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Best Live Show You've Ever Witnessed? Effects Pedals, Units & Accessories
Old 15th November 2008
Lives for gear

2nd and 3rd
Mothers Finest
Old 29th November 2008
Lives for gear
deda's Avatar

Tom Waits "Glitter and Doom"

Tom Waits "Glitter and Doom Tour" June 23rd 2008 and right after Boonaroo in Dallas Texas at the Palladium Ballroom.
After another great Bonnaroo music experience I'm usually satisfied for a while about the live show scene. But I had the forsight to buy my Tom Waits tickets well in advance since he never comes this way very often, his last show in Dallas was in 1976 which was in a small smokey club that was perfect for his genuis and was also a life changer for me, Heart of Saturday Night, Nighthawks at the Diner and a conversation and drink with the real deal at the bar after the show, f***ing incredible.
I regress, I excepted a great show this night but could not have dreamed it would be as incredible as it turned out. I do not know who did the sound and lighting but they were F***ing awesome and it was perfect in every aspect, front of house, monitor mix and lighting was a nonstop orgy with thousands changes that never missed a cue. Who ever you where you need a special calling out because it made a special night even better. It also gave me a taste of just how difficult and important you guys in Remote Location Sound and Recording are, my hats off to all of you Gearslutz members in this field.
Then came Greatness and I mean from the git go till the last encore. Mr Waits is a National Gem, hell an International Gem and what ensued was pure Genius and so f***ing polished it was blinding. The only thing that can really describe his on stage character and demeanor that night was that it was Vaudeville at it's greatess and from the beginning the crescendo was consistant and nonstop perfectly timed to increase in increments of quality we could stand without passing out. He would push us towards climax time and time again only to bring us back gently to earth, exshusted but refreshed as well and he would proceed with another even more intense ride to euphoria. He had ordered the air conditioning off and June in Texas is hot and humid but he knew as if some Shaman that this would add even more intensity to his delivery and he was right. This nonstop method of crescendo building continued thru all of his monster set and reached a perfect climax during his encores and until the last song was silenced and then this Shaman sucked us dry of all our sweat as he exited the stage and the air became still, we had all survived some how left with only memories of what we had just experienced and man was it worth it, regards ,,deda,,

Down in the Hole
Anywhere I Lay My Head
Chocolate Jesus
Frank’s Wild Years
Hoist That Rag
Get Behind the Mule
Such a Scream
Eyeball Kid
Lucky Day
Invitation to the Blues
Lost in the HarborInnocent When You Dream
16 Shells from a 30-Ought-6
Lie To Me
Fannin Street
Black Market Baby
Misery is the River
Make it Rain


Jesus Gonna Be Here
Ninth & Hennepin
Old 29th November 2008
Gear Maniac
StereoAtLast's Avatar

Last year, Clutch with Five Horse Johnson at The Warehouse in Houston

I've never been to a show were I've felt like I got money's worth like I did that night

Clutch played for almost 3 hours that night, and it was one of the most intense shows I've been to. Ever.

Bands don't play like they do anymore, not at all. They we're probably one of the tightest live bands I've ever seen.

and this was before they released Beale Street to Oblivion and got HUGE so yeah, the whole crowd was full of "Clutch dudes"
Myself and the friend I went with got the **** beat out of us in the pit, everybody there was like 250+ pounds, and I left with 2 broken toes, but it was SO worth it.

I don't reckon their live shows are that gnarly anymore, but I could be wrong...
Old 29th November 2008
Originally Posted by mwagener View Post
Little River Band at the Universal Amphitheatre in Hollywood in 1980.
Wow! I'm shocked!
Old 29th November 2008
Originally Posted by dntknowsht View Post
Theres way more than that... Like The Plasmatics at The Whiskey in 1980. I took a grab at Wendy O's upper portions and she swiftly backhanded me with a sturdy SM 58!
Well, at least there is something that a 58 is good for! ;-)
Old 29th November 2008
Originally Posted by hanuman View Post
2nd and 3rd
Mothers Finest
I always wanted to see MF. I just recently pulled out 'Another Mother Further' and jammed to that a bit here in the studio....I think I 'freaked out' a few of the guys! ;-)
Old 29th November 2008
Originally Posted by Jax View Post
Who, what, when, where was the best live performance you've ever been at?.
In no particular order...and I'm sure I'm forgetting a few..

Kiss - Alive tour, sometime a bit before Destroyer came out! ( I saw them many times after that, but that show, just kicked major ass!)

Atlanta Rhythm Section - Some little club in Huntsville, AL sometimes in the mid 80's - Wow! They are such a tight band live!

Blackfoot - sometimes around the same time, in the same little club, that I'm sure isn't there anymore - Ricky and Company just burned the stage up!

Black Sabbath / Judas Priest - Ozzfest, Nashville. Rob and company really pulled it off. He had just joined back up, and they totally rocked the place. Sabbath closed the show, and even though, Priest kicked major ass, Tony and company out did them!

Heaven and Hell (Dio's Black Sabbath) - Radio City Music Hall, NYC. I was just blown away the whole show. RCMH has GREAT sound, the performances were steller, and the crowd was just LOCKED into Ronnie, Tony, and Co.

Blue Oyster Cult - Sometimes in the late 70's - Wow! The performances were outstanding, loved the set list, and the Awesome Laser Light show was something I'd NEVER seen at the time!

Ray Charles - In a small concert hall, sometimes during the 80's. Ray RULED the stage, and I was just dumbfounded the whole time. One of the most awesome shows I've EVER seen!
Old 30th November 2008
Lives for gear
memphisindie's Avatar

Genesis live at Madison Square Garden, my uncle ran the lights. They rocked it. Our tours crossed in my city.
Old 30th November 2008
Lives for gear

best concert i saw

black crows 1992 greek theatre los angeles
Old 15th March 2009
Lives for gear

I dug up this old thread that I started 7 (!) years ago while searching for another topic. There are many great stories to read in this one. I thought a lot of people might be entertained by it again as I am, so I resurrected the thread.

Let's have more stories of the best live show you've ever witnessed!
Old 15th March 2009
Seeing Eminem (Bell Centre, Montreal 2000) live really made me want to become an artist. Metallica's concert was sweet too (Parc Jean Drapeau, Montreal 2003)
Old 15th March 2009
Motown legend
Bob Olhsson's Avatar

The three shows that changed my life were:

1. James Cleveland at Ford Auditorium in Detroit

2. James Brown somewhere in Boston

3. An 18 year old girl from India singing a living room concert of Indian classical music near my house in San Francisco's Noe Valley district.
Old 18th March 2009
Here for the gear

Best Live Show You've Ever Witnessed? Reply to Thread

The Pretty Things 1965 New Plymouth
The Rolling Stones 1966 Wellington Town Hall
The Who / Small Faces 1968 Wellington Town Hall
The Saints 1977 Sydney
The Only Ones London 1980?
Orchestra Manding 1992 Sorano Dakar
Bembeya Jazz 2005 Festival Hall London
Marcos Valle, Joao Donato, Wanda Sa 2007 London
Old 12th May 2009
Here for the gear

The best show I've ever been to was the Get Up Kids at the Blender Theatre in New York on 5/1 2009.

I came from germany to New York, just to see the show and spent a fortune on the tickets on the black market, but it was worth every cent...

too sad my camera was stolen afterwards... all the pictures and videos are gone, but the memories remain.

Old 12th May 2009
Lives for gear
malfunction's Avatar

Originally Posted by dntknowsht View Post
Black Flag at Baces Hall in 1980, riot included...
i saw them in 84, followed them around during the my war tour in England...i remember in Stevenage, Bowes Lyon House, the skinheads present started throwing chairs, tables and stuff at Henry trying to provoke him but he wasn't having any of it, the band quit, left the stage...

But the best concert i've ever seen was Bad Brains at the same place in 1983, i was 16...they changed my life. They started out with Right Brigade, HR jumped down, at least 3-4m, from the pa system onto the stage in perfect timing. It was also the first gig that i recorded, with a ****ty ghettoblaster, standing on seat at the back of the hall, gobsmacked the whole concert. I still have the recording :-)))

Other shows...
CRASS in a church in Bristol, 1983-84...amazing visuals & stage presence.
Pearl Jam @ Bar Sorpasso, Milan just after the release of their 1st record, there we're about 200 of us in a cellar beneath a restaurant.
Nirvana @ Bloom, Mezzago (Milan) just after the release of Nevermind, Dave Grohl was selling the T shirts still at the merch table...
Metallica w/ Cliff Burton...
Hawkwind with Lemmy playing bass at Crystal Palace Bowl...

great thread by the way...
Old 12th May 2009
Lives for gear
voicegenius's Avatar

1. Take 6 - 1989 in Detroit, MI

Changed the way I looked at harmony and singing, permanently...
Greatest vocal cats on the planet... (as said by Quincy Jones)

2. Herbie Hancock with the Detroit Symphony Orchestra -2001
Pure genius at its finest....

3. Brian McKnight 1996 in Detroit, MI
Inspired me to write my first ballad... Don't ask how it turned out... heh
Old 14th May 2009
Lives for gear
MidasHatesGold's Avatar


Broken Social Scene @ Immergut , Germany....never heard them befor...I cried...


