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Remote Possibilities Role Call... Post Your Name, Rank & Specialty Right Here! Condenser Microphones
Old 3rd July 2005
Lives for gear
audioez's Avatar

hey steve long time no speak...Check this lil' baby out! I brought her home to NYC. a couple of days ago
Old 3rd July 2005
Lives for gear
Jim vanBergen's Avatar

Yeah EZ, that is the ****! AMAZING you could find a racked, dedicated transfer unit with matched 1083's into 2254's with VU meters. Damn, did you find that in the states? Dying to know where you found it and what it cost you. Looks SWEET! Let us know how it sounds when you start using it, as it looks super sexy and is making my gearlust envy rise!
Old 3rd July 2005
Super Moderator
Remoteness's Avatar
Originally Posted by audioez
hey steve long time no speak...Check this lil' baby out! I brought her home to NYC. a couple of days ago
Sweet -- Very, very nice find bro!
Old 3rd July 2005
Lives for gear
Plush's Avatar
Originally Posted by audioez
hey steve long time no speak...Check this lil' baby out! I brought her home to NYC. a couple of days ago

Old 4th July 2005
Here for the gear

Name: Ellery Durgin

Rank: Owner of a small start-up

Credits: Patty Loveless, CrossRoads band and many more

Specialty: Vocal's and Studio grade on-site recording on a string.

age: 17

Location: Dallas, GA


Digi 001
Big Ben Clock
rosetta 800 96k
Quicksilver 800

Mix Plus 2
Big Ben Clock
3 ADA8000's
Quicksilver 800
Old 4th July 2005
Super Moderator
Remoteness's Avatar

17 with all that gear -- What a great head start!

Go for it -- You have the gear, now work the ear.

All the best!
Old 5th July 2005
Here for the gear


You make a very good point. Gear is only 5 % of the overall picture.85% of the talent behind the mic and 10% of the engineer’s ears. Some of the best recording's where done with the worst gear
Old 5th July 2005
Hello. Jay Frigoletto here.

I'm best known as a mastering engineer. I've done a bunch of records, worked with some people you've probably heard of, got a Grammy win along the way, and have some metal hanging on the wall.

I moved out of L.A. mid-to-late last summer to start a family (my wife is due sept.19) and I partnered up with a beautiful SSL retreat-studio NW of Boston where we're just finishing a new mastering studio from the ground up.

Soon after arriving, The studio owner, Ben, and I did a remote gig with the gear just temped into an empty truck, and it worked out well enough that the decision was made to build a proper truck. Ben owned a truck in the 80's that had a great credit list, so he is no stranger to remote work. With the help of the studio tech, Leo, a full-featured truck, some custom splitters, and a rack mounted compact remote rig were built. It's already captured a bunch of great shows. The most recent was last week with Oasis at Tweeter Center (formerly Great Woods) alongside a 7 camera HD-video shoot.

In other news, a few AES shows ago in L.A., our host, Steve and our other host, Jules and I hung out, drank some beers, and saw... some other stuff... Great guys, Steve and Jules, and a good time was had by all. Maybe we'll have to have a rematch this year! Anyway, happy to be here and greetings to all!
Old 14th March 2006
Gear Maniac
wyndrock's Avatar
Originally Posted by Remoteness
Any new Remotesters out there?

nobody but us chickens!
Old 14th March 2006
Gear Maniac
valleysound's Avatar

Name: Paul Magro

Rank: Live sound engineer up here in the northeast and ocassionally around the country. Owner of a small live sound company.

History: I used to record gigs off the mixing board, then I decided to get "serious" and got a stand alone package.

Thought for the day: After this weekend's gig this came up..."If the music is too QUIET you're too old!!"

Claim to fame: I'm the one-eyed banjo player in Deliverance!!! NOT!!!!!
Old 14th March 2006
Lives for gear
celticrogues's Avatar


My name is Mike Fowler.
My Rank is a student - I am a full time student at a school where I am majoring in Music Recording. I do some remote gigs too - mostly students at the college who have recitals off-campus, but also am starting to get into some larger Remote gigs. I like the remote stuff a lot. Thanks for the great forum!

Old 15th March 2006
Lives for gear
allaccess's Avatar
Ryan Hewitt

aka allaccess (some site asked for a name, and a backstage pass was sitting next to me...)

Learned almost everything I know from my father Dave Hewitt on the Record Plant Remote truck and then on his Remote Recording Services silver truck. Had a great studio sometimes sitting in the backyard as a kid. I'm now a studio rat that is occasionally allowed out for remotes of all sizes. Recent ones are a simple preamp and PTHD punk rock gig and a live DVD for Tom Petty on the LeMobile truck. I've been on the road since age 13 with the old man, and had many great experiences. It's one of the few places you can really learn how to make sh*t happen very quickly and with quality!

