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Old 3rd May 2008
Gear Nut
Lazerface's Avatar
Lazerface (aka another guy named Scotty)

quite frequently, I fart a lot....oh
Independent, just a student with a home/location studio getting some gigs and helping out his local artists big and small


Brass and Choral recordings. I sing bass in a large choir and am a brass musician, so this is a natural evolution. Hoping to move more into straight classical and jazz, maybe a little metal/ska/alt rock to spice it up

Mics: Rode NT5 stereo pair, AT 2020, Shure Beta 58A
Pre's/interface: Presonus firepod
DAW: Cubase 4
Monitors/Cans: M-audio Studiophile BX5's (not the 5a's), AKG K271's

Thought for today:
what do I spend my $2000 tax return on? that, and I wish i could find more people like me in canada here.
Old 2nd July 2008
Here for the gear

Mark "Splinter" Harder

and file audio human for 22 years. Lots of time on the Metro Mobile Truck out of Chicago, worked at Aura-Sonic for a bit. Staff engineer at Hit Factory 1989 - 1991. Eight years in house post production at Ogilvy and Mather (before there was digital even). Doing some producing. Also doing some work with One Dream Sound and The American Airlines Theater.

Lots. Only way to stay sane. Remote, studio, music, post production, location audio, all of it. Love it.

You know, you guys all have such nice gear, when I come across a live gig, I'll just rent your stuffz. Deal?

Just started the web z may:
Decades in Audio…

Glad to meet you all.
Old 3rd July 2008

It's really awesome to see you here.

If you folks don't already know this, Mark is a fabulous recording engineer on location and in the studio.

Welcome aboard!
Old 8th July 2008
Gear Maniac

Mick Connolly

What's below private in rank?

Musician, FOH guy who started a studio and realised that there is not enough live music being recorded so starting to do that as of.....NOW. Really just in the gear & system gathering phase, hope to start recording live soon.

Thought for today:
Sorry, what did you say??? oh you want it louder
Old 16th July 2008
Lives for gear

Originally Posted by Cucco View Post
Hey Michael-

I'll jump on the bandwagon behind you.

I haven't really posted much on GS, but have read it for a long time. Some of the guys know me here already from and some of those guys hate my guts...but I'm okay with that.

Anyway, I'd list off my gear, but since I buy and sell all the time, my list changes as often as my underwear (sometimes more often).

My favorites at this moment in time:
Royer SF 12
Schoeps CMC6 (MK2, MK4, MK21)
RME FireFace 800 (love it!)

I pretty much do live orchestral, choral, wind ensemble and jazz, though I will do the occassional rock/country as well (if I dig the music.) I do have a small studio in the home, but prefer not to use it unless for friends or really good groups. The studio is about 3200 cubic feet (20x24x8) and is entirely floating.

While I do make a decent "living" off of recording, my day job is as an engineer/scientist for the government and have worked in the Pentagon since 2000. I currently support the Space and Terrestrial Communications Directorate in the Communications Electronics Research, Development and Engineering Center out of New Jersey, but live in Northern Virginia.

As for where I get the gigs - where ever I can. I'll travel long distances to record and like to work with colleges, semi-pro or "farm-league" orchestras as much or more than the big leagues. (Too many egos to deal with in the bigger orchestras!)

Right now, I'm totally into new chamber music- stuff that hasn't been recorded yet - 21st century, neo-romantic chamber.

Anyway...cheers all!


Great to hear.

I too am in the region, and like a lot of the same music. Any neo-classical stuff I might not have heard that you can recommend?
Old 16th July 2008
Originally Posted by astronmr20 View Post
Great to hear.

I too am in the region, and like a lot of the same music. Any neo-classical stuff I might not have heard that you can recommend?

This seems like the perfect time to introduce yourself since you posted on the "Remote Forum Role Call..." thread.

Why not let the folks that don't already know you learn what you're all about.
Old 16th July 2008
Lives for gear

Well then,




Operations director for multicultural broadcasting company. Studio, and AM and FM RF under job description. Fixing things that should no longer work, or replacing them with new ones, and teaching radio automation in spanish (poorly).

