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Remote Possibilities Role Call... Post Your Name, Rank & Specialty Right Here!
Old 20th March 2007
Here for the gear
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Roll Call

Doug McClement here, from LiveWire Remote Recorders. We are based in Toronto, Canada and have a remote truck (32 foot trailer with an expanding side) and a portable system in flight cases. The truck has a 72 I/O Protools HD system backed up by 72 tracks of DA78. (still have a 24 track Ampex MM1200 that gets occasional use) We've used a 50 input Neotek Elite console since 1987, but we will be replacing it within the next 12 months.

LiveWire just did a dvd for Meatloaf on Sunday night in London, Ontario. We mostly do awards shows, dvds, live albums, live radio broadcasts, gospel choirs, and film soundtracks. Check out the website at for photos, gear list, and a list of credits. On Sunday we're driving 2000 miles to Saskatoon for the Juno Awards (Canada's Grammy's, hosted by Nelly Furtado this year)

We started with a couple of Sound Workshop 1280B mixers and a Teac 80-8 eight track reel-to-reel in a cube van in 1979. From 1975-1994 the company was called Comfort Sound.
Thought for the day.
"I've been in this rock'n'roll business for 30 years. I'm gonna give it another 30, and if I haven't made it by then, I'm packin' it in!" Ronnie Hawkins
Old 22nd March 2007
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Originally Posted by "DB" View Post
Maybe we should start a thread on here about the practical jokes that used to be played at RPS; I recall one about me and Peter, a Billy Joel gig, Kooster and a little transistor radio hidden inside the console. Nice thread, hi to Remoteness.
DB - PLEASE start that thread! I want to know more about the stuff that you guys used to do. The only time I get them out of the old man is if I get him drinking... That being said, I know some good ones...

And I love how much he's enjoying himself in that picture! I saw that one a while back and someone mentioned what was on the table right before the pic was taken...

Ryan Hewitt
Old 22nd March 2007
Gear Nut
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Need an Agnello brother

Ryan, we'd need one of the Agnello brothers to start a thread like that.
The rest of that Billy Joel story: Washington, DC, with the Record Plant White truck. As Peter Hefter and I were driving the truck down from NYC we were talking about how Kooster would be worried about all the RFI we often had trouble with in DC. So we bought a little transistor AM radio, turned it on very low, tuned just slightly off station, and put it inside the frame of the Trident console. After Kooster tried for about 10 minutes to figure out where it was coming from he had me go under the console to turn off the power supplies to see if that would make it stop. He figured out what was going on when he noticed the only part of me he could see was my feet sticking out from under the console and they were shaking because I was laughing so hard.
And more pictures from that mexican dinner with your dad:
And still my favorite of our Remote pratical jokes:
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Old 23rd March 2007
Here for the gear
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Lurker revealed

Hey It's Bobby from New Rochelle!

Ive been lurking for some time and decided to come out of the shadows.

Actually, Jules just got me up and running.

Ive done remote/studio recording for a while now, and this site has been a wealth of knowledge for me.

Im glad to be on board.

Steve, is there any more room for the Luger fest on April???
Old 23rd March 2007
Just post your name on the Luncheon thread and Steve will add it to the list.
Old 26th March 2007
Gear Head


Hey been lurking for some months now, and this is by far the most friendly and interesting web forum i've come across...

Me, I am a fairly recent graduate audio geek and remote aficionado, I used to do some ENG work but now I'm stuck in an office, at least I've got Pro Tools on my desk.... but it's still an office!!

looking forward to learning from all of you!

Martin Bergstrom
Old 26th March 2007
Lives for gear
norton's Avatar
Name: Zack Norton

Rank: solidly in the middle

Speciality: Sound for film/video and small (16trk) remote tracking.

Interests: Sasquatch and documentary films.....about Sasquatch
Old 13th April 2007
Here for the gear

Hi, I'm Bruce Bartlett, and I've been doing studio and on-location recording for about 30 years. I use an Alesis HD24XR for remotes, then dump the tracks to Sonar Producer for mixing and editing. I've written a couple of books, "Practical Recording Techniques Fourth Edition" and "Recording Music On Location."

This forum has been really helpful and fun to read.
Old 4th May 2007
Lives for gear

MohThoM - or Thom for those who know me

Running the small location recording company Harrisonics, based in Manchester, UK

I mostly work with contemporary music - that's what my degree is in. Working toward a masters in electronic music composition with David Berezan (Canadians might know the name), and lots of film/theatre stuff as well as real-deal classical music.

I've really benefited from this forum - so thanks so far! I'm sure I'll be here a fair while - reading more than posting!

