iPad + audio interface as multitrack field recorder?
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iPad + audio interface as multitrack field recorder?


I've been wondering here that sooner or later I have to start making at least 4 channel multitrack recordings (in the nature). As SD 744 is a bit out of the price range at the moment I've come to a thought that maybe it would be possible to record using iPad + RME UCX or Apogee Quartet with external preamps (I have MixPre here) and special battery pack.
I'm curious because I wouldn't mind having a 2nd audio interface around and if someone has tested multitrack recording on iPad with either interface, it would be nice to know how it works. How long could iPad record when recording 4 tracks in 24bit mode before the battery runs out or maybe it just can't handle long recordings etc.
In another topic people mentioned Tascam DR680, but as much as I've read about it, you never know about its build quality and it drains batteries fast.
So far I've been recording on MR1000 and I love it's sound.
Old 29th January 2013
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If you plan to be "out in nature" recording I would strongly recommend a portable recorder, not a kludgy iPad/interface lashup. The former is designed to be run on battery power (incl external batteries, for a long period of time), and is packaged to be used while being worn (in a bag), and thus easier to protect from the elements. An iPad rig has many compromises and is comparatively fragile. The DR680 may be made of plastic but many recordists have found it plenty rugged enough for all sorts of work.

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Apogee can now connect directly to iPad
Old 1st February 2013
I think that iPad and a decent interface, RME UCX for example, could get you to high grade sonically, but compare this combination with 788 on a wild location...no, thanks. "Indoor use only", as manufacturers sometimes write )
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