Part-time movie score composer and contributor. Ex-rocker and contributor to bands that still exist. Ex-airborne traffic reporter in planes that probably don't fly anymore, or at least shouldn't.

Learned to mix on some Peavey console a bazillion years ago. At one time, it was all FOH. Now, at home, it's in a Metric Halo MIO and some culmination du jour of input sources, old Gates and Urei stuff, but more and more: mysterious software instruments, and other such things made of electrons inside teh computerz.

Contemplating engagement to sweetheart.


More often than not, some, or any hotel room east of the Rockies. Otherwise, Charlotte, NC area, or Richmond, VA.

Thought for today:

"Little by little, one travels far."

Old 27th July 2008
Here for the gear

I've been lurking on this forum for quite a while, and would like to send my thanks for all the expert advice and opinions I've come across!


Just graduated with a Music Tech degree

did a few orchestral recordings for my dissertation and haven't looked back. I even managed to get the Liverpool Philharmonic to let me record them in surround sound. Am now looking for work in the field, and waiting for that perfect job to come my way

thanks, keep up the good work guys!
Old 2nd August 2008
Here for the gear

Another mobile microphonist

Josh Chambers

Been out and about Austin for about a year now. Just upgraded from a Fostex VF160 to an Alesis HD24.

apparently recording my friends' bands for very little money, but getting a lot of good experience recording rock bands in bars.

Please check out what I've done so far and give me some critiques. - Big Echo Sound - AUSTIN, Texas - Live Electronics / Rock / Hip Hop -


Old 20th August 2008
CBA from VA


Owner-operator of a location recording service in VA. I hail from Williamsburg, which has lots of great classical music. I also run FOH and corporate AV.

Working with collegiate and student groups to "make things happen". I've recorded gamelan, "performance art", musical saw, symphonic bands, orchestras, a cappella, alternative rock, etc. etc., and I'm a big fan of the William and Mary Early Music Ensemble. Now if I can just figure out how to talk the Colonial Williamsburg Fife and Drum Corp. into recording a rock opera, I'll be set for life.

A Rig = Schoeps CMTS 501u + Great River MP-2M
C Rig = MXL 993s + ART DPS II w/ Telefunken 12AT7

Old 14th October 2008
Lives for gear
jnorman's Avatar
james b norman
owner, sunridge studios, salem, oregon

apprenticed back in 1972-4 at deep south under hal ellis (guitarist for john fred and the playboys - can you say "judy in disguise"?).

started sunridge to record my wife's flute and harp duo, RoseWynde, which has done pretty well for us. studio label has released 7 CDs since 2000, and i have had the opportunity to work with some truly wonderful musicians. i have also done an enormous amount of bad recordings in crummy spaces for people with no money. but it is fun...

gear - DPA 4011s, schoeps cmc64s, royer r-121s, akg c481s, AT4051s and AT4022s> millennia media HV3D>roland VS2400CD. my mastering is done by kevin nettleingham up in vancouver, WA.

in real life, i am an architectural photographer, and spent most of my career shooting a 4x5 doing documentary work for the Library of Congress (HABS/HAER). i have published 5 books on historic architecture and engineering resources.
Old 14th October 2008
Welcome to the forum.
Old 21st October 2008
Here for the gear

Minneapolis Sound Dude

Hey folks, I just got addicted to this forum and thought I would introduce myself here since I do production sound.


Nick Williams, Minneapolis, MN USA


Just got out of music school a year ago, doing freelance production sound for corporate videos, indie films and cable TV shows. I'm trying to get classical/jazz recording gigs but nobody wants to pay me for that yet...


Holding a boom pole, placing wireless mics on talent, searching ebay for deals on portable mixers, composing music for film.


Mics: Sennheiser MKH416T, 2 Schoeps CMT44's (arriving in the mail tomorrow, very excited), Rode NT2 (for voiceover work)

Monitors: 2 ADAM A7's

DAW: MacBook Pro, Fireface 800, Logic Studio
Old 21st October 2008
Lives for gear
taturana's Avatar
Name: taturana
location : Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Producer/engineer/musician/film composer

I mostly work in my studio, but a few times a year i venture out to record from indie rock/jazz bands to string quartets big established acts like the brazilian symphonic orchestra ... and for those gigs this forum is absolutely the best and highly useful... thanks to all involved...

and currently i am more involved in tv and film ( both music and post) as well as record producing but i am planning a remote recording of my own band in the next few weeks...
Old 22nd October 2008
It's great to see more folks joining in on this thread.