Old 4th May 2007
Here for the gear
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Hello Steve

I am still here and you are the MAN!!
Your Pal
Lou Holtzman
EastSide Sound NYC
Old 10th May 2007
Here for the gear
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Lisbon, Portugal

Nathan Lively


FOH, Location Recording, and Sound Design for theater. Based out of Lisbon, Portugal, for now.

Thought for today:
I'm looking for experienced location recording and surround sound (high-def multi-channel formats in general) engineers and teams to work with. If anyone wants to give me some good ideas for contacts to make, especially in europe, that would be ggreat!
Old 10th May 2007
Gear Head
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to all. My Name is Nik. I have a small music recording outfit that employs three people: my business partner Eric and I. And our truck, Austrian made, who is very much like a person. A 12 ton type person. We operate from Berlin, Deutschland doing mostly classical and jazz and we service the greater Berlin area and most of northern and eastern Germany.

Niklas Schmincke

Grand Vizier (my business partner's is as of now Caliph but he is looking at a promotion so I can become Caliph in lieu of the Caliph)

Mostly Neumann and Schoeps into 32 Channels of Studer Preamps into MADI optical into Sony DMX-R100. Recording to Pyramix. An assortment of Telefunken, TAB, EAB and other transformer-happy outboard, which is hardly ever used. All snugly fit inside a Steyr 891.

Being able do drive this Steyr should be made a specialty in its own right. But we also make really nice recordings.

Thought for today:
No thoughts as mind is set on dinner, but: Thanks, great Remote People, for having us.
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Old 10th May 2007
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Originally Posted by niquest View Post
Grand Vizier (my business partner's is as of now Caliph but he is looking at a promotion so I can become Caliph in lieu of the Caliph)

heh heh heh

That is most excellent. This will be my title from now on as well!


Welcome to the forum!
Old 27th May 2007
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senior audio engineer for
cinevideogroup outside broadcast
hilversum, netherlands..

I do lots of sports and tv shows, but..

I use our trucks for concert recordings too, thank god!

Basically when there's not enough budget for an audio truck, we'll do the multitrack (sorry remote truck guys
We used to use neve libra live mixers, but they were intensely unreliable,
using lawo mc66/2's now, love 'em!
neumann mics, lexicon, tc, what have you..

multitracked oasis in paris, nigel kennedy in poland,
and recorded and mixed a bunch of dutch concerts,
In the process of purchasing a (most likely pyramix) system for
harddisk recording, to replace our ageing tascam da's..
Old 28th May 2007
Here for the gear
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Hi folks!

Will Underwood

Deputy Sound Supervisor, BBC Outside Broadcasts.

All types of live outside broadcast, from squalid football grounds to major music events such as Glastonbury, Live8 etc.

The triangle rears it's ugly head once more! Pick two: Cheap.....Good.....Fast
Old 29th May 2007
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You use pyramix at the BBC too right?
Do you use em for location recording? What are your experiences?

Old 29th May 2007
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I use Pyramix too, have done for about five years, stunning system, just about to get a major upgrade.

Old 29th May 2007
Here for the gear
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Yes, we use Pyramix for most multitrack work, very stable, great system, does what it says on the tin!

......but other multitrack systems are available............
Old 30th May 2007
Gear Maniac
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Joseph Moreno

Texas Rock/Metal Bassist/Sound Engineer
All around musician (guitars, woodwinds, percussion)

2 track band rehearsals, School choir/band Talent and Assemblies, Solo recording artists.

Thought for today:
Music for me is like oxygen. I could not live a day without it.
Old 30th May 2007
Welcome aboard folks!

Thanks for chiming in on this thread.
Old 4th June 2007
Here for the gear

hey everyone, great forum, alot to be learned here. this is my first post on gearslutz.

my name is Dan Kishbaugh, im 24 years old and currently live in Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania. i started recording my own bands on a Tascam 4 track in my garage in 1999 and became obsessed in learning the art of recording.

currently i have a small remote recording set up which consists of some pretty laughable gear and alot of serious motivation. 2 Presonus Firepods, Cubase SX3, about 20 assorted $100 mics, an old Fostex line mixer for setting up monitor mixes, custom built PC, some cheap rack effects and a couple of totes filled with cables and accesories. and i also just scored a 16ch Soundtracs midi pc console (which dosent leave my apartment)

i mostly work with bands that cant afford to pay for commercial studio time. alot of younger musicians, pretty much all punk, metal and hardcore bands. but i really do love it!

i hope one day to afford my own place of business but until then ill keep it real in the basement.... and living room.....and bathroom.....and attic.....and garage.........thumbsup
Old 30th June 2007
Lives for gear

I've been occasionally popping into gs for a while but never noticed this forum before.....hello.


