43 PM..

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