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Audient Limited iD14

Audient iD14

3.5 3.5 out of 5, based on 3 Reviews

The Audient 1D14 is a perfect fit for my personal project studio. I've had one since it initially shipped in June 2015.

26th January 2016

Audient iD14 by Mister Gray

  • Sound Quality 5 out of 5
  • Ease of use 4 out of 5
  • Features 5 out of 5
  • Bang for buck 5 out of 5
  • Overall: 4.75
Audient Limited iD14

Sound Quality:
Upgrading from a Scarlett 2i2 to the iD14 was a satisfyingly DISTINCT experience. This was an objective improvement in sound quality coming through my monitors. By my perspective, certainly well beyond the $200 price difference.

That said, this is obviously a very small interface sample size. Take that 5 star score accordingly. I'd score it a 4.5 if I could, for the occasional slight audible crackle when changing headphone volume with the encoder.

Ease of Use
Functionally, this thing is a breeze, both the hardware unit and software interface. Disclosure: I don't do anything complex, and haven't used the ADAT input.

The Mac drivers have been sort of confusing, thus the 4 star rating. Sometimes the updates don't want to install to the applications folder. The troubleshooting guide on the Audient site helps get you there. Firmware was difficult to update in the early versions, but Audient seems to have smoothed that process out significantly.

The instrument DI is sweet, and the quick mute and mode functions work for a one man show like myself. I dig the tactile response of the phantom power switches. It's a nice touch (haha). The dbfs meter/volume indicator gets you in the ballpark, but isn't a precision instrument.

I've never had an issue with headphone volume (except the aforementioned crackle).

The non-bypassable preamps bother me if I get sucked into the internet's audio OCD, but stepping back from those threads brings a healthier perspective, and the preamps sound good anyway (by my estimation).

Aesthetically, it's a solid box that adds a little class to my desk.

Bang for Buck
Off the charts. Hydrogen bomb detonation for the buck. It's so good for $300. Highly recommended.

31st January 2016

Audient iD14 by oretez

  • Sound Quality 5 out of 5
  • Ease of use 5 out of 5
  • Features 4 out of 5
  • Bang for buck 5 out of 5
  • Overall: 4.75
Audient Limited iD14

This, for me, was an impulse purchase. I'd bid on a used ASP800 and lost more on lack of focus than price (went for a ridiculously low price) & being in buying mode I, of course (as I am a long standing member of this web site), had to buy something.

Been a long time fan (as much as I'm a fan of anything) of Audient. Not an uncritical fan but over the years I can't think of a single design of their's that I have used with which I had any serious issues. The original ASP008 had heat issues. The stock fan, when that was added, was noisy but mod to the industrial heavy duty quiet(ish) fan was cheap & easy. (And while it voided warranty I'd had enough experience with Audient for that to not be a concern on two fronts. The first was that I was not expecting any QC issues with the unit. (I'd used a fanless ASP008 regularly w/o encountering problems (other than making sure there was sufficient ventilation, if I'd kept it for 30 yr. it might have had a shorter life than the one with a fan . . . or not)). Additionally all my experience with Audient suggests that if I'd run into a warranty issue with a self-modded unit that they would have been very fair in evaluating situation. For me to have that idea, let alone expressing it is high praise.

When the mico was introduced I wrote a review for print media (un-published) and later in an on-line text blog (not mine) incorporated in a very short list of entry-level 'next step' (beyond pro-sumer interface, pro-sumer compact mixer) pres.

The Audient pres have for me always been work horse units. Clean. Transparent. No matter the marketing hype I was not sure I'd be happy with the new generation Audient gear. The ASP008's were 'blown out' in the UK and if shipping to US had not been an issue I would have picked up another one of those rather than budgeted for either 800 or 880. In that respect bidding on the ASP880 was impulse as well . . . but cheap enough that if I didn't find it useful I could resell it easily.

Saying all of that because I didn't have high expectations for iD14. Expected a discount 'built to price' product. First issue is that I use Linux & WinXP for editing audio and iD14 only goes back to Win7 as far as drivers. A main reason for purchase was for the Adat to USB connection so I thought initially it might not be difficult to build a driver for Linux. Audient has changed suppliers for A/D conversion in their new line of products, migrating to more current TI converters. Additionally with modern manufacturing protocols everything runs from the proprietary DSP chip. Thus even an ADAT out only Linux driver is not a trivial matter. Should have been desperately disappointed.