Andy Simpson


Microphone designer


Very low resonance mics

Thought for today:

When I'm hungry, everything sounds terrible.

If I worked in radio I would be very fat.


Anyway, occasionally I get out of the workshop and put some prototypes in front of an orchestra, which I suspect counts as location recording.

Old 9th July 2007
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Sandy Noyes, aka Boojum. An absolute newcomer. I started with a SONY MZ-RH1 Hi-MD in January with a SONY-ECM957 M/S mic. Move onto a pair of SP-CMC-4U's (AT-U853's) and MM-HLSC-1's (Sennheiser) and am picking up an SD 722 plus Schoeps CMC 6's plus Mk4 caps this week.

I am trying to learn live acoustic recording. Classical and jazz are my preference. But I will record anything to get the experience. I am out on the west coast in Oregon, Astoria, where not much happens, and am chasing every group I can.

I read (study) and am working my way through a pair of John Eargle books now.

I am 67, which proves there is no substitute for optimism. I have wanted to do this since I was a sophomore in HS; and that was not recently. ;o) This is a hobby with me, but if someone wants to pay me I will not turn them down.


Last edited by boojum; 9th July 2007 at 10:48 PM.. Reason: typo and an additional thought
Old 15th July 2007
Andy & Sandy,

Welcome aboard the forum!

All the best to you folks!
Old 15th July 2007
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Matthew St-even Hendry
student , trying to start my own location recording biz, design and build
mics and guitars and many other instruments , I want to take live sound
to the 11's waiting for some one to build the pot .

food for thought:

Its the engineering technology that changes our industry most , get cooking engineers .chop, chop.

Venues that go from live to dead in mil sec. electro magnetic mics and speakers
hypersonic disco balls , rotating hypersonic speakers ,fake trees that have leaves
that are speakers , and giant tubes that light the venue while powering the amps.
the ability to focus low freq. all it takes is materials and great people and an old
cigarette dispenser to control it.chu chu hat and a cool lab coat with beer holder
that wont spill and a Hydraulic mic.
Old 29th July 2007
Gear Addict
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I guess after reading for so long Its about time I said hello.

Jan Marut

Learning something new everyday

Location recording, classical music

Key gear:
Sound Devices 744, Mytek, Millenia, Schoeps and Brauner

Jan Marut
[email protected]
Old 25th August 2007
Here for the gear

New to Gearslutz- But not to the Audio World.

Name: Mark K. McGinley

Rank: Owner / Operator Mariposa Audio

Specialty: Live direct to Two-Track or multi. Primary contract - Lake Superior Big Top Chautauqua's Live syndicated radio show. 15 year run and lot's of recording sessions. Everyone from B.B. King to Greg Brown to Johnny Cash to Bill Monroe. Before the radio show I was house engineer for 7 years.

Key Gear: Dynaudio, Universal Audio, Avalon, Soundcraft, Tascam, blah, blah, blah

Old 31st August 2007
Here for the gear
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Todd Murphy, here.

Just another technical-ho. It doesn't really matter to me what kind of gig it is, just as long as it pays. Pretty much like all the rest of ya.

I did the KC B&R CBS gig with his Remoteness a few weeks back, then went and got married. So I am just now finding the time to sign on the board. Looks like my kinda place, so here I am. It'll take a while for me to get into the swing of things and get to posting regularly. Especially since I am off to the East Coast for a corporate thing in a couple of days.

Thanks, again, for the invite, Steve.
Old 31st August 2007
It's awesome to see you here Todd.

Thanks for stopping by and thanks for the excellent job you did during our Big & Rich date!

See you on the forum...
Old 1st September 2007
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Suppose I should introduce myself.

Name: Graham Tobias

Location: Newton, MA/Olympia, WA

Job stuff: In the remote world I will work as an engineer for Curbside Recording every so often, and as a freelancer. I'm in the process of building myself a new mobile rig and perhaps I'll start a company. The biggest remote gigs I've done with Curbside are a multi-cam DVD shoot for a Rounder Records artist, and recording the Brad Delp Memorial Concert series. Outside of the mobile world I work at a noted rock studio in Boston, Woolly Mammoth. I really love it there. It's the most relaxing studio in the world. And I also freelance all over the Boston area, a lot of world music these days.

Latest work: Been on the phone for hours with road case companies. Fun fun. Aside from that, I've been working on the new album for a fairly well known boston based world music group.

Thought of the moment: It's 3 am. I should be asleep.
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