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The best live concert moment Ribbon Microphones
Old 1st August 2006
Lives for gear
AdamJay's Avatar

hands down...

David Hasselhoff
Live @ The Berlin Wall
December 31, 1989

i can remember the hopes of freedom embodied and symbolized in his light up leather and suede jacket like it was yesterday....

Old 1st August 2006
Lives for gear
roonsbane's Avatar
Great thread,

Wow! These there are so many spine tingling moments, but McCartney doing Golden Slumbers in 1991? in Foxboro stadium gave me goosbumps from head to tow.

This one may sound strange, but the Genesis tribute band The Musical Box performed all of Lamb Lies Down note for note In December of 2005 at the Berklee Performance Center to a sold out house. I had tears coming down my face as those opening piano arpeggios bagan. I never thought I would ever get a chance to hear that whole CD performed live the way was meant to be performed. The crowd went fn nuts. My friend Dez who had seen the original Genesis tour could not believe how exactly it was replicated both visualy and sonically.

Gabriel Secret world was incredible as well. Better than the last Up Gabriel tour. Yes in the round at Foxboro on the first leg of the Union tour was so amaising. The 2001? Steely Dan Tour=ludicrous. Elton John twice front row=Super Duper. Clapton, Dire Straights, ELO in the seventies, Genesis ABACAB, Bowie, Ray Charles, Jonatha Brooke, Shawn Colvin, Seal. Rush, getting to mix the Count Basie Band live a couple of times. These were all great concerts.

The worst thing is, it's really gotten wayyyyy toooo expensive to go to concerts. I feel like I have to decide whether to buy a new piece of gear or sell my soul to get U2 tickets these days.

Old 1st August 2006
Gear Maniac

Originally Posted by celticrogues
.....the lead singer (also the accordian player) did an acapella version of a song called "The Green Fields of France" . His voice was so rich and powerful and full emotion that everyone there was held absolutely spellbound. It sounded amazing in that room and to this day is still one of the most beautiful things I have ever heard. I still get chills thinking about it.
I had the chance to record that song a few years ago as performed by the man who wrote it, Eric Bogle. It is a very powerful song.

No Man's Land © Eric Bogle

Well, how do you do, Private William McBride,
Do you mind if I sit down here by your graveside?
And rest for awhile in the warm summer sun,
I've been walking all day, and I'm nearly done.
And I see by your gravestone you were only 19
When you joined the glorious fallen in 1916,
Well, I hope you died quick and I hope you died clean
Or, Willie McBride, was it slow and obscene?

Did they Beat the drum slowly, did the play the pipes lowly?
Did the rifles fire o'er you as they lowered you down?
Did the bugles sound The Last Post in chorus?
Did the pipes play the Flowers of the Forest?

And did you leave a wife or a sweetheart behind
In some loyal heart is your memory enshrined?
And, though you died back in 1916,
To that loyal heart are you forever 19?
Or are you a stranger without even a name,
Forever enshrined behind some glass pane,
In an old photograph, torn and tattered and stained,
And fading to yellow in a brown leather frame?

The sun's shining down on these green fields of France;
The warm wind blows gently, and the red poppies dance.
The trenches have vanished long under the plow;
No gas and no barbed wire, no guns firing now.
But here in this graveyard that's still No Man's Land
The countless white crosses in mute witness stand
To man's blind indifference to his fellow man.
And a whole generation who were butchered and damned.

And I can't help but wonder, now Willie McBride,
Do all those who lie here know why they died?
Did you really believe them when they told you "The Cause?"
Did you really believe that this war would end wars?
Well the suffering, the sorrow, the glory, the shame
The killing, the dying, it was all done in vain,
For Willie McBride, it all happened again,
And again, and again, and again, and again.
Old 1st August 2006
Lives for gear
rmx16's Avatar

Originally Posted by JSAudioTN
Right On!

Mine was Pink Floyd at the Vet in Philly '94. 121 Rows back, right next to the FOH setup. During "intermission" the guys inside the 3 story FOH setup pulled out some instruments & started playing "Tequlia" the whole crowd around FOH was dancing & singing. Awesome...

And so was the Floyd....
I worked that show (36 hrs straight...). Best sounding I've ever heard outside. As a matter of fact the money I earned on that show bought me my first Neumann

Ah,to be young again...

Old 1st August 2006
Lives for gear
Berolzheimer's Avatar

Originally Posted by Gilliland
I had the chance to record that song a few years ago as performed by the man who wrote it, Eric Bogle. It is a very powerful song.

No Man's Land © Eric Bogle

Well, how do you do, Private William McBride,.......