Welcome one, welcome all to our awesome forum.
Old 28th October 2008
Hello here!
Name: Normunds ล nē (pronounce as German Schnee)

Artistic Director of Sinfonietta Riga orchestra, ex leader of Riga Chamber Players and Riga Festival Orchestra, also oboe player, unfortunately less and less in last years..
Infected by magic world of sound from about 1980; FOH mixer for many Latvian rock groups in 1980s. From 2005 producer and engineer of classical recordings.

Hobby: amateur radio communications; winner of several international competitions.

Amazing forum! Long live, Gearslutz!!

Old 6th November 2008
Gear Addict
Greg Heimbecker's Avatar
Guess I never checked in on this thread.

Greg Heimbecker
Greeley Colorado
Chief University of Northern Colorado Recording Studio
Proprietor Squidwerks Audio

I operate UNC's studio as well as doing about 100 location gigs a year in support of our ensembles as well as many recitals and community groups. I did Greeley Philharmonic's broadcasts for KUNC for the past 8 years from which I stepped down last spring to lessen my overload. Actually I started doing location work doing the Phil back in the late 70's until KUNC killed their local origination programming in 81 or so. That show used to go out to 18 stations back then.

I'd been flogging a Mytek, DA-78 rig fed by Millenia and Earthworks pres for the past 8 years. Last spring I added the delightful MR-1000 and this fall I added a firewire card to one of my Lynx Aurora 16s which I'm using with a MacBook Pro and Boomrecorder with the DA-78 for backup when necessary. Mics in rotation include mk-21, mk-2h, km-140, qtc-1, Brauner Valvet & M149 as suits the gig.

I've also got a 32in 32out Pro Tools HD rig with which we did a 40 track DVD project with Doug Kershaw, "the Ragin Cajun" and our orchestra here at the university last spring. It's all packaged up in 12 space shock racks for mobile warfare.

Our orchestra has won Downbeat magazines award for best university orchestra in North America 6 out of 8 years between 1999 & 2007. Our top big band has won the same award for college big band a couple times in the past few years based on our studio work and our friends at University of Colorado won the same award a few years ago with a recording I did in our facility as well.

I'm really enjoying doing all my work this year at 24/176khz now that hard drive prices have become so damned affordable. It just feels really nice and seems to translate into more goodness in the CDs as well, Now I just need to convince all my clients to grab a nice cheap Oppo universal player so I can lay DVD-As on them.

And in the ancient history category I toured with the jazz vocal group Rare Silk from 78-88 doing FOH and doing sporadic studio work here in Colorado between tours. Played saxophone in local bands after they disbanded for a few years and worked regional SR til the mid 90s. I've been running the studio here at UNC now for 14 years. I just did my 32nd and last UNC Jazz Fest as lead soundman this past spring. There's just no joy in running a Yamaha digital board for me, too old and grumpy I guess... give me real channel strips!
Old 10th November 2008
Gear Head

Re-Remote Forum Call

Hey Guys, I have put my system together over the last 12 months with a lot of help from this board and others. I am honoured to be in your company!!!
NAME;- dave lorentz
COMPANY:- (under construction!!)
SYSTEM;- 24/24 trk system based around the following;-
(2) HD24's
(3) Octopre's with Digi Cards
(3) Crimson 8ch Mic Splits
(1) Roland M-480 24/48 ch line mixer

This system is "normally" configured as a 24 trk Record/ 24 trk backup system. Crimson splits ----> Octopre's------> Litepipe HD24 (Main) + HD24 (Backup) all clocked by an Apogee Big Ben and cased in an 18sp shock rack on wheels. The Splits are cased in an SKB 10sp US Roto Rack and the M-480 in another SKB 10 sp US Roto Rack. (pics available!!)

Right now my system has been reconfig'd to be a 48trk recorder (24bit/48k) with NO backup (clients choice) and has another 8ch splits (32 ch;s Crimson) plus 40 ch's of Pre's ( 4 x Octopre's incl Digi Cards) + 8ch SMPro (connected via Line Outs to last 8 ch's of Slave HD24 for FX from console.
My rig is out on tour in Europe with a Sony/BMG band and the FOH Engineer is also recording the show on my rig!! (He has his hands full and it was against my better judgement but ultimately the clients decision!!!!) The band is touring Eire, the UK, Europe, Japan & Australia..
Old 10th November 2008
Hello folks! Welcome aboard the Remote Recording Forum...

iDave me Steve.

I'm glad you and Greg posted your information.

Enjoy the forum!
Old 8th December 2008
Gear Addict
EV676's Avatar
re-remote forum roll call

I'd like to say hello!

Wally Wawro
Audio Specialist/WFAA-TV Dallas, TX

I do audio post primarily for WFAA, but I'm also responsible for location audio for the station and any thing that involves music mixing for air. I also do some sports work, primarily producing and engineering high school football broadcasts for various in-state syndicators (a sub religion in these parts).

My addiction stated when I was 10 years old in 1960 and my dad brought home a Voice of Music Model 720 reel to reel tape recorder.

By high school I owned a pair of AKG D-200 microphones and a small Tandberg reel to reel. I pretty much guessed my way through it back then. I still have a tape or two as well!

I moved to Dallas in the mid-70's to work for one of the big music-jingle-radio production firms located here and that was my opportunity to get my skills together.

Today I'm Pro-Tools fluent, have a few good mics available to me and particularly enjoy reading this group because remote/location work has always held my interest.

This part of GS is a true guilty pleasure! Thanks.
Old 26th December 2008
Lives for gear
Sonic Lush's Avatar
I pipe up in here a lot and am a big supporter of all that happens in the Remote Possibilities Forum. So I guess I should write it down.


Walter Maenhout (monhoot), Sheltered Sound Services, Seattle Washington, USA.


a mix of fairly advanced knowledge, and a variety of real life experiences with a number of shortcomings, and around any real pro I'd stand out as a mere prestidigitator, a master of audio chicanery (I wish). Born and raised on an island of 2000 people in SE Alaska, I started playing drums at 10 and got on public radio in 1987 with a weekly Friday night radio show called "Rock: BIGGER THAN LIFE, JUST LIKE ME" Moved to Seattle in 1992 to play bass in a female led trio and breathe in the rich grunge air. I attended school for audio at the AIS in 1993 and dropped out when I got an internship and started working with real clients and was tired of paying $1200 a month to get to touch a fader once a week for a few minutes. With more money and time, this, undoubtedly, would have changed. Met Don Gilmore, who was just coming up and enjoying ever-expanding work with his name on millions of albums thanks to Pearl Jam and AIC, among others. I worked with Don for about 18 months and assisted on a few records by Blackhappy, Shoveljerk, Best Kissers in the World, John Doe, among others, and have continued to be involved in audio in Seattle on a variety of live, studio and location gigs since 1995. I now have my own remote rig and home mix room called Sheltered Sound Services. I realize there are many who can explain technique far better than can I. I like to post on GS when I have experience with a particular piece of gear, and try to be a helpful presence--almost a cheerleader, if you will.


really connecting with people to make them comfortable. provide the opportunity to laugh a lot during a potentially stressful time.
The ability to take direction, collaborate,and still be able to inject my own
point of view in any number of situations and produce exceptional results during any kind of job.


MBP, OSX 10.5.5, Logic 8.2, Prism Orpheus, Sound Devices 744T, API 3124mb+, fmr RNC, Lawson L47mpmkII+fet47, Schoeps CMC64ST, Gefell M294, 2xAKG 414 B-ULS, 2x Cascade Fathead II, MBHO Stereo pzm Jecklin OSS II disc, Focal Solo 6, Shunyata Guardian Pro 6, Mackie Onyx 1620.
Attached Thumbnails
Remote Possibilities Role Call... Post Your Name, Rank & Specialty Right Here!-sssjpg.jpg  
Old 26th December 2008
Wally and Walter:

Brilliant -- thanks for posting you information folks!

I look forward to more of your thoughts and enlightenment!

