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Best Live Show You've Ever Witnessed? Effects Pedals, Units & Accessories
Old 25th October 2008
Gear Nut

John McLaughlin, Al DiMeola, Paco DeLucia - The Savoy in NYC, early 80's.
Went home and shed for a year.

The Dixie Dregs - Rutgers University, NJ...about the same time.
Went home and shed some more.

Yes in the round - The Garden, early 90s.

Genesis - Duke/Abacab tour, saw them 4 times on that tour....amazing.

Rush - Moving Pictures Tour - The Garden, Meadowlands AND The Coliseum.

more recently:

Eliane Elias at the Bottom Line, shortly before it closed...she has a left hand from god!

Earth Wind and Fire at The Grammy Party 2006.

Most Boring Show EVER - Sade at Jones Beach - fell asleep! (I was pretty wasted).
Old 25th October 2008
Lives for gear
I've seen so many great performances. I saw Carlos Montoya when he was elderly put on a great performance. I saw Eldon Shamblin a few years before he died with Johnny Gimble. They rocked the house. I saw the Go Gos once start peeling off their clothes to their underwear due to a hot venue. The music was very good as well. Frampton. Santana. U2 on the War tour. John Scofield and Bill Evans (the sax player). Moe Bandy. Tom Harrell.

Now, if you were wanting Tom Harrell and Moe Bandy in the same paragraph, you got it. heh
Old 25th October 2008
Gear Maniac
Rotterdam's Avatar


Prince, all his concerts
Old 28th October 2008
Here for the gear

best live show - PINK FLOYD

Best live show

PINK FLOYD - The Wall.... nassau coliseum

( I was there first and second nights)

Lynn Koehler
Old 28th October 2008
Lives for gear
Denny McNerney's Avatar

i was there on the third.

i just found a great collection of photos.
The Wall Nassau Coliseum Feb 1980 Part 1
Old 28th October 2008
Gear Maniac
Coil's Avatar

slayer `87
pink floyd `88
Old 28th October 2008
Lives for gear
maxpidge's Avatar

SPONGE last week on a cruise to the bahama's, but im biased... im there tour manager...
Old 28th October 2008
The Dickies, in the 90s they gigged here in Italy into a little club.

At the end they were asking cigarettes to the public
Old 28th October 2008
Gear Addict
janek 68's Avatar
Rolling Stones Berlin 1990 - one of their best tour - precision (very not stonesy) ,maturity , joy and rocknroll....old German ladys singing Jumping Jack Flash....there is something magic between old german gods and these incredible english madmen....
Iggy Pop - Warsaw 1994(or95) - american Ceasar - one of his best albums.Everybody knows Iggy and it was crazyness really....
David Byrne - Warsaw 1994 or 95....sound , sound sound! every note worth milions.....
Old 28th October 2008
Lives for gear
alexp's Avatar
Michael Jackson 1984.... Exhibition Stadium in Toronto.He was on top of the world at that point... I was 9 and got the tickets for my bday... Still remember that show like it was yesterday.

Old 29th October 2008
Lives for gear
boojum's Avatar

Gerry Mulligan and his Concert Jazz Band live at Birdland in 1961, I think it was. He blew the walls down. Gerry was healthy, Symphony Sid was in attendance and the crowd was into it. They were tighter than a clenched fist that night.

I am over 18. LOL
Old 31st October 2008
Gear Nut
question's Avatar

Genesis with Peter Gabriel 1975 "Lamb Lies Down On Broadway".

Still have my ticket stub!
Old 31st October 2008
Gear Maniac
aaronsternke's Avatar

Love that someone revived this thread.

Okay, in no particular order:

Over The Rhine @ 3rd and Lindsley, Nashville (our jaws were on the floor from the first note she sang)

Radiohead in West Palm Peach, FL (my favorite band, seeing them live for the first time)

Beck @ Hard Rock Live, Orlando, FL (This was in the "Sea Change" era... and he OPENED with "Loser". So punk rock of him.)

