What Mic Do I Buy? Male Rap/R&B Vocals!
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What Mic Do I Buy? Male Rap/R&B Vocals!

Hi guys I have between $700-$900 to spend on a microphone for my new home studio. I am male and I do rap/r&b music. This is a song I recorded at a professional studio recently, Put It All On Me - Aryan - YouTube . Most of my music will be similar to that, does anyone have any good suggestions please? I have no idea where to start, I would like to get a sound similar to what I got in that song, or something that would fit my voice. Thanks so much
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I'd say check out the Neuman Tlm102. Good solid mic. Great bang for the buck.

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Old 30th December 2012

What mic did you use to record in the studio?
If you like the results, try one of those.
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