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What are some of your favorite live recordings and/or Broadcasts?
Old 16th November 2002
Gear Maniac

has anyone heard Bela Fleck and the Flecktones double disc live album, "Live Art"?

That one sounds pretty good, especially considering it was tracked on 20-bit ADATs and mixed it Alishad.
Old 28th November 2002
Gear Maniac

I admit I don't own as many live CD's as I'd like....

...but I do like Luther Vandross' DVD recorded in Gr. Britian a few years back...

and I've always liked ANYTHING Sade, so there it is....

NYC Drew
Old 5th December 2002
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agentthumb's Avatar

Anybody familiar with Bill Frisell, Joey Baron, Kermit Driscol "Live" ???

An excellent listen...I believe it was recorded somewhere in Spain.

Old 18th December 2002
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A Reel Person's Avatar

Arrow -The Who Live at Leeds

-The Who Perform Tommy Live at the Universal, 1989

-The Who Live at the Isle of Wight, 1970

-Jimi Plays Monterey, 1967

-Jimi Plays the Isle of Wight, 1970

-The Rolling Stones' Rock & Roll Circus, 1969

-David Bowie Live at the Tower Philadelphia, 1974

-David Bowie- Ziggy Stardust Live, 1973

-David Bowie- Live at the Santa Monica Civic, 1972

-The Beatles- Let It Be

-The Beatles Live at the BBC

-The Beatles Live at the Hollywood Bowl

-Led Zeppelin BBC Sessions

-Robin Trower Live

-John Lennon- Plastic Ono Band, Live Peace in Toronto, 1969

-Black Sabbath- Live at Last [saw that tour, Anaheim 1978, front & center!]

-Kiss Alive [kaBOOM!]

-Kiss Alive 2 [I was there! I thought they were gonna blow the roof off the Forum!]

-Rolling Stones- Steel Wheels Tour '89 [4th row-side, I thought the flashpots at the opening of the set were gonna singe my eyebrows off! That shit blew up right in our faces! POW! START ME UP! Ah, the glory! That was awesome. The Stones were playing really well that year. Got up good & close to the stage.] no particular order, not in order of favorites.
Old 27th December 2004
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Are there any new suggestions to add to this thread today?
Old 27th December 2004
There is only one
alphajerk's Avatar

fu manchu's live double disc. love it.
Old 5th January 2005
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ExistanceMusic's Avatar

Marvin Gaye, Live At The Kennedy Center, recorded 1972. Came out as a bonus disc on a reissue of What's Going On, basically a performance of the whole album, with a view great extras thrown in.
Goddamn religous experience almost, just fantastic. The whole thing has an amazing sence of space, it's just what a good live recording should be like, plus it was still performed in the era in which the album was recorded in, so keeps the whole social context in perspective as well.
Old 5th January 2005
Lives for gear
De chromium cob's Avatar

Zappa- 'Roxy and Elsewhere' -still sounds great more than 30 years later.
Old 5th January 2005
Lives for gear
Mike O's Avatar

Some truly great work on the list so far - Seems to me that "The Allman Brothers at Fillmore East" should be on the list.

Dave - Ever seen Bugs H. live? Great every time.
Old 5th January 2005
Moderator emeritus

Originally posted by Mike O

Dave - Ever seen Bugs H. live? Great every time.
Not for many years, Mike - I first saw him in Tampa (in about 1971 or 72) with John Nitzinger, opening for Leon Russell. And sometime around 1980, he played a festival in Dallas that I was part of.

On the other hand, a friend has seen him play the last two New Years Eve gigs, in Linden, Texas. He tells me that Bus is as good as ever (though my friend didn't care much for the volume or the drummer). One of these days, I'll be in some sity where Bugs is playing and i'll catch his show.
Old 5th January 2005
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Waylon's Avatar

Originally posted by Steve Smith
Clapton - " Just one night"

The grove on Tulsa Time is beyond killer, I have done session with that rhythm section, they are not only amazing players, but great guys.
gotta mention that again....
Old 6th January 2005
Here for the gear

Can't beliveve that no one has put Ray Charles' Live at Newport... Check out Fool for You for the best slow groove you've ever heard. Great album pic too...

Long live Tom Dowd...
Old 8th January 2005
Here for the gear

George Clinton & The PFunk All Stars - Live and Kicking
Old 8th January 2005
John McLaughlin -- Live at the Royal Festival Hall

This 1990 recording just blows me away. The musical and rhythmic complexity puts this album above most of its peers--check out the evolving polyrhythms in Mother Tounges, not to mention the wild percussion hits and effects. How do they each go off on their own and always wind up back together again? Then you've got the sound--nylon string guitar and photon guitar synth, a beautiful fretless bass, and the madness of Gurtu on all kinds of percussion. Then you've got the effects they layered in. And above it all, you hear the music.