Indigo Girls @ The Ryman, Nashville (my wife was a big fan... okay I was too. Didn't hurt that they had Matt Chamberlain playing drums!)

Silverchair @ Music Mill, Indianapolis, IN (listen to their latest 2 albums)

As Tall As Lions @ Music Mill, Indianapolis, IN (same night)

That's all I got for now... Mmmmm... love a good live show.

Aaron Sternke
Old 5th November 2008
Bob Marley and The Wailers at the Harvard Stadium summer of '79 (honorable mentions go to Olatunji and the Drums of Passion and Jabula that day)
Joni Mitchell (with Jaco, Metheny, etc) shortly thereafter
Weather Report at the Orpheum Nov 1978
Numerous Grateful Dead shows in the mid 70s.
The Who and Jethro Tull at Tanglewood summer of 1970
Yes at the Boston Garden 1979
Gil Scott-Heron at the Rusty Nail spring 1982
King Crimson at UMass Amherst spring 1982
Miles Davis at UMass spring 1982
Talking Heads on Stop Making Sense tour.
Heinz Holliger at the New England Conservatory ca 1983
Oliver Lake at Green St in Cambridge 1986 or so
Massacre, featuring Fred Frith, Anton Fier and Bill Laswell ca 1986 with Leroy Jenkins opening
Acoustic duets of Fred Frith and Hans Reichel at Nightstage in Cambridge in the 80s.
Boston Symphony at Tanglewood playing Rite of Spring in the mid 70s and also at Symphony Hall playing the Brahms Requiem with the Tanglewood Festival Choir.
Saturday afternoons at the 1369 with Bill Frisell (and also the Willow, Thanksgiving 1982, Bill Frisell with The D-sharp Group featuring Wayne Krantz)
Various summer and fall 1982 shows with Mike Stern and Bill Evans, the best of which was the following spring at the Hasty Pudding.
Bootsy Collins at the Wetlands 1989
Albert Collins at Jonathan Swifts 1983
Any Aquarium Rescue Unit show in 1991 or 1992
How can I choose? What about McCoy Tyner shows? P-Funk? Boston Chamber Players in the 70s?

Still, I'm jealous of my mom, who at the age of 17 had a private concert of the Bach Cello Suites by Pablo Casals who was a house guest along with at the house of friends of her parents in the south of France, ca. 1953.

Old 9th November 2008
Gear Nut
murergobben's Avatar

Sigur rós - Roskilde festival 06
Old 10th November 2008
Lives for gear
bcgood's Avatar

I've been to many great shows but the very best sounding show that rocked my world was Morrissey on the 8th of June, 1991 at the Greek Theater Berkeley, CA.

Morrissey concerts
Old 10th November 2008
Lives for gear
Beyersound's Avatar
Can't pick just one, have seen/mixed so many!

AS AN AUDIENCE MEMBER : Frampton - Somethings Happening tour 73 or 74. The Tubes - Young and Rich tour 1976. Rush - Hemispheres tour 1979? all at the Memorial Auditorium in Sacramento. All were just great classic Rock and Roll times for a musically enlightened teenager!

MIXING ANOTHER ACT ON THE BILL: Texas Jamm 1987 - one of Aerosmith's early "back from the dead and now sober" performances, shivers from the first note, Tyler was on fire! Boston - Always heard they weren't good live, but they were stunning, especially Brad Delp. Talked with him backstage with mutual friends for a good while, great guy, great singer, may he rest in peace.

Def Leppard Hysteria Tour, Hammersmith Odeon 1987 - It was the third of 3 nights there and Brian May hung out with the Lep boys every night, he decided to sit in that night on Queen's "Now I'm Here", the excitement was overwhelming as I put a mic on his AC30 and when I returned to the console Robert Scovill pointed to Brian's guitar channel labelled simply, "God". Needless to say, it was an unforgettable night for all of us.