Great song, I'd love to hear it sung- do you know where I can get a recording and/or charts for that?
Old 1st August 2006
Lives for gear


Supertramp at Ford Auditorium in Detroit (usually a symphonic venue) touring on "Crisis? What Crisis?", late 70s. That's where I learned that live sound could be stunningly good. Unfortunately I never heard it that good later.

Ramones at the Motor City Roller Rink, late 70s. That's where I learned that live sound could be a deadly weapon. Luckily I had ear plugs.

R.E.M. at the Royal Oak Music Theater, 1982?, touring on Murmur, 4th row center. They were really young, as was I. Cooking and obviously enjoying themselves.

U2 at Dooley's bar in East Lansing MI, 1981. Touring on Boy, I think. They were really young..., etc.

"Discipline" (later renamed King Crimson) at Captain Vidéo in Paris, 1981. Their second or third live gig. What's that 2x4 the bald guy is playing?

Pat Metheny, solo, at about 10am, looking like he normally didn't wake up until afternoon, making unnatural noises through a guitar-synth-driven Synclavier at a Synclavier seminar/sales pitch at Dartmouth, 1984 (Laurie Anderson and Oscar Peterson also put in appearances.) He came in, plugged in, and played for about 20 minutes straight, and finally stopped to talk and answer questions. (I also learned about what pays the bills in the music business; most of the attendees were NYC folks, typical of which was the guy I befriended who had written the CBS NFL Football theme.)

James Brown at Henry's Palace in Detroit, early 80s. We were the only white folks ("Ah believe yoah friends are ovah theyah..."), never treated better in my life, the band smoked, stayed for both sets. One of the drummers launched *through* his drum kit and attacked one of the sax players, and the band didn't miss a beat. James made him apologize to the audience later in the show, prior to having him beaten senseless and fired (I suspect.)

Iggy Pop with Carlos Alomar and Clem Burke, early 80s, at a bowling alley-turned-disco in East Lansing. Carlos knew when to duck to avoid decapitation by mic stand.

Gang of Four, early 80s, same venue, with Sara Lee on bass (ended up with Fripp in League of Gentlemen sometime in that era.) Made even more memorable for having been in the opening band, a serious stylistic mismatch, the crowd was hostile.

Fats Domino at Bally's in Vegas, 1987. Gotta love a band with five sax players. Completely blew the roof off the joint. Opening was Jerry Lee Lewis, backed by a standard Vegas band; the band was bored and Jerry Lee was wasted. He could play and sing but couldn't talk. They dropped the curtain on him when he wouldn't quit--what a trouper!

David Byrne, Emmylou Harris, Guy Clark, Rodney Crowell, Terry Allen in the back room at Terry's house in Santa Fe, a couple of years ago. It was the dinner for the more generous contributors to the land mine benefit they were doing. They were supposed to go play for 15 minutes as a nod to the contributors, but ended up actually having fun and playing in various combinations for a couple of hours. We had to help David with the lyrics for "Life During Wartime."

Flatlanders last year at the Lensic in Santa Fe. Had a stupid grin all night long. Unlike a lot of artists in their position, they had a great band and let them solo.
Old 2nd August 2006
Gear Maniac

Originally Posted by Berolzheimer
Great song, I'd love to hear it sung- do you know where I can get a recording and/or charts for that?
It's been widely recorded and sung, and is reported to be the biggest selling single ever in Ireland (in the Makem and Clancy version). In addition to the Clancy recording and Eric's own recordings, it has also been done by the Fureys, and by Robbie O'Connell (with Mick Maloney and Jimmy Keane), and by Peter Paul and Mary (among many others).

Here are some relevant websites. The first will let you listen to several versions of the song, the second and third will teach you the melody and chords.

A google search will turn up many other sites about this song. In the world of folk music, it is something of an anthem.
Old 2nd August 2006
Lives for gear
massimo's Avatar

Frank Zappa & the Mothers - Rome, 1973 in front of 15000 souls. Roxy & Elsewhere material and lineup, plus Jean-Luc Ponty on violin.

Gentle Giant - Rome, 1972. They were supporting Jethro Tull but stole the show completely. Next year they came back alone, and were received by a 12000 audience.

Genesis - Rome, 1972. 1000seat venue. Nursery Crime just released, this was n. 1 in Italian charts.

Todd Rundgren's Utopia - London, Odeon Hammersmith, 1975. Started with Utopia anthem. Played all side one of Initiation segued, plus Another Live repertoire, plus best ballads including the Last Ride and A Dream Goes on Forever.

Knebworth Festival, England, 1978 - Peter Gabriel at 16.00pm, Frank Zappa feat. Vinnie Colaiuta at 18.00, The Tubes topping the bill. For the encore they call Todd Rundgren onstage and play The Who's Baba O'Riley together, in memory of Keith Moon who had just passed away.

Penguin Cafe Orchestra - Rome, 1982.

