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I started a "show & tell" thread. Someone had to do it. :) I'm gonna blast a few out at you, but... Let's see...

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rmx16 5 days ago
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Calling all remote folk, friends and dabblers out there. As you may already know,'s October 2002 guest moderator...

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JCBigler 3 weeks ago
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Important note: Please consider subscribing to the three new sub-forums, 'All Things Technical,' 'Mobile & Location Rigs'...

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huub 17th May 2020
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Steve Remote from Aura Sonic tuning in. As you may already know, I'm's October 2002 guest moderator. We'll be...

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Remoteness 5th October 2019
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An open discussion to all remote folk. How did you get started in remote production, location recording, outside broadcasting?...

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Remoteness 28th August 2019
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Many folks have a concern about following multiple forums, sub-forums or any thread that’s outside their normal forum...

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Remoteness 6th May 2006
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Well, we just got word today that our tour is cancelled until March 2021 at the earliest. We were supposed to go back in...

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studer58 7 minutes ago
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Anyone compared transformer SQN say IV-S i thru iii vs V and later? I really liked the smooth sound of SQN especially on voice,...

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Rolo 46 1 hour ago
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Hi all - It seems like the Neumann M50 is the standard for decca tree mics. I was wondering if there is a standard for...

session bass
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studer58 2 hours ago
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Looks like they are producing omni caps for the sE 8 mics after...

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xeawr 3 hours ago
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Just wondering??? Around Northern Ohio there seems to be no live concerts going on so no one is doing any recordings except...

Thomas W. Bethe
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studer58 7 hours ago
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Getting a new location recording set up for the occasional bits I do for my sound design work. Have been recommended the Senn...

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surflounge 13 hours ago
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I'm anticipating that remote gig opportunities will slowly start to open up again later this year, and so I'm inventorying my...

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Klimermonk 14 hours ago
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Hey, I mainly do live recordings of bands that are somehow related to "Jazz". Channel count has not been above 24...

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tourtelot 15 hours ago
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I have essentially zero experience with boundary layer capsules such as the Schoeps BLM 3. From the extensive description at the...

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Fioraxy 22 hours ago
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Thanks to all at Focusrite and American Music and Sound for honoring their three-year warranty on my Focusrite AM2 Dante...

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cheu78 1 day ago
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For an upcoming string quartet recording session (with video, non-concert) what factors might steer you towards either Jecklin...

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studer58 2 days ago
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I'll be doing a month of tracking sessions in a house where can't bring my main studio monitors (Amphion Two18). Right now my...

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Remoteness 2 days ago
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Rick Dalton 3 days ago
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Any experience in the classical music field with this microphone as a 'general' large diaphragm spot microphone, e.g. for solo...

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apotheosis 3 days ago
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I am more than sure that each of you have had this experience: You're sitting down with a music director to go over the...

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Folkie 3 days ago
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I learned about the SX-M2D2 here (@Plush). While it looks like a cool unit and the price seems right, I was wondering if it would...

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iPadBeatMaking 3 days ago
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I almost know Plush's mantra by heart about the DAV by now ;) BUT Can anyone comment about real world situations especially...

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Folkie 3 days ago
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Greetings, I need a suggestion for a stereo pair of mics for a two-mic recording setup for orchestra percussion instruments....

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SkipBurz 4 days ago
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Hello, I’ve been working on a track where the verse and chorus are routed to a vox bus that has processing such as EQ,...

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540code 4 days ago
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Hi everyone! Direct-powered microphones (such as DPA4003, 4041S, and similar) are known for its top-notch sound performance,...

Dan Reso
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Lucas_G 5 days ago
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I'm starting a thread about this seriously ambitious project I have been working on for quite some time now. Since we can't...

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Remoteness 6 days ago
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Here's a video which will hopefully refocus the viewer on a brighter and productive future, as this year unfurls itself. It's...

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studer58 6 days ago
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Hoy hoy - I read a thread on the high end forum about the use of mono reverbs on steely dan’s gaucho album that was...