I went on to be Jim Scott's assistant at Cello Studios here in LA. Jim's a Record Plant LA remote guy, so we got along great and had sessions rocking very quick!

Now I record, mix and occasionally produce some really fun bands. A very lucky start in the remote field has been the foundation of my career, and I wouldn't trade it for anything.

Can't wait to get out on a truck again!

Ryan Hewitt
Old 15th March 2006
Lives for gear
T.RayBullard's Avatar Teddy Bullard,

serving in US Army Europe , Heidelberg, Germany by day(my MOS is 11B20=army infantryman) night I am a classical singer(Basso ) as is my wife(mezzo )...and what time im not singing or soldiering, I spend doing location classical recording.

I get out in september, hoping to land a gig with a location musical background(been singing Bass since age 10!..yeah im a freak!) and my discipline from the army and experience serving a total of 26 months in two warzones(iraq/afghan)im hoping will be an asset...

so if you a are location recording boss and need a good man...

gear: AKG 426b-1
Schoeps CMC 6 pair with MK2S caps(pair)
gefell m930 pair
gefell m300 pair
josephson c617s/w MG MK221 caps(pair)
neumann u87 pair
Millennia HV-3C
DAV BG-1(3 )

mytek stereo 192(2)

sound devices 744t

modest setup, but im gettin there!

Old 15th March 2006
Lives for gear
pkautzsch's Avatar

OK, here I'm joining.

Name: Peter Kautzsch
Rank: still a small freelance guy learning a lot
Specialty: One-man film sound w/ Nagra - live classical recording w/Nuendo
Thought for Today: ...:::...???
Old 15th March 2006
Gear Maniac

I've been here for a month or so now:

I'm Jim Gilliland. On the radio, I'm known as "Jimmie Wilson" at WRUW in Cleveland.

My gig is probably somewhat unique here. I'm a volunteer recording engineer for local non-commercial radio stations. I record "folk" (using the term in a fairly broad sense) artists who perform in our area for broadcast on my own station and several others around town. I've been doing it for about 15 years now.

Since I generally don't get paid, I tend to try to avoid spending a lot of money on gear. At the moment, my main recording config is an HD24XR with three Studio Project SP828 mic pres. Not exactly high end, but I get some great recordings. I do my mixes "in the box" using Sony Vegas and a few other tools.

I've recorded a LOT of people over the years, so I'll just mention a few recent ones: Patrick Street, John Gorka, Kasey Chambers, Rodney Crowell, Doc Watson, Sam Bush, Nickel Creek, Ralph Stanley, and the list goes on and on and on from there. If any of those names are unfamiliar, look them up on

Those of you who once frequented may remember me from there. My work is on a couple of the r.a.p compilations.
Old 15th March 2006
Gear Maniac

name: nick d.

rank: umm, somewhere between obsessed amateur and relatively experienced pro.

i do mostly classical recitals, some jazz shows and a the occasional classical audition cd/album.

first off i'm a performing musician, so my gearlust is mainly directed at improving my recordings of my own stuff.
anyway... remote recordings using:
josephson c42's, beyer m130, sennheiser md211 (bitchin' dynamic omnis), ev re-10 (sweet horn mic), cad e-100's (good for spotting piano in a jazz setting)
running through dav preamps for the most part into my motu 828mkii (yah, i know the conversion could be better). using samplitude once in the box.
anyway, the results are pretty good... i'm in the LA area if anyone cares.
Old 15th March 2006
Lives for gear
dubrichie's Avatar
sounding off

NAME: Richard Corcoran, Resolution Recordings Mobile Studio

AGE: 23

LOCATION: Dublin, Ireland

RANK: owner of a small setup, aspiring engineer (C&G qualified for what it's worth!), drummer, rock n roll crusader


RME Fireface 800
Focusrite Octopre w/digital o/p (i know it sucks, but i didnt know when i bought it and needed the preamps)
Furman HDS-6 w/6 x HD-R remote mixing stations + 4 x Beyer DT-150

6 x sm57
2 x Beta52A
2 x GT33
1 x GT MD1-B
2 x BSS AR-133

Pearl Masters Mahogany Classic drum kit, Sabian HH cymbals

all necessary stands stands and cables to record 16 channels.

i intend to work in music for the rest of my life, it's the only thing that pushes my buttons.
but man, it ain't easy to get off the ground and get business.
there's more and more people offering similar services with equipment of a similar quality.
just looking for the edge / that break / 50 grand to spend on gear (check out my other recent thread in this forum for my current wish list!) and pay off my student loan.
i don't want to have to work in any more bars!
gotta believe in your own abilities and potential, cant let it get you down (being broke), onwards and upwards, etc.

check out my band The Heathens

any feedback much appreciated, regarding any aspect of the music / production

take it handy all!
Old 17th March 2006
Much kudos to Steve for keeping this forum running.

