Question for the Asr-10 guys...
Old 24th June 2013
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Question for the Asr-10 guys...

Is it possible to have one instrument play both recorded samples in it and transmit midi out to a vst ?

eg so the ocatve C5-B6 may be full of percussion samples , but all the keys below it will transmit on a selected midi channel to a vst .

I have been through the manual and get the impression it cant be done, as in each instrument is either playing samples or as midi channel, not a combo.

Old 24th June 2013
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I think if you go to Edit (System.Midi) and scroll right through the pitch wheel value and master tuning, you get to the Midi Transmit= and set to "instrument", then you Edit and hit the instrument/track and change the MIDI channel there.

Edit: i have never used it for VST's, only other outboard gear..
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