Queens of the Stoneage in a Salt Mine....awesome!!!
Old 15th May 2009
Here for the gear

Hi all, Newbie here.

The best show that i have ever been to was Umphrey's McGee in April 2009 @ The Cain's Ballroom in Tulsa Oklahoma.... I have been to hundreds of concerts beginning with Elvis Presley in 1976, everyone in the 80's... etc......

The sound that Umphrey's McGee had was crystal clear and not too loud... And they had Disc's of the show available immediately after....

I have been a musician for 25 years, i have dabbled in recording etc... The Umphrey's show has peaked my interest in Location recording...
Old 15th May 2009
Lives for gear
David Bowie ala Ziggy Stardust
Rod Stewart and the Faces

but then I thought Zeppelin were too loud and the Who were boring
Old 15th May 2009
Originally Posted by nigel saunders View Post
David Bowie ala Ziggy Stardust
Rod Stewart and the Faces
but then I thought Zeppelin were too loud and the Who were boring
I went to the Rolling Stones show at the Arrowhead Pond back in the 90's. Brian Adams opened the show. I like his stuff and wanted to listen. They were so loud they emptied the 10,000 seat hall in 5 minutes. We took "refuge" on the concourse, rubbing elbows with 10,000 other pissed off patrons.

32 db earplugs did not help.
The Stones sounded fine.

Jim Williams
Audio Upgrades
Old 15th May 2009
Gear Nut
Frenchc's Avatar

when I was in high school these were the ones I was blown away by

Glassjaw- in the basement of the Rave (Milwaukee) with the blood brothers
Thursday -first Chicago show after the release of War all the time
The Promise Ring / Christie Front Drive - at some skate park where 6 people showed up
God's Reflex - farewell show

"more recent"

The Mountain Goats - at Park West Chicago
Bright Eyes - wide awake its morning tour
Regina Spektor - both shows I went to
Old 15th May 2009
Lives for gear
memphisindie's Avatar

Originally Posted by Jim Williams View Post
I went to the Rolling Stones show at the Arrowhead Pond back in the 90's. Brian Adams opened the show. I like his stuff and wanted to listen. They were so loud they emptied the 10,000 seat hall in 5 minutes. We took "refuge" on the concourse, rubbing elbows with 10,000 other pissed off patrons.

32 db earplugs did not help.
The Stones sounded fine.

Jim Williams
Audio Upgrades
I wonder who mixed that show?
Old 15th May 2009
Originally Posted by memphisindie View Post
I wonder who mixed that show?
I don't know, it was a good mix, just blistering.

He probably has a job down at Gitmo doing "enhanced interrogation techniques".

Jim Williams
Audio Upgrades
Old 15th May 2009
Gear Head

Here's a few...

1. Weezer @ Bill's Records and Tapes, Dallas, TX, 1995. It was all acoustic versions of their songs from the blue album. Very intimate.

2. Explosions in the Sky / Okkervil River @ The Parish, Austin, TX, July 4th, 2003.

3. CSNY tour @ Reunion Arena, Dallas, TX, 2002. Neil Young took the roof off the place, and CSN pretty much looked like his backing band.

4. Mars Volta @ Numbers, Houston, TX, 2003. First headlining tour. Played 6 songs in 2 1/2 hours. Backflips were involved.

5. Lollapalooza 1995 @ Starplex, Dallas, TX. Beck was the opening act. Pavement was awesome. Sonic Youth knocked my fourteen-year old socks off.

Apparently I only went to shows in 95 and 02/03...

Here's a recent one:

6. Sufjan Stevens @ Brooklyn Academy of Music, 2008. He was commissioned by BAM to create a visual art piece set to orchestral music. He made a film called "The BQE." There was live synchronized hula-hooping. Afterwards he played a full set of his own music. Pretty great.

Oh man, there's also all those SXSW shows I've seen...
Old 15th May 2009
Gear Maniac
Lemontree's Avatar

KULA SHAKER about 10 years ago @ T IN THE PARK in had been scorching hot weather for weeks and as they took the stage it started to rain...and they opened with a cover of RAIN by the beatles

.....and I managed to capture that while tripping on a microdot, fantastic!
Old 15th May 2009
Originally Posted by Knox View Post
The Who with Moon (at their peak).
I saw the Who at Tanglewood in 1970 with Jethro Tull. The Fillmore East put on a series there for two summers. I was only 9 and don't remember much.