Name: David L. Rick
Seventh String Recording
Colorado, USA

Gig: I focus almost exclusively on classical location work,
especially chamber music and solo piano. I used to do
a fair number of chorus and orchestra jobs, but those
tended to be community groups, and I'm now priced
beyond what many of them can afford. I love recording
all kinds of acoustic music, folk to jazz, bluegrass
to Indian classical.

My other love is electronic design, and most of my time is
now spent developing Doppler measurement systems.
Back in the mid '90's, my wife and I purchased a business
lot with the intention of building a commercial studio, but
then we ran the numbers and recovered our sanity. I
decided to keep the day job and take only the recording
work that I could do in my spare time. That means avoiding
projects that involve days and days of overdubs, and farming
out most editing on classical albums to others.

Rig: I have 12 channels of Millennia HV-3 preamps, a 12-channel
Mogami snake deployable at various lengths, and 12-channels
of Lynx-II conversion. I record direct to hard disk on a rack-
mounted PC running Sequoia. I have a respectable mic locker,
including matched pairs of DPA, Josephson, Neumann, etc.,
and my production room is set up for 5.1 monitoring.

Faith: I'm definitely a member of the "right mics in the right place"
church of minimalist recording. I rarely use spots, and spend
most of my time optimizing the main mic array for soundstage,
reverberance and timbre. I spent years recording only four
channels on location, and the extra eight channels I now
print are usually dedicated to a seperate surround setup.

One day I said to myself, "To hell with better gear, what I really want is
better clients!" Eventually I got some. Now I say, "Why ask musicians to
tell you what they want, when it's so much easier to let them play you
what they want?"
Old 18th March 2006
me: marty lester out of Austin, TX

us: "Everywhere Audio"

gig(s): i'll try to keep this brief, but it's quite a story...

i got booked for 2 different shows during thursday and one
friday. the thursday gig was an afternoon party at a club called the Velvet
Spade. show was 4 hours starting at 2pm...4 bands. outside, on their patio.
after finessing the P.A. company, i fix it so they send us a split and we
record to Alesis HD24XR (our main recorder) via 3 presonus Digimax
pres. i rent us a van to set up in the parking lot because i don't
have an actual mobile truck/van yet...and the passenger van with all
but the back seat removed has worked before. the client was Island
Records UK, by the way.

gig 2 was to record Harry Shearer's "Le Show" at a Presbyterian Church
just off the main drag of clubs on friday at 6pm-8:30pm. i wanted to
use the HD24 as well, but Harry requested a Protools system as he
has one and has to mix the show saturday for broadcast (at my
day job studio, Tequila Mockingbird) on sunday. i therefore had
to rent a PT rig 'cause i'm too poor for the moment to own my own.
i would use my 16 channel splitter i've just purchased, a rented
Millennia 8 channel mic pre (amazing) and 1 presonus Digimax
for a total of 16 inputs. i would then use the HD24 for redundancy.

still with me?

well...2 weeks before the events, i find out my thursday party
is actually friday. the folks who contracted me never actually
told me that the thursday gig was moved to friday. so i'm double
booked. i bet more than one of you know that special cold sweat

well, i get my partner to cover the Velvet Spade gig, rent some
gear to cover what would have been shared between the two
nights, and tell my client "no problem...." while my sphincter

how did it go?

the Velvet Spade set up was almost flaweless. the PA company was
solid...they fed me a fan-out. they mic'd everything i needed (i don't
own enough mics yet to cover every possibility), let me hang some
shotgun mics on the P.A. risers for audience mics, and were
generally calm and easy to work with. so around noon, i head
up to my church gig to set up...walk in with gear right as an
A.A. meeting is conviening and get curious looks from everyone.
i'm the first one there from the production crew. no P.A. guys,
no stage manager, no one. i start getting set up and my
Protools rental guy (thanks Brad) shows up w/ the rig...we
load it in, test it, and i continue. not 15 minutes later i
notice i'm not getting good clocking anymore (i'm using
the ADAT ins from the Digimax as my clock master for PT).
i try everything i can...use word-clock, disconnect this, re
connect that. i call Brad back over and we discover the lightpipe
in jack on the 192 digital card is bad. fortunately, he has
2 dig. cards on the 192 so we try the 2nd one et viola! perfect.
sphincter un-puckers again, and i continue. i decided to use
my MOTU Traveler/iBook combo as a redundant backup for
the PT rig, which worked flawelessly. i must say i'm very
impressed by the Traveler/iBook. i don't know if i'd trust
it on it's own yet...but i'm close to trusting it.

anyway, the gig went almost pefectly. the church sounds incredible...i
can post a pic if anyone wants. Lyle Lovett stopped by for a couple
songs, an incredible piano player named Henry Butler from New Orleans
closed the show and blew us all out of the water. Judith Owen and
Harry did a few songs, and an amazing singer who's name escapes
me also sang a tune. all great.

i learned a ton from all this, and even had a bunch of fun.

thanks for tuning in...

Old 18th March 2006
Gear Maniac
ClickTrackAudio's Avatar

Hey, Marty

Good to see you crossed my mind awhile ago after chatting about truck designs.

Congrats on the double booking and resolving it...isn't it a nice feeling to "unpucker" after a tight situation?
Old 18th March 2006
hey Click-

thanks man...

i was thinking about you too...and wondering how hard
it would be to knock you out in a dark alley and steal
your truck!! kidding, of course. don't want to start
an international incident. not that an empty passenger
van isn't glamorous or anything...

let's book some gigs for you down here next year
and i'll partner up w/ you. 'course, the gas money
alone for you to get here would probably ruin ya!

Old 18th March 2006
Super Moderator
Remoteness's Avatar
Thanks for the post.
What kind of live sound rig do you have?

Thank you for the forum kudos.
It’s nice to see you here.
Keep in touch with the forum.
Stay up with the good schooling. -- Train hard, win easy!

What can I say, you’re “the man.”
Please say hi to your mom and dad for me!
Please give them my best regards.
Enjoy every day my man.

All the best to you in landing that great location recording gig in September.
And, if there are no job openings…
Just build on your equipment list and make it happen for yourself.
You’re starting on the right foot – Keep it up, sir!

Thanks a lot for posting on the Remote Possibilities forum.
How’s your Nagra doing?
I look forward to your next posts!

Hey Jimmie Wilson!
Your volunteer gig sounds very cool.
Does the station stream online?
Which volume r.a.p. CDs are you on?

I like how you described your rank.
I’m glad to hear your results are pretty good…
As you may already know, it’s about the “ear” and not the gear.

Thanks for the Myspace add!
Did you contact my buddy Daire Winston in Dublin yet?
He’s a wonderful guy to meet and greet. – And a great recording engineer to boot!
Don’t forget to look him up!

Thanks a lot – I love this forum. It’s a great place to hang!
The search for better clients is not an easy task since we must earn them.
It sounds like you're doing fine.
All the best and keep those awesome projects coming in.

Nice story – Hey, why not start a new thread and show us your pictures!
I’d love to check them out.

Hey, if I happen to be in that same “dark alley way” I got your back!
Oh, and thanks for the telephone call and very cool conversation.
Keep up the good work. I hope to see you down the road someday soon.
Old 18th March 2006
Lives for gear
T.RayBullard's Avatar

Originally Posted by Remoteness

All the best to you in landing that great location recording gig in September.
And, if there are no job openings…
Just build on your equipment list and make it happen for yourself.
You’re starting on the right foot – Keep it up, sir!
Thanks to you for running this place...Location recording doesnt seem to be discussed too much , so places like this are a GodSend for new guys like myself who want to hear from the Pros and other beginners..

And yeah, Mr. Remote, that was me who sent you an email a while back talking about job openings..
Old 18th March 2006
Gear Maniac
ClickTrackAudio's Avatar

Originally Posted by Remoteness
Nice story – Hey, why not start a new thread and show us your pictures!
I’d love to check them out.
Hell yes! It'll at least give me an idea of what I'm up against in that dark alley

Originally Posted by Remoteness
Hey, if I happen to be in that same “dark alley way” I got your back!
Oh, and thanks for the telephone call and very cool conversation.
Keep up the good work. I hope to see you down the road someday soon.
I look forward to it as well! We've been keeping to our region up here in Eastern Ontario and Quebec for the last while, but as soon as we have a need to take the truck down, we'll be knocking on all your doors to set up a show and tell!
Old 19th March 2006
Gear Maniac
smarsland's Avatar

Scott M arsland

Director of Bands and Music Technology, S tonington High School (Day job, and sometimes night job!)