Carry on!
Old 27th January 2009
Lives for gear



Recent uni graduate (Tonmeister), with a LOT to yet to learn... and BUY!!


Rock and Classical recording

Mics: KM184 stereo pair (ORTF ftw!), TLM193, TF27 stereo pair, NT1, D112, audix i5, Avantone CV-14 (on its way!)
Pre's/interface: Octopre LE ADAT
Remote recorder: Fostex D90
DAW: Pro Tools LE (003)
Monitors/Cans: Dynaudio bm5a, DT770 PRO

Thought for today:
Just finished my tax return. NOW I CAN'T AFFORD MY DAV BG-1!!!
Old 11th February 2009
Here for the gear

Jeff Johnson here.

Rank: buying equipment for basic mobile recording.

Studio: Volunteer sound guy for [email protected] on KRFC, Fort Collins, Co. Streaming on the web at krfc 88.9 - come together.

How's that for a plug??
Old 11th February 2009
Gear Addict
Greg Heimbecker's Avatar
Hi Jeff,

Since I'm in the neighborhood (and you guys work with a number of my clients) I'd be happy to visit with you about your needs/budget and guerilla ideas for success if you're interested. Welcome aboard! oh and tell Dean hi for me...
Old 11th February 2009
Lives for gear


Jarrell, Texas (North of Austin, South of Waco, East of Killeen)

Invested hobbyist. (or whatever is below Private)

Audience perspective Stereo recording. With Video (eventually). Mostly Drum and Bugle corps, and local Brass Band(s). 501(c)3 types.

Korg MR-1000
Shure SM-81's
M-Audio Mobile Pre
M-Audio Delta 44
Presonus HP4
M-Audio Studiophile BX8's
Senn. HD-280
Avenson STO-2's (soon to be for sale)
M-Audio DMP3 (for sale)
Samson Q5 (for sale)

High Quality, but minimalistic captures of events. With emphasis on weather immunity. Due to others weather deficiencies. I've just grown tired of others recordings depending on if, if, if. And otherwise being so so even in the best of conditions. Most of my current results are used for training and archival purposes. But it's nice to have something other than a pat on the back at seasons end.

I'm getting there, but not quite there yet. I'm probably gonna get 8040's eventually. And I'm looking at a WH1 (waterproof) camcorder to tide me over until Red Scarlet makes it's debut. I'm trying to avoid the buy cheap buy twice downfall. But I'm not a rich man either. Most of my stuff is used and from classifieds or craigslist. I think the only NEW thing aside from cables, stands, and windscreens is the HP4 headphone preamp. A lot of times I don't even know that I want or need something, until I see it for sale on craigslist.
Old 11th February 2009
Gear Maniac
hakim's Avatar

Hakim Callier

Recordist and Mixing Engineer; Musician and Music Producer.

Space-Funk, Indie & Punk-Hop music productions.

Thought for today:
I would like to take my "specialty" on location. I am finding there may be a market for it. And I need a wee bit O' guidance.
Old 11th February 2009
Welcome one, welcome all to the best location recording & acoustic music forum around!
Old 12th February 2009
Lives for gear
Corran's Avatar

Since my gearlist has been so updated in the last few months I updated my post. heh
Old 15th February 2009
Gear Nut
MBBCFP's Avatar
Originally Posted by Remoteness View Post
Calling all remote folk, friends and dabblers out there.

Thought for today:
Why don't we create a worldwide network for all remote facilities, their engineers, clients and associate. If one of us gets in a jam, we can call on a facility in the area for technical support in the form of equipment backup, crew support, media stock, etc...
Michael Broadhurst

I own Mike's Mobile Mics - Professional On Site, On Location Digital Audio, Sound and Music Recording in Portsmouth, VA.

I record mostly classical with some jazz and Big Band in the venues where they perform. I record lots of audition demos usually in my home church which is my "studio" when one is needed. I record pipe organs as often as possible (I do like big organs). I do not record gazillion track pop stuff.

I am adding to my gear virtually every week continuing to upgrade with the aim of ever-increasing quality of final product. I am always looking for a deal on that special ______ .

I think your idea of remote facilities network is a terriffic one. Has anything come to fruition?
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