I've seen so many great shows. It's really hard to narrow it down, Joni Mitchell on the Shadows and Light tour was amazing (as was Weather Report ca 1978 at the Orpheum in Boston). Heinz Holliger playing trio sonatas and then a piece of his own featuring some outrageous oboe techniques in a duet with a percussionist. An incredible Oliver Lake Quartet show in Cambridge MA ca 1988 with an amazing performance by Geri Allen. The Aquarium Rescue Unit at the peak of their powers in the early 90s. King Sunny Adé with Black Uhuru in 1984. Bob Marley and the Wailers at the Harvard Stadium in 1979. The Grateful Dead at the Boston Music Hall in 1976. Yes at the Boston Garden in the mid 70s. McCoy Tyner and Ahmad Jamal both put on great shows, I've never been let down by them. Zakir Hussain and his father, Ustad Alla Rakha, with his uncle (whose name escapes me) at Harvard in the mid 90s. Mike Stern and Bill Evans (the sax player) at the Harvard Hasty Pudding Club in 1983 (I wish I had a recording of that one), plus a couple of shows with Miles that I saw them with in 1982. Dizzy, Max, Illinois Jacquet, Richard Davis and Leon Thomas at the UMass Fine Arts Center in 1982, and also King Crimson there that same spring. Bill Frisell, Wayne Krantz, D Sharp (whose gig it was) and John Lockwood at the Willow on Thanksgiving 1983 (or was it '82?). Amazing show with maybe a dozen people there. Frisell at the 1369 numerous times around that era.

Perhaps the most compelling music I've heard in person was while listening to my grandfather, Gardner Jencks, compose his post 12 tone piano music. I used to listen outside his studio on Bound Brook Island, Wellfleet MA, for hours. He was one of those people who really could read flysh*t off the wall (and realize it in real time if it was shat in figured bass!). Also, his two piano duets with Arthur Berger and others were pretty wonderful.

There is a lot of amazing and wonderful music out there! There is plenty I wish I had seen: Nusrat Feteh Ali Khan, Little Feat with Lowell George, Coltrane, etc.

Old 15th May 2009
Gear Head


7. Soundgarden / Reverend Horton Heat @ Fair Park Coliseum, Dallas, TX, 1995.

8. White Zombie / Babes In Toyland / Melvins @ Fair Park Coliseum, Dallas, TX, 1995.

9. Sigur Ros @ Bass Concert Hall, Austin, TX, 2006.

10. The Stooges / Spoon @ Stubb's, SXSW, Austin, TX, 2007. Waited at the foot of the stage for hours, but it was worth it. I was maybe two heads away from Iggy. They played pretty much all of Funhouse.

11. Centro-matic / Phosphorescent / Micah P. Hinson / The Frames @ Red Eyed Fly, SXSW day party, Austin, TX, 2005. The venue was half-outdoors. It'd been overcast all day, and the very moment when Centro-matic began, the skies cleared, the sun came out, and it started thunderstorming. Was loud and wet and awesome.

This is so much fun.
Old 15th May 2009
Lives for gear
NetworkAudio's Avatar
I have three that really stand out.

Chamber Orchestra of Europe
Harnoncourt, in Graz
all four Brahms symphonies in two nights

Tokyo quartet
Peters last concert in Stude Hall
The quartet and the audience were all in tears during the show
absolutely fantastic music making

Eschenbach, Peck, Hoebig, Halen
Quartet for the end of time, Messiaen
Stude Hall
Most stunning clarinet performance I have ever heard, absolute magic!
Old 15th May 2009
Lives for gear
cheu78's Avatar
Thumbs up

SOUNDGARDEN at Forum Assago, Milan in 96 or 97 after they're latest album..
STEPS AHEAD in 2005 with Richard Bona on Bass, Steve Smith on drums and Bill Evans instead of Brecker (was already sick..RIP) Estival Jazz Lugano...(Switzerland)
FEIST 4 years ago in Milan(ex Transilvanya, now MusicDrome)...and at Paleo Festival Nyon...and last year in another place in Milan, with two girls dpoing live video screening while she was, simply amazing!! She's really great!
IAN BROWN in Milan last year...(Music Drome)
the last but not least ...the AGGROLITES at the Belly Up in Solana Beach (San Diego) summer 2006...
I saw them again in Milan last year and they rule!!..Guys you have to check them out...they're from LA..
I know it's the band I'm following as an engineer but 2 weeks ago Q3 with Kurt Rosenwinkel (a fellow slut too) performed at Spazio Oberdan in Milan playing "Nanook of north"...they seriously kicked ass!

just my 0.02$,

Old 20th May 2009
Here for the gear

For me, any show at Red Rocks in Morrison, CO. My first gig was as a production assistant at that Venue in 1988. For some reason, I am remembering and hearing Howard Jones in my head right now.

Beyonce. That girl deserves credit for how hard she works.

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