Sampling from Vinyl
Old 27th January 2013
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Sampling from Vinyl

Hello Slutz,

if i sample from Vinyl the samples lack in the lowend. Im not sure if it is the cartridge or the phono preamp.

I use a Technics Turntable into an project phono box 2 into my interface. The cartridge is an Excel 70 S. After reading about cartridges i thought that the cartridge could be the problem? First i thought the preamp is the problem so i upped the PSU Caps to have a better bass response and changed the opamps for NE5534 it helped for a better sound but the lowend is still not punchy and fat enough.

What could be the problem in my samplig chain? Which cartridges could you recommend for sampling?
Old 27th January 2013
I would definately change the needle or cartridge. Also if theres a lot of dust on your records it will affect the bass. I use Shure m44-7's (they have bass and treble boost - that classic sound of a hip hop show).
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