Pat Metheny Group - Rome, 1983. Travels material.

Oregon - Rome, 1987. Ecotopia period feat. Trilok Gurtu on percussion.

Frank Zappa - Rome, 1988. His final big band tour. RIP

Egberto Gismonti Group - Rome, 1991. Infancia and Musica de Sobrevivencia material

Michael Nyman Band - Rome, 1994, with Moroccan classical orchestra.
Old 2nd August 2006
Lives for gear
T.RayBullard's Avatar

Every Wilco Concert.

Every Uncle Tupelo Concert

JohnnY Cash at the Carolina Opry in 87 with my Grandaddy. Also George Jones the same year.

REM 1993, Dean Dome, Chapel Hill NC

RIP Johnny.
Old 5th August 2006
Lives for gear
celticrogues's Avatar

Originally Posted by Berolzheimer
Great song, I'd love to hear it sung- do you know where I can get a recording and/or charts for that?
My favorite recording of it so far is Alex Beaton's version on his CD: "The Water is Wide" <> HE is a great Scottish singer/songwriter whom I have had the opportunity to perform with a couple of times - nice guy too.

It has been recorded a bunch of times as Gilliland said - the Dropkick Murphey's even did a version on their latest CD if you like Irish punk rock.

Do a google search and you should be able to find charts - it goes by two names, "No MAn's LAnd" and "Green Fields of France" - same song

Old 20th August 2006
Gear Addict

...great reading here...and thanks for the 'Green Fields of France' info; what an amazing piece of music.

Great of my absolutely most enjoyable was Roy Orbison in a small old long-gone club here in Washington DC called The Bayou in the mid-80es. I had introduced my wife to his music and she too loved him, so I was amazed to see he was coming to town. At that time I didn't even know he was still touring.

He absolutely destroyed the place. The power of his still-great voice in a small venue was indescribable. We stayed for both sets, and my wife later commented she had never seen me so carried away with enthusiasm at an event..

Old 20th August 2006
Here for the gear
if6was9's Avatar

I saw a lot of great jazz in the late 1970's. But the very best was Joseph Jarman and Don Moye (as a duo, not the entire Art Ensemble) at Keystone Corner in SF.

This was the only show I've ever been to where time stopped! Really, it was a strange and wonderful, transcendental experience that went far beyond any ordinary concert. And no, I was not on drugs at the time. Music can do that.
Old 20th August 2006
Gear Maniac
borjam's Avatar

Being an Art Ensemble of Chicago fan, sadly I have only seen them live once. I have listened to some of their wonderful live recordings, though.

One of the best performances I've witnessed (and with a wonderful live sound) was Hermeto Paschoal and his group at the Vitoria Jazz Festival (Spain) about ten years ago.
Old 11th September 2006
Lives for gear
allaccess's Avatar
Paul Weller at The Ritz on his first solo tour. Before I know who The Jam were.

Sonny Rollins and the LA Philharmonic at Disney Hall, LA. Brian Blade on Drums. Holy Crap.

RHCP at the Troubadour in LA. Up close and personal. I got a shout out from Anthony.

Green Day and Primus at Woodstock '94. Tried to run an extra DAT in the truck on Primus only to be vetoed by my old man. he later thought that they were pretty cool... Green Day had the biggest impact until Mike Dirnt got knocked out by a security guard while trying to get back on the stage after crowd surfing.

Inspecta Deck at the Knitting Factory, LA. First real hip hop show. First time I ever smelled crack. There were loads of other MCs on the bill, but all paled in comparison. The RZA and Red Man jumped on stage at the end and it was sick.

Bon Jovi at the Capitol Center, DC, Slippery When Wet tour. My first exposure to rabid female rock fans and what they'll do to get backstage...

Allman Bros at The Beacon. So high that I could change the mix in my head to hear things differently...

Just a few of the many shows....

Ryan Hewitt
Old 11th September 2006
Lives for gear
SparkyCanada's Avatar
Supertramp - Breakfast in America Tour

Jenson Interceptor - in a small bar in Saskatoon (in the 70's)

Cooper Brothers - same bar as above - best bar sound I've ever heard (in the 70's)

Old 11th September 2006
Lives for gear
ProFool's Avatar

Originally Posted by coosticks View Post
A carpet of lasers across the sky in a field near Vienna (High Hopes) - Pink Floyd division bell tour '95
That was a real nice tour, i saw them at Werchter (Belgium) awsome...
for 2006 my best moment go to the two (new) GN'R gig's at Graspop and Nijmegen Goffertpark, those two gig's made my terrible year much better so far, a feeling you can live on for month's and month's ... :-)


o I forgot about this one, Buina Vista Social Club (also in Belgium) so f***** awsome
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