As it turned out had a call for a very last minute (original guy ran into travel difficulties) session at a 'field' venue. Initially it looked like all I'd have to do is track some drums, perhaps so scratch bass. So with a lunch box & RME converter as front end this looked like a reasonable test for the iD14 (I did bring along back up, which in a way defeats a portion of the test which was for portability). For the kind of project this was I was OK with my API pres plus a pair of what ever the client had (i.e. didn't intend to use the pres on the iD14). As far as the main reason I bought the iD14 it, if anything, exceeded expectations. Highly portable, while I had a pair of laptops try the one not specifically optimized for audio (though it is not a general purpose unit either). It is an elderly Lenovo T61 that has been highly modified over the years and does a good job with audio (dual drives etc.) dual boot Linux Win7. No problems with drivers into Win7. Console is functional with sufficient controls to sync (with RME converter) easily. Only did a single test pass with a couple of tracks then used it simply as one might an old school analog recorder for the next 3 hours.

Session was that mix of challenging but with 'right feel' that at the very end decided to try to nail some bass against the usable perc. with some scratch acoustic guitar. First I used the pres on the iD14 for the guitar. And I was at least mildly surprised at how well they held up in comparison with my 500 pres (primary API, which would not typically be the 1st go to for acoustic rhythm guitar). On at least one track I both DI'd the bass (thru the iD14) and used a MD441 on the cabinet . . . & was quite pleased with how well the id14 DI worked, pleased with easy for setting appropriate balance (with DI) from the dynamic mic. I had not been particularly concerned about getting the 'mix' perfect (since I did not expect to be recording any more of it and it would all just be raw material for whom ever mixed it).

As a USB A/D/A it is never going to have the latency one would want . . . but reality is that is an issue no matter the technology. But capturing the right 'feel' for the bass in conjunction with a rough stereo mix of the drums was in no way (for me) problematic . . . Admittedly the S/W I use does let me compensate for pass thru-loop but one can either spend hours or simply use rule of thumb 'default' . . . would not have been surprised with some drift (adat synic is not really very good, ugly square waves) but for what ever reason (certainly that 'pop' music is of brief duration helps) at this point in the project using the iD as the playback source to over dub bass was not a deal breaker.

I am aware that over all high marks (in the 1-5) are primarily because it exceeded expectations. Have no idea how it compares with iD22. Believe Audient when it says that pres are equivalent to their other pres, though would still not tend to use them if phantom power were needed . . . not because of any experienced problems, I remain prejudiced against wall warts, switched power for most audio needs (& if I have to carry independent phantom power that decreases items portabilty). Rough feeling is that overall RME Silver 'feels' subjectively like a 'better' unit. But 'bang for buck' combined with portability this thing is difficult to beat.

For me on a practical level this is the Mico with USB I/O & Adat in. Comfortable with the pres & not dissatisfied with converters.

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3 weeks ago

Audient iD14 by biffmixalot

  • Sound Quality 1 out of 5
  • Ease of use 1 out of 5
  • Features 1 out of 5
  • Bang for buck 1 out of 5
  • Overall: 1
Audient Limited iD14

I purchased my iD14 14 months ago. Loved it. Read on.

The other night I went to mix a session and noticed some serious hissing. The Mic 1 input meter was showing a signal even though nothing was attached. When I turned the gain knob on the unit it produced a crackle that I'm surprised my monitors survived. After some back and forth emails with customer service - including a recording of the issue - I was told that the issue was related to hardware and that my only recourse was to have it fixed on my dime - even though I was barely two months outside of the warranty window. While I understand how a warranty works I also understand that leeway is possible when the onus is on the company who manufactures and sells a $300 product - one which I would expect them to stand behind a little more, especially since the failure was no fault of mine.

My Audient iD14 is now a $300 paperweight. Thanks Audient!

Follow up...Steve from Audient contacted me the day after I posted this letting me know he was going to check into it. I messaged him back and heard nothing but I did hear from customer service via the original email thread that they were trying to pursue a solution with their US distributors. After one follow-up and hearing nothing and a subsequent follow-up the customer service rep let me know that I was indeed screwed. Once again..a hardware failure which was no fault of mine 2 months out of warranty...totally screwed. I bought a Presonus 192 and will look forward to way better customer service. What a shame that a "respectable" company can't go outside of the box to back up their product. Major fail, Audient...actually pretty pathetic.

And the last follow-up. They're sorry. Yeah. I'm sure they're really sorry.

Ryan Ellis (Help Desk)
May 17, 11:27 BST

Hi John,

Unfortunately our US distributors would not be able to extend the warranty in this case.

We are extremely sorry to disappoint on this again on this occasion.
All the best,

Rynne Ellis
Audient Tech Suppor

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