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studer58 6 days ago
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My 200-seat church has begun to live-stream its services with a fairly advanced multi-camera system. I'd like to upgrade the...

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Crantastic 6 days ago
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With a boom microphone, what is a normal gain range? What audio level should I be hitting for the subject? I'm new to boom...

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deedeeyeah 6 days ago
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couldn't find a good quality space to record high resolution music performance, so am dumping old gear in ocean to make an island...

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surflounge 1 week ago
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Hello everyone, John Dunkerley, co-author of the book Classical Recording: a Guide in the Decca Tradition has asked that the...

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Plush 1 week ago
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Hi everyone, Wanted to let you all know that 3 ex-Decca engineers are about to release their book on the topic of recording...

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studer58 1 week ago
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Let's play forensic detective for a while....where are they all coming from ? You've probably seen examples's a...

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studer58 1 week ago
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Hi fellow colleagues, As some of you might know I use a Merging Horus (Ravenna/AES67) and Magix Samplitude for my remote...

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RayS 1 week ago
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Hi! Anybody has tried the Nevaton MC59 microphones? I was surprised by the ridiculously low self noise and the reasonable price.

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Multichannel 1 week ago
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I am looking for a (very) affordably priced microphone to be used in a main AB microphone setup for a big orchestra + choir in a...

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kludgeaudio 1 week ago
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I am about to receive my new Sony PCM D100 but I’m starting to think I should have got the MixPre 3 II and some quality...

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bradh 1 week ago
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When you are recording a piano duo for something like a college audition with video, do you use spot mics on the piano or...

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deedeeyeah 1 week ago
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How do I get professional quality close mic'd sound on grand piano for Beethoven/Chopin, trying to keep the mic budget under...

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Andy Le Vien 1 week ago
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I'd be interested in your thoughts on Straus Paket trial I made today at a baroque concert, with violin and cello. For those...

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studer58 1 week ago
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Hello Remote folks, Here’s my situation: I’m looking to add a versatile pair to my mic kit. Though I like vibey gear and...

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Guile 1 week ago
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Hey hey, I'm going to be producing a YouTube channel with a friend and we will be recording video at a luthier shop discussing...

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studer58 1 week ago
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File this under the category of maybe it's just me, but... The other day I was recording a jazz combo with a well-regarded...

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PB+J 2 weeks ago
Avatar for LSct

Looking at the MKH 8050 over the MKH 50 and a major benefit of the 8000 series seems to be modularity (other than being...

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dseetoo 2 weeks ago
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Dear friends, a recent covid-recording, with video post-synced to the pre-recorded...

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emenelton 2 weeks ago
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Good morning. I am an organist (and also a little audiophile...) and I want to buy equipment to properly record pipe organ in...

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studer58 2 weeks ago
Avatar for Greyoboe

I've learned a lot from Gearslutz over the years, and I finally wanted to contribute my humble experience. I decided to take a...

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David Rick 2 weeks ago
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A very good friend is the organist at a church near here. They are doing remote church services and want to suspend a pair of...

Thomas W. Bethe
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Thomas W. Bethe 2 weeks ago
Avatar for d_fu

Although I'd love to have a nice pair of wide cardioids (KM143 or MK21), I'm beginning to appreciate the DIY version of wide...

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Tiburd 2 weeks ago
Avatar for studer58

Zylia ZM-1 spherical 19-element mic array...looks intriguing, although reading behind the review it seems the software support...

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dseetoo 2 weeks ago
Avatar for TonyF

Rupert Neve has passed away at...

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Tommy-boy 2 weeks ago
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Hi! Here is a link to the final result. Hope you enjoy it! All the best, Knut

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knuttta 3 weeks ago
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Hi folks, I'm based in the U.K. and I'm looking for tall mic stands, without much succes. I need them for church organ...

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Rolo 46 3 weeks ago
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Hi! I am involved in a Brahms project both as a pianist and a recording engineer these days. Here is the first of Brahms´two...

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knuttta 3 weeks ago