MIXING: Queensryche - Operation Mindcrime Tour 1989 Irvine Meadows, band was amazing, we had just got back from Europe and Japan that week and were happy to be in the West Coast of the USA, a very humble Axl Rose asked me politely if he could possibly introduce the band, I was reunited with a full arena size rig of my favorite PA, had a great mixing night, 12,000+ people loved the show.

Rickie Lee Jones - Flying Cowboys Tour 1990 at The Ritz NYC, A stunning band behind her, one of the shows we had a real Steinway(instead of a sample piano) for her to play, She had an emotion packed night producing an incredible performance, Lenny Kravitz and Lisa Bonet sat right behind me!

Tesla - Great Radio Controversy Tour at some festival at Alpine Valley 1990, just a great rock band playing outdoors really well like they almost always did, the combination of that audience, venue, and the crushing groove that the band was laying down caused a case of that "live mixing euphoria" that we all hope to achieve behind the console!

Etta James - Las Vegas Hilton 2004, One of the true greats just being her personality filled self, she was newly about 200lbs lighter and much happier, great band and one of my favorite people, Mike Finnegan playing the B3 like no one else while singing his butt off, he also helped me convince some uptight horn players to let me put real mics on them instead of the SM58s they were demanding!

Old 10th November 2008
Lives for gear
Beyersound's Avatar
Originally Posted by SeanBlack View Post
KISS 1985 in Lethbridge, Alberta (Queensryche opening). Hey I was 12 and had my mind blown

Metallica Justice tour- Saddledome, Calgary, AB- 89% longhairs and leather jackets, First real metal show. Life was never the same for me after.

Paul Simon - 1990 I think- Calgary Saddledome- What a show, amazing musicians, everyone singing along to every song. Amazing!

NIN Downward Spiral tour- PNE Forum- Vancouver, BC- Want to use up every emotion watching a concert? Wow

Pink Floyd, Stones, Tool, Strapping Young Lad a dozen times, Pantera, Slayer, White Zombie all multiple times. The last Green Day show.

Way too many shows!!
Queensryche also opened that Metallica show at the Saddledome, I know because I was there mixing them!
Old 10th November 2008
Lives for gear
Beyersound's Avatar
Originally Posted by dave-G View Post
Charlie Musselwhite -- improvising 4 feet in front of me in a small room at a Buddhist center somewhere in Marin or Sonoma county. My wife was performing there too... (I was a tagalong, not really a Buddhist).

It was so much more than I expected, and he did so much with his instrument that was outside the stereotypical "language" of it...

Completely amazing, and really inspiring. As brilliant and understated a use of virtuosity as I have ever seen, and I was just there to clap for my wife, eat some free food, and take a drive in the hills afterwards.

Nice one Dave, I mixed a Blues Harp Festival up there at Cache Creek. I had not seen or heard Charlie before, He was absolutely amazing and just about stole the show from everyone else. I will always respect that man's true Blues talent! The even higher point of that show was James Cotton, he could barely walk and only played about 10 minutes. Even though his body was old and diminished, his harp touched an old, familiar, and warm part of your soul like it was still the 70s! He could say more with one note than most could in a whole show!
Old 10th November 2008
What I wouldn't give to have seen some of the bands you guys have in their prime, Talking Heads, DK, Bob Marley, Bowie...

Front 242, 1988, Philly - I was underage but managed to blag my way in. Blew me away, I'd never seen or heard such an ebm racket before! Been hooked on electronic music ever since.

The Stooges, 2004, Athens, Greece - On their first reunion tour, they played all the classics, total mayhem. Didn't have a ticket so just showed up to see if I could get in, luckily there was a massive biker brawl outside, 50+ people with chains and baseball bats! so managed to sneak in while the security were occupied. As soon as I made it to the stage 1969 blasted out. They know how its done and put all the young dudes to shame.

The Violent Femmes, 1992, Athens, Greece - Open air theater, filled to double its capacity. By accident me and my best friend ended up 4 feet from the stage right in the middle, my friend lost one of his shoes and the girl next to us her top. nuf said.
Old 11th November 2008
Gear Addict
SeanBlack's Avatar
Originally Posted by Beyersound View Post
Queensryche also opened that Metallica show at the Saddledome, I know because I was there mixing them!
Actually The Cult opened that show. I still have the ticket stub,lol. They were booed off.
Old 11th November 2008
Lives for gear
Beyersound's Avatar
Originally Posted by SeanBlack View Post
Actually The Cult opened that show. I still have the ticket stub,lol. They were booed off.
Interesting, because we did the whole Canadian leg of "And Justice For All" in 89'(even played in Chicoutimi,Quebec!), maybe that was a different tour. It doesn't surprise me about The Cult(Ian snuck into our dressing room during the show at Maple Leaf Gardens, and was drinking all the beer!).
Old 11th November 2008
Lives for gear
Beyersound's Avatar
Originally Posted by SeanBlack View Post
Actually The Cult opened that show. I still have the ticket stub,lol. They were booed off.
Wow Sean, just looked back at the itinerary and I stand corrected. I must be getting really old. We stopped going west in Canada at Montreal and dropped down into the States! I could of sworn we did Calgary, I have been there so many times! Thanks!
Old 11th November 2008
Lives for gear

Taraf de Haidouks.
Vicar Street, Dublin a few years ago. After seeing many many great shows by all kinds of acts, they win hands down.
Old 14th November 2008
Gear Maniac
alvagoldbook's Avatar

The Ramones in 96 at the Capitol Ballroom. It rocked because it was...The Ramones...and my first show.

Close 2nd place would be when I saw The Polyphonic Spree.
Old 14th November 2008
Lives for gear
waxx's Avatar

Toots & The Maytals on the infamous Dour Festival a few years ago
Nirvana somewhere in 1993 (before they were famous) in a little belgian club, the N9 in Eeklo.
Faithless in Vorst Nationaal, Brussels, Belgium (arround 2000, but i don't remember it exact, but we (faithless & the public) provoced an little earthquake while jumping arround ;-) something that happend with concerts of that band in than venue later also.
Cradle of Filth on the Graspop Metal Meeting in Dessel, Belgium (96 i thought)
Horace Andy & the Dub Asante Band recently (a few weeks ago) in the Vooruit, Gent, Belgium
But a lot of concerts are vague, because i mostly party too hard during and after it ...
Old 14th November 2008
Lives for gear
huub's Avatar
I don't go to concerts anymore, they always sound crap..
Old 15th November 2008
Lives for gear
massimo's Avatar

Genesis 1972 - in a small club, Rome, Trespass and Nursery Crime repertoire.
Gentle Giant 1972 to 1976 - Unbelievable band.
Frank Zappa 1973 - Roxy and Elsewhere repertoire and band, plus JL Ponty on violin. Rome, in front of 15000+ people, best live music program ever.
Todd Rundgren's Utopia 1975 - Hammersmith Odeon, London. Became a Todd addict since.
Peter Gabriel, then Frank Zappa, then The Tubes headlining 1978 - Knebworth Festival, UK. Todd joining the Tubes for the encore, singing verse of Baba O'Riley in memory of K Moon.
Penguin Cafe Orchestra 1982 - Rome.
Pat Metheny Group 1983 and 1992 - Rome - Travels and Secret Story tours
Oregon 1987 - Rome, small club - Ecotopia tour.
Michael Hedges and Montreaux Band circa 1988 - Rome.
Egberto Gismonti Quartet 1992 - Rome, small club - second best live music program ever after Zappa '73.
Michael Nyman Band + Moroccan Orchestra circa 1996 - Rome

best regards
Old 15th November 2008
Lives for gear
rmx16's Avatar

SRV and Jeff Beck at the Spectrum in Philly. Beck was sick as a dog that night and still played his ass off

Joe Satriani at the Chestnut "The Extremist" tour kick ass/

Old 15th November 2008
Lives for gear

Criss cross rhythms that explode with happiness.
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