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QSC TouchMix 16

QSC TouchMix 16

4.95 4.95 out of 5, based on 4 Reviews

New compact digital mixer from QSC

22nd August 2015

QSC TouchMix 16 by kmzproton90

  • Sound Quality 5 out of 5
  • Ease of use 5 out of 5
  • Features 4 out of 5
  • Bang for buck 5 out of 5
  • Overall: 4.75
QSC TouchMix 16

Released in 2014, the QSC TouchMix 16 is a digital mixer with the size of laptop and features of a large format mixing desk, combined with a recording interface.


The mixer chassis is made of strong plastic, and it seems to be sturdy. Upon picking it up, it is lightweight, but has a firm feel to it. The touchscreen glass is thick, and resistant to scratches (although I did not scratch deliberately). The XLR sockets also sit firmly in their place, the whole mixer has a solid feel to it.
The power adapter has a special kind of connector, which tethers it to the mixer firmly, reducing the risk of being yanked out accidentally.
One major problem with the mixer is that there is no built-in cooling, except for two grills on the sides. This makes the unit heat up immensely after just one hour of operation, idle or in use. It heats up to the point where it is hard to touch, and damages whatever fabric is under it (e.g. tablecloths, plastic). We use a laptop cooler, an it works, but still, it is kind of off putting to have a mixer heating up so much.


The TouchMix 16 has 16 XLR inputs and two stereo jack ins for keyboards and other stereo sources. The last four XLR sockets are combis, so they also take jack cables. These four channels are supposed to take both line and mic levels, but be aware that there is no padding option, they receive line level only when connected by jacks.
Otherwise the preamps on this mixer are fine and dandy, they are quite brighter than the ones on our old analogue Spirit Folio SX. The trim (=gain) knobs feel a little cheap, but I have had no problem with them so far. The preamps have a nice headroom, you can crank the pots without causing clipping. If it does start to clip, one push of the second user button (there are four of them, they have set functions that can be reprogrammed later) erases it instantly.
Outputs-wise the mixer has two XLRs for mains, six XLRs for mono, and 2 stereo jacks for stereo auxes. The stereo auxes are for wired in-ear monitor systems, and with a nice set of IEMs they perform very well.


The mixer has tons and tons of features, all of which are handy in a live situation.
All input channels have a 4-band parametric EQ, compressor, noise gate. All of these aspects are customizable in every way, from EQ Qs, to gate attack/release times. All of these "units" are very responsive and musical.
As far as effects go, the TouchMix 16 offers 4 effect slots to be used simultaneously. You've got two reverbs, a mono and a stereo delay, a pitch shifter and a chorus. The effects run in a separate section, so once you set the four FXs, you can divide them between the channels. For example, you set up a mono delay and a plate reverb. Those two can be mixed on all channels respectively, say, delay louder on channel 1 than on channel 6, no reverb on channel 3 and all on 7, and so on. The effects themselves are decent enough (although you should not expect reverbs to be Lexicon quality), but they have to be turned up around 0dB to be heard properly. All of them are programmable to the finest details (hi/lo-pass filters on reverb, delay time/repeat/level, etc.).

The auxes and the main share the same setup possibilities. For EQing, you have a 1/4 octave graphic equalizer doing its job very well. Also, there is a limiter, and four notch filters with selectable centre frequency. These can help you ringing out a room with the help of a built-in white noise generator.

As with other digital mixers, all mixing scenes, custom presets and channel settings can be saved and recalled at any time.

The mixer comes with its own wi-fi adapter, so it is possible to control it by and iPhone or Android device through its own network, or, if possible, the mixer can join to an already existing one. Twelve devices can connect at the same time, enabling all band members to adjust their monitor mixes on their phones.

The sweetest function the unit has is the built-in recording interface. The user can record all tracks the same time at a sampling rate of 44.1 or 48 kHz, with a fixed bit depth of 32-bits. You will need an external hard drive for it, or a thumb drive if you want to record all tracks in a stereo mixdown. This function will need to be improved on, since exporting the tracks is a pain in the *ss. Luckily, there is a program made by users, called the TouchMix Set, that lets you export tracks into separate wav files and renaming them for easier navigation in the future.

Overall impression:
As the final verdict, the TouchMix's features overshadow its weaknesses. It makes outboard rigs and insert effects unnecessary, and the scene saving function makes an engineer's or actively gigging band's life much easier. With the ongoing firmware updates, the mixer is a huge bang for the buck!