Old 10th January 2005
7rojo7's Avatar

I never liked Yes untill I heard Yessongs and then I went back to not liking them again, the studio stuff except for the first album leaves me cold and I still like Yessongs. I think it's very well recorded. I guess it's the guitar playing that really knocks me out. But those costumes and Capes gotta go.
Anything on Decca or London or related labels (Mahler's 2nd).
Stop Making Sense (was that the name?) Talking Heads.
The Tubes (I forget the name, was it in 77?)
Queen after News of the World
Not crazy about Zappa but there's not one bad live album, all well played, entertaining and well recorded
Then there's a slew of stuff recorded live at CBGBs on their house 16 tk
Lonnie Smith move your hand
Old 13th January 2005
David Bowie Live at the BBC 2000 (bonus disc to BBC Sessions CD) - incredible arrangements, phenominal bass tone and musical direction from Mark Plati.

Frank Zappa from his last tour in 1988 - "Broadway the Hard Way" and "The Best Band You Never Heard in Your Life" - both recorded on 64 tracks of Mitsubishi digital, mixed by Frank. Huge sound, great performances form a killer 12-piece band.

Peter Gabriel - "Secret World Live"

Gov't Mule - "With a Little Help from our Friends"

Dave Matthews - "Listener Supported" and "The Central Park Concert"
Old 13th January 2005
Lives for gear
Ted Nightshade's Avatar


And how 'bout some Dead to round things out? The drum sounds suck on Dead Set, but the performances are wonderful.
Old 13th January 2005
Gear Maniac

Not an album, but to add my 2 cents I like to hear the Max Weinberg 7 on the Conan O'Brien show
Old 13th January 2005
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Yeah, and we got to include Paul Schaffer and the CBS Orchestra...
They're the best sounding band on TV. Night after night -- they sound perfect.

IMO, even the guest acts sound great more times than none.
The David Letterman camp ROCKS!
Old 14th January 2005
Gear Nut

I agree with everything Steve said about the Letterman show.

Favourite live album:

Rufus and Chaka Khan live-stompin at the Savoy. Great Songs, amazingly played and sung, fantastic groove and you can hear everything.


Originally posted by Remoteness
Yeah, and we got to include Paul Schaffer and the CBS Orchestra...
They're the best sounding band on TV. Night after night -- they sound perfect.

IMO, even the guest acts sound great more times then none.
The David Letterman camp ROCKS!
Old 14th January 2005
Gear Maniac

Oh yea, my current favorite live album is

'The Roots Come Alive"

only hip hop i own right now

the bass is huge on everything ive listened to it on.. overall

just cool vibe and lots of swagger warning.. it is clipped ...

but to the benefit of its punch imho
Old 4th April 2009
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What's on your hot list these days?
Old 5th April 2009
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Some of my favorite records of all time are live albums. I think it is a combination of the sound and perfomance. The sound doesn't have to be top notch, but it has to capture what the band is about at the time. That said here is my list (in no particular order)
1) UFO -Strangers In The Night...Michael Schenker's solo in Rock Bottom is just epic on this. The drums sound fat and the performance is just top notch for late 70's hard rock.
2) Motorhead - No Sleep 'Til Hammersmith...what a heavy record for 1980. The performance is ok, but the way it was recorded and mixed really gave new life to the studio versions...much heavier live than in the studio
3) Thin Lizzy - Life/Live...a lot of people prefer Live and Dangerous to this record but I love John Sykes guitar playing on this. The recording is good, but the performances are great.
4) Judas Priest - Unleashed in the East...I know Halford's vocals were recorded on the studio since he was sick, but once again the performances give new life to all the studio versions of the songs (especially Victim of Changes).
5) Scorpions - Tokyo Tapes...once again new life is given to studio songs that were good, but the real gem is Uli Roth's guitar playing.

Honorable mentions - Rainbow - On Stage, Iron Maiden - Live After Death, The Who - Live at Leeds, Deep Purple - Made in Japan, Cheap Trick - at Budokan, and any Marillion performance with Fish.
Old 5th April 2009
Gear Maniac

Originally Posted by Tim L View Post

Someone mentioned the Randy Rhoads tribute thing... also a cool record. There is a much better "version" of that tour out there though. I have a tape somewhere of a 'King Biscuit Flour Hour' (anyone remember those?) of one of the shows from that tour. It's damn near the exact set list that's on the album only way more energy and vibe. Rhoads performance is nothing short of amazing espescially on 'Suicide' into his solo... the whole show blows the record away big time! I was lucky enough to see him in concert before he died.
I have a large collection of syndicated radio shows on vinyl, reel and cd. I have the Ozzy show...actually it was broadcast on 2 separate occasions with some different songs. I own both King Biscuits on vinyl. One of the best King Biscuit shows (IMO) was an Alice Cooper show from the LA Forum in 1975. It is posted up on Wolfgang's Vault now, now I have had the show from reel for years. There were a ton of great live shows broadcast on the BBC Rock Hour, Captured Live, Supergroups In Concert, Live from the Bottom Line, The Source and Westwood One. Being that I am from Cleveland I was brought up on live broadcasts done by WMMS. They did all kinds of live shows (mostly from the Agora) in the early days and they took chances on a lot of bands before they broke big (AC/DC, U2, the Police, Springsteen, Judas Priest, and Rush to name a few), and aired about every live syndicated program known to man. If anyone has the David Bowie 76 King Biscuit show I would love to get a copy from the reels. Ahhh...those were the days.
Old 5th April 2009
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Sniperschool's Avatar
Jimi Hendrix experience Radio One always sounded good to me
Old 5th April 2009
Gear Head

thumbsup+1 for The Last Waltz, Waiting For Columbus, Allman Bro's Fillmore East, Get Your YaYa's Out, Live at Leeds, and Rock & Roll Animal !

And I'd to add:
Bob Marley-Babylon By Bus
Bob Dylan Bootleg series 5 1975
Grateful Dead -Go to Nassau (There was a band that knew the value of live recording!)
DiMeola,McLaughlin,DeLuca- Friday Night Live In San Francisco
Santana- Lotus
Dr. John- Trippin Live
Old 5th April 2009
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Well, you guys beat me to a bunch of my favs like:

-Waiting for Columbus

-Secret World Live

-The Best Band You Never Heard in Your Life

but to those I will add:

-Frampton Comes Alive - A classic

-Genesis - Seconds Out - Great performance and recording

-Darol Anger / Barbara Higbie quintet - Live at Montreux - If you're never heard this, be sure to check it out...unique and beautiful music

-Yesshows - That version of Gates Of Delerium is mind bending

-Dead Can Dance - Toward the Within - Incredible clarity and fidelity on this recording

-Maceo Parker - Live on Planet Groove

-Pat Metheny - Travels
Old 5th April 2009
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Eva Cassidy "Live at Blues Alley" always engulfs me.

The pristine vocals and the mix/ ambience is just right. And what a show.
Old 8th April 2009
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Originally Posted by Cosmic Closet View Post
Eva Cassidy "Live at Blues Alley" always engulfs me.

The pristine vocals and the mix/ ambience is just right. And what a show.
Ditto the Eva Cassidy nod. She touches my heart on a more regular basis than just about any other singer. The live cut of "Over the Rainbow" is right at the top of my iPod faves list... out of 60 gigs of music.

Also... not the greatest recording in the world (sounds just like what it is... a '70s "live in studio" radio broadcast), Elton John's "11-17-70" (a WABC show, if I recall) shows what a rocker he once was... "Take Me To The Pilot/HonkeyTonk Women" puts me squarely back in Waco Texas with my first "real" stereo... and first complaints from the neighbors... great rock'n'roll piano.

And, also, more recently, the Bruce Hornsby "Here Come The Noisemakers" has some of the tightest live ensemble pop/jazz playing I've ever heard (outside Tower of Power, of course). The "I Loves You Porgy" segue to "The Way It Is" (great bass solo in that one) is another "stupid grin" moment. Ditto the Bela Fleck "Live at the Quick" mention earlier.

And, and also... early '60s Miles from "Miles Davis In Person Saturday Night at the Blackhawk, San Francisco, Vol.1". Really. That's the name. Not amazingly "out there"... but "Walkin'" and "Bye, Bye, Blackbird" are nice... as is the mix.

But... my favorite all-time is the Sheffield Lab "Direct-to-Disk" project "I've Got the Music in Me"... while not "live" as in, a hall and an audience... once the master started turning, Thelma Houston,18 musicians, and six BGVs consumed 32 inputs live-mixed (no edits, no compression) in stereo to the amp driving the lathe, and, after a day of rehearsal and two days recording, the record was well and truly "cut." Amazing band, amazing engineering (Bill Schnee)... an amazing record. And, yes, I have the one I played, and the last one in the store... unopened.

Also not to be missed are the Clapton Crossroads Guitar Festival DVDs. It's worth the price of admission to see Joe Walsh and James Taylor on the same stage, playing the same funked-up "Steamroller Blues."
Old 8th April 2009
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Originally Posted by talbe1019 View Post
I have a large collection of syndicated radio shows on vinyl, reel and cd. ... Being that I am from Cleveland I was brought up on live broadcasts done by WMMS. ... Ahhh...those were the days.
I grew up in Akron (Barberton, actually) in the '60s. WMMS was my late night friend. I had my first serious look at and experience of a B3 Hammond by the Oriental keys player from The Lime at a BHS dance (been loving B3 ever since)... and my first rock concert was a James Gang gig shortly after Joe Walsh joined.

Good times, indeed.
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