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High Quality Headphones -- What do you like best?
Old 9th April 2008
Gear maniac

Originally Posted by DarkSky View Post
That's because they have no isolation - they are a semi-open-back design. So they're unsuitable for tracking. You would be far better off with the K271S, which is closed and also cuts very well. Purpose built for tracking.

I never could get the hang of MDR7509HDs. Always find them too bright and brittle sounding. YMMV
I agree with your assessment of the construction of the 240s, but I find them to be really present for some reason, which is why I like them for tracking. Maybe that's just my peculiarity....

As for the MDR7509s, maybe that's why I like them, because they help me combat my tendency to "over-air" my mix....I sometimes get just a hair shrill because years of loud-ass drumming have killed some 6k+ in my right ear...haha. But I also find them to have amazing bottom end clarity and detail for a set of cans, so that's kind of a nice change.
Old 9th April 2008
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Cosmonauta's Avatar

I like the AKG 241. I´m very used to track and check mixes into it. But I confess that its isolation is very weak for critical tracking and I´m looking for something else.
I see a lot of poeple raving on HD650. How is it isolation against bleeds?
Old 9th April 2008
Lives for gear

Originally Posted by Cosmonauta View Post
I see a lot of poeple raving on HD650. How is it isolation against bleeds?
The HD650 has no isolation against bleeds. It is an open-backed design.
Old 9th April 2008
Gear maniac

Anyone have both the AKG 240s and Sennheiser HD650? How much of an upgrade can I expect if going from 240s to HD650. Used for reference and mixing.
Old 9th April 2008
Lives for gear

I'm going to start to sound like Vernier, and repeat myself over and over but...I haven't find a pair of headphones I like more than the Sony MRD 6509 HD (I used the 6509 for years but the HD is even better... again with headphones as with monitors it's really a question of taste...And what you are acustomed to.
Old 9th April 2008
Gear Addict
Tim Davis's Avatar

i'm using mdr6509hd's.. very open, bright and critical - I like that ; )

Have yet to try 605's, I think a pair are coming next week, so I'll give them a try.

Old 9th April 2008
Gear Head
fova's Avatar

I use Sennheiser HD595 with amp Creek OBH21. Very satisfied.

A higher league is HD650 or AKG K701.

I have also some limited experience with AKG K240 and prefer the sound of HD595 over AKG.
Old 10th April 2008
Gear interested

Horses for Courses

Choosing headphones is even more subjective than choosing studio monitors. Over the years I used a bunch of models including the vintage Koss 4AAA but at this time there are three models I use almost exclusively.

1. Sony MDR7506
Still my favorites when it comes to on-location recording - because of the somewhat exaggerated high end I can hear wind noise, cable rubbing against clothes, and strong sibilants. I also use them for critical listening of analog tapes where they reveal high freq noise.

2. AKG 240S
I like them for casual listening. Because of the semi-open design I can hear my office phone, etc. They sound a bit more balanced than 7506 but are not as good with transients.

3. Audio Technica MTH50
My current favorite for everything especially checking final mixes. Compared to them the 240S sound somewhat slow and old-fashioned, while the 7506 sound thin and uneven.

Having said all this, I would never OK a mix without having a critical listen on my Genelecs. There is only so much headphones can do for you.
Old 10th April 2008
Gear nut

believe me, the m-audio's ie-40 earphones are f***ing awesome..
they are not headphones, but they beat my expensive AKGs.
Old 10th April 2008
Gear maniac

How much mixing are you guys actually doing on headphones? Do you find you're able to make valid decisions about spatial positioning? How successfully are your headphone mixes translating to your monitors?

Just curious; I like mixing on headphones, but it doesn't seem to be a widely accepted practice.
Old 10th April 2008
Gear maniac

I never mix on just one thing....I always check headphones, though. First of all, I find it a welcome change to throw a mix on some headphones and walk around cleaning up the's a relaxing way to go about tedious busywork while still getting something important done, and it gets you out of the chair, and into a "real world" environment, listening to a mix like a regular person would, through headphones powered by a mediocre headphone amp. I like it a lot.

But I agree that it's no good to mix using headphones alone. You need open room analysis, preferably with multiple sets of speakers.
Old 10th April 2008
Gear Head
fova's Avatar

Mixing on monitors, checking on headphones.
I use headphones especially for checks of basses, not for stereo positions of instruments.

Headphones translate a sound in a different way than monitors (find some scientific articles about it) so IMO you should not use them for mixing. You can create quite bad mixes when using only headphones.
Old 10th April 2008
Lives for gear
Alex Niedt's Avatar

I have the Audio Technica ATH-M50, AKG K271, and Beyer DT770. The Beyer are the most comfy, but I honestly don't use them much. I enjoy the AKG for detail on the higher end and the AT for the lows.

I like using phones, but certainly work far more on monitors.
Old 10th April 2008
Lives for gear
The MPCist's Avatar

I've got a pair of Grado 325i headphones that I use--I've yet to get used to it on my head (a bit not that comfortable) but it sounds great. Of course I do use 7506's and AKG's for the vocalists/musicians.
Old 10th April 2008
Gear Nut
Arcana's Avatar

I highly recommend HD650 as well.

Which headphone amp would you guys recommend?
As cheap as possible I'm afraid.
Old 10th April 2008
Gear interested
heathenichaer's Avatar

AKG 271studio
Old 11th April 2008
Gear Head
fova's Avatar

As for the amps I recommend Rega Ear and Creek OBH 21. They are not an audiophile high end, but the sound quality is very good and a price is not high.

If they are too expensive for you look at Presonus HP4 or Rane HC4. Most of the users of HP4 are quite satisfied.

Other options for amps are Behringer HA4700, Terratec Sine HP48 and SMPro Audio MPatch 2 but I would not recommend them as a suitable partner for HD650.
Old 11th April 2008
Gear Head
fova's Avatar

Another possibility is to ask somebody experienced to build it for you. For a very low price you can get a better product than Creek and Rega.
Old 11th April 2008
Gear addict

Originally Posted by Chas3 View Post
How much mixing are you guys actually doing on headphones? Do you find you're able to make valid decisions about spatial positioning? How successfully are your headphone mixes translating to your monitors?
Right now, I mix exclusively with headphones in my personal studio. I can get a decent mix using my headphones, but can definitely get a better mix with monitors (I go to another studio when I need monitors for these projects). I haven't got money for monitors right now. They will be the next upgrade that I make for my studio.
Old 11th April 2008
Lives for gear
Arksun's Avatar
Originally Posted by weemies View Post
I'm using Sennheiser HD600's, and they are pretty awesome. I've been thinking about upgrading to HD650's. Has anyone tried both? Any thoughts? I've heard the 650's have more bass. Sometimes I feel the 600's are a tad light on bass.
HD600 user here too, superb for studio use (alongside monitors of course, not a replacement) and just general music listening enjoyment. It could be your 600's sound light on bass cause of the headphone output your using.

I run mine with an Earmax OTL Valve headphone amp and that really makes a difference both to the bottom end extension and a sense of physical presence to the sounds.
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