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The RCA Type BK-5A Uniaxial Microphone is a dependable, high- quality ribbon instrument possessing an improved unidirectional characteristic, and is designed for broadcast use in AM, FM, and TV stations. The microphone has a frequency response that is essentially uniform from 50 to 15,000 cycles. Its excellent response and frequency range, combined with its unexcelled cardioidal directional characteristic, makes it ideal for reproducing both speech and music. The microphone has been engineered with the television studio in mind. Since maximum sensitivity lies on the major mechanical axis, it is a one-axis, or uniaxial type micro*phone. This directional characteristic simplifies micro*phone and camera placement problems. Incorporated in the unit is a blast filter which reduces damage to the micro*phone from gun blasts and other violent noises. In addition, the small size, light weight, unobtrusive yet attractive gray finish and appearance render it especially suitable for television, but it is also admirably suited to general broadcasting and high-fidelity sound systems. The Type BK-5A Microphone is a unidirectional micro*phone in which the moving element is a thin corrugated metallic ribbon clamped under light tension to cause it to vibrate at its own resonant frequency. The ribbon is placed between the pole pieces of a magnetic circuit. One side of the ribbon is open to the atmosphere and the other opens on an acoustical labyrinth which has phase-shift openings giving the instrument its improved unidirectional characteristics. The labyrinth of the micro*phone houses an impedance matching transformer and switch for selecting response characteristics for voice or music. A unique feature of the BK-5A is a blast filter consisting of two separate cloth layers supported by perforated metal screens. The filters reduce damage to the micro*phone from gun blasts and other loud noises encountered in broadcast programming. In addition, the transformer is exceptionally well shielded against stray magnetic fields and can perform satisfactorily in high hum fields. As further protection for the sensitive vibrating ribbon, a wind screen is available for use with the instrument. Its use is recommended if the instrument is to be used outdoors.



...BK5A, but when I got it had a contemporary RCA logo, rather than the "AEA" type. It is a BK5B, but I don't know what the differences are. All I could gather from the net is that one or both of them is impervious to gunshots. My guess, since it was...

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RCA 77D? Are there other options?

...the compromises were so severe that even RCA gave up after the DX and worked on fixed pattern ribbons like the BK5B and KU3A , which are MUCH easier to design. One regret: the microphone is difficult and expensive to manufacture. Well, so were the RCAs. I know some of the people that did it. I should mention...

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