Last edited by kmzproton90; 23rd August 2015 at 09:14 AM..

8th November 2015

QSC TouchMix 16 by deniis35

  • Sound Quality 5 out of 5
  • Ease of use 5 out of 5
  • Features 5 out of 5
  • Bang for buck 5 out of 5
  • Overall: 5
QSC TouchMix 16

bought it last week...set it up in a rock bar with a live stage...different bands during a few words...for what it works flawlessly for several hours straight...with the latest update installed...the app on ipad works flawlessly as well..connects in a bling of an eye with the mixer and there is immediate responce when i did something on the moving up the fader on the delay fx on vocals...the compressors are doing their job quite well,the eq is really good...big eq curves and still it sounds natural...the fx are ok for the price point...the I/O is adequate for this job... QSC did a great job...

30th November 2016

QSC TouchMix 16 by fxs

  • Sound Quality 5 out of 5
  • Ease of use 5 out of 5
  • Features 5 out of 5
  • Bang for buck 5 out of 5
  • Overall: 5
QSC TouchMix 16

Bought this desk after a big fail of a live recording on November 4 2015, for my Jam Band, "Cactus Jade Efrain" had a very sofisticated system whith wordclass preamps, Aurora, telefunken V76m, Capi 28's, focusrite original ISA 215, Electrodyne 711L, etc, in the end it failed cause of bad monitoring mixes, can't jam if you can't hear the other mucisians, so i decided to buy the touchmix 16 to have a simple solution that could handle the house mix, 4 different monitor mixes, and the recording of all inputs,

Being a Professional sound engineer with 35 years on the job, I thought this would be a practical solution, with the obvious downgrade in sound, but none of that, this puppy sounds right up there with the big boys,

I have never seen the manual, don't need it, it's so friendly, and if I get an idea to do any EQ or add Effects to a sound it always instantly delivers what I'm after, whith grace quality and charm, the recording feauture allows me to be a mucisian, and forget about de recording system, all my Keyboards, Drum machines, and XOX roland clones are always patched in the machine, so everything is always connected, wana record??? press rec and you are cooking,

For me it was my new love, I was singing it's Praises all day long

Too good to be true?

Last November 26, we repeated the concert in the garden, when I plugged the desk it wouln't turn on, Big Fail again, we replaced the desk witha Crest XR 20 feeding a RME UFX, but I lost all of my Eqs and Fxs that were on the QSC, and it wasn´t the same........

For me it's like an Egyptian Curse, each time I want to switch from being a sound engineer to a musician, the tech fails.......If I'm engineering everythig works fine.

I will have to pay the hefty ticket to send it to the factory and back for a repair, I'm in CHILE!!!!!! and get a spare as well, as for now this is the desk I want to be a musician and forget about, engineering, leads,fx racks, etc


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17th January 2017

QSC TouchMix 16 by GZsound

  • Sound Quality 5 out of 5
  • Ease of use 5 out of 5
  • Features 5 out of 5
  • Bang for buck 5 out of 5
  • Overall: 5
QSC TouchMix 16

I bought my Touchmix 16 a couple of months ago and have been using it for acoustic concerts. I replaced an Allen & Heath Mixwizard and a small rack of outboard EQ mostly because of the excess weight.

The Touchmix is a great mixer. Very easy to set up and understand and includes a lot of features.

I bought a road suitcase and modified it to hold the Touchmix and a power strip. I used half inch tall spacers to mount the mixer to a quarter inch plywood plate with a 110 volt 28 db whisper fan attached to cool the bottom of the unit. I frequently run sound at outdoor festivals and it can get really hot during ten hour days in the sun.

I love having the ability to store scenes so a band that plays Friday night and again on Saturday is simple and quick to set up.

Last Saturday I recorded a two hour set and haven't put the tracks in my DAW yet but a brief check of the outboard USB drive shows all the tracks were recorded.

UPDATE: I have now had time to work with the QSC recording function and after spending some time with QSC support, I have found the recording function to be anything but intuitive. The track labeling scheme is very confusing, using the QSC DAW software, ended up with a stack of "regions" with each channel labeled a separate region. So I recorded 23 songs and ended up with 23 "region1", 23 "region2", etc. Really a very difficult system. I hope they get it figured out in the near future.

Great unit. Really nice price and lots of features. And (other than the recording system) SIMPLE to operate.

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