Old 1st April 2010
Edward Cheddar
J Dilla Kick

The other day i was listening attentivly to many different producers while setting up my monitors.. These included ppl like dangermouse, J Dilla, Dr Dre, Madlib, DJ Premier, Prince Paul, the rza, chemical bros, the prodigy, etc etc etc... anyway, without doubt Dillas kick always seemed to outshine everyone else's. A true legend.. I also noticed how nice Busta Rhymes aftermath album 'the big bang' sounded... a great album with a lot of nice beats... I particurly noticed the kick drum on the first song of the big bang album... this is one kick that can compete against Dillas... i really don't think this album got the praise it was due
Old 2nd April 2010
Gear Head

yes, Dilla is STILL the man.

I also agree about the "Big BANG" album not receiving as much praise/attention that I thought it should have.
Old 2nd April 2010
Gear maniac

I bought a J Dilla The Shining t-shirt yesterday in a second hand store...I'll wear it when I mix next time, maybe my kicks become bigger ! Rest in Peace man!!!
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