Remote recordist, based in eastern CT. Been toying with the idea of doing this more often once I get more clients.
Starting to gain a few clients, one potential "biggie" in the works. I'm not giving up my day job... this is still fun.
Classical, jazz definitely a + for me!!

Apogee Mini-me & Mini-DAC
AKG c451b pair
Powerbook 1.5 GHz
Waves L2 (Hardware)
Mackie HR824
Glyph removable drives
Microtrack 24/96 (haven't really used it yet)

Access to:
8 channels, Millenia HV-3D
Earthworks TC30K pair
various other stuff

Wanting to get some clients and take some additional steps with my equipment. Needing help with that part. I have an advantage because I already have musician ears. Now I just need to work my engineer ears.

Thought for the day:
I have more questions today than I did yesterday.

Old 19th March 2006
Gear Maniac

Originally Posted by Remoteness
Hey Jimmie Wilson!
Your volunteer gig sounds very cool.
Does the station stream online?
Which volume r.a.p. CDs are you on?
It would be the last two r.a.p collections, which I think were volumes 4 and 5. Yes, WRUW streams online as well as keeping an archive, so if someone wanted to listen to my show, they could do so at pretty much any time at "". However, only a small portion of any given show is made up of my own recordings - I play a lot of different folk music with most of it coming from commercial releases. This link would point to the current archive of my show (which will change from week to week):

The only live local recording on today's show is by the Greencards (who are just great - I saw them play live tonight!), but in other weeks there will be other stuff. Wait, I take it back, I also played some live Cheryl Wheeler today that I recorded several years ago.

Some of my work occasionally turns up on other local stations and sites as well - I'll try to pass along a link if that's ever pending.
Old 19th March 2006
Hey there...

Geez... looking over all the credits of my illustrious compatriots makes me feel like the hobo in the group. My remote rig has never been more complicated than an Alesis HD-24, Grace and Sytek pres, Groove Tube/Oktava/CAD mics, and an Allen & Heath Mixwizard for monitoring.

And yet, people tell me the stuff sounds alright. I feel like I am riding the wave that's miniaturized and affordability-ized all recording gear and opened up the world of remote recording to just one guy with maybe 100 lbs. of gear in the back of his Jeep Cherokee.

And if I've learned anything... it's that your instincts: how to arrange the mics, what levels feel right, when the mixdown has become an exciting, living, breathing thing...

... are more important to the success of your endeavor than everything else combined.
Old 21st March 2006
Gear Nut
Diskordia's Avatar

name: Ross Nueske

rank: engineer/producer for project studio "diskordia" and "the devil's workshop studio" in the twin cities

specialty: pro tools mobile, 16 track, macs

thought: the less i think the better
Old 22nd March 2006
Lives for gear
pkautzsch's Avatar

Thanks Steve

Auntie Nagra is fine, I hope. She had to sit in the case for a bit of time, and her next adventure will be in May. It's just THE sound with the Senn 416T.
Same goes for my Revox B77 for jazz.

BTW: complete equipment list.
Tannoy System 800
Auratone SC (on a home stereo system)
Beyer DT770
Nuendo 2.2 on Toshiba P20 (P4HT)
Plug-Ins: TC, Prosoniq, Kjaerhus, ...
CoolEdit Pro LE
dbx 386
dbx 286A
Tascam DA-20 II
Revox B77
Nagra 4.2
Neumann KM183 (2)
Neumann KM184 (2)
Schoeps CMC5 MK4 (2)
Sennheiser MKH 416-T
AudioTechnica 3035
Oktava MKL-2500
Oktava MK219
Uher M-5xx
Shure C606
Universum semipro mic (talkback)
K&M stands
Klotz AIS cabling

access to:
Schoeps CMC5 (6)
Schoeps CMC6 (2)
Schoeps MK2 (2)
Schoeps MK21 (4)
Schoeps MK4 (2)
Schoeps KFM6
Neumann KM184 (2)
MBHO MBP603 (2)
MBHO MBP604 (6?)
MBHO capsules (omni and card)
Beyer Drum mic set
SM57 and other band room mics
Audient ASP008
MOTU Traveler
Fostex D2424LV
Old 22nd March 2006
Gear Nut
Sound Sorcerer's Avatar


Location Sound for Film & Video / Remote Music Recording
Sergio Sanmiguel - Website - Gear & Info

Last edited by Sound Sorcerer; 3rd December 2007 at 04:59 AM.. Reason: Info Update
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