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What are the most prevalent limitations that stem from the use of this sampler? Thanks, Cullen

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muzika 10th December 2015
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Hey slutz, I've been mixing a lot of hiphop recently. Lately I get my lead vocals sounding the way I want by sending it to short...

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Nahuel 10th December 2015
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heres something im confused about.maybe you guys can help me. i dont have any other headphones except my studio heapdhones which...

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mylesp 10th December 2015
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1, There is no fan base and 0 buzz surrounding the artist, nothing! 2, If the project is not received well and ppl do not like...

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smoothjazz 10th December 2015
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So I've been producing sampled hip hop for about half a year now, I've finally gotten to the point where I know what I want to do...

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Renegade204 10th December 2015
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This is something I wanted to share for a while. Mono chopping took long enough to understand, but stereo really confused me for...

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Sach 9th December 2015
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Hello! This is actually my first post on a forum, ever.. and im 25 so pretty exiting. I've been producing for a while. If i...

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DesmondA 9th December 2015
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When I make a new instrument on the ASR-10, I can set the MIDI out program to whatever I want it to be. This is great and...

Zen MD
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Zen MD 8th December 2015
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Hi guys, any tips on how can i make that bassline/arp thing?

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souligot 8th December 2015
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I'm interested in getting either a Maschine Mikro or the bigger one and I was wondering is it possible to complete a track from...

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Unknown_Reality 7th December 2015
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Hello All -- I'm trying to locate the sound efx used in this J. Cole record (as well as countless others) Sound at 0:29 and...

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ferrisprescott 7th December 2015
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I have a AKG P120 and my vocals sound so dry and even harsh. What kind of mic will give mea warm sound? I have a Focusrite 2i2...

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EbadiBeats 7th December 2015
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O.K. After the last few years of repetitive Trap & Drill Produced Songs (most starting to sound the same..) Do you think this...

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Vintageidiot 6th December 2015
Avatar for Crystal Shyps

Hey there, I've been recording stereo samples into my SP 303. When it comes to recording the sampler in logic the sound...

Crystal Shyps
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Crystal Shyps 6th December 2015
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Mark your calendars October 7th, 2015 is the big announcement date. #NIKiller

Tha Knoq
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Avatar for danoc
danoc 5th December 2015
Avatar for That Other Guy

I have a friend who is interested in the renaissance and we saw reviews that basically all say that it has stability issues. Have...

That Other Guy
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PettyCash 5th December 2015
Avatar for Realigion

Ignore the semantics of the video . . we are going to ignore the politics of the artists involved My question is - does...

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Claborn 5th December 2015
Avatar for abreton

Hey there, guys. I am currently a solo artist and I have interest in sampling. I also wanted to get a drum machine to add to my...

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Avatar for SEED78
SEED78 4th December 2015
Avatar for digiman

I just moved back to using Battery 3 from an MP and have a question about sample play back when you hit a pad. I want to be able...

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digiman 2nd December 2015
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Hello, first post here, hoping for some advice cooge I'm looking to add some open back mixing headphones to my collection. Not...

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Claborn 2nd December 2015
Avatar for MIDIchlorian

It's official a new MPC is coming...

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letsgetitnow 2nd December 2015
Avatar for boombapdame

No Country for Old (Rap) Men: Why producer albums are almost never worthwhile | Acclaim Magazine What do you think of them?...

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boombapdame 1st December 2015
Avatar for boombapdame

If you still cop music physically what have you purchased? I copped: Pete Rock & CL Smooth "Mecca And The Soul...

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boombapdame 1st December 2015
Avatar for JakeMark

Hi guys! So I guess I'd start by saying I am not getting quite the "professional" quality sound that I am looking for...

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chris carter 1st December 2015
Avatar for beyondat

Too bad Ableton released this update after I purchased Cubase Artist 8. I don't understand why they took so long to revamp their...

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beyondat 1st December 2015
Avatar for roadsweeper

I have been asked to write a few rap songs for a client in the style of The Game, 50 cent etc. Now, I know that the best way...

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Avatar for DAH
DAH 30th November 2015
Avatar for sd-cd

I mean outboard comps, eqs etc. on their own productions? On their beats. Or it's mostly done in the mixing process (if there...

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newclearsound 30th November 2015
Avatar for boombapdame

For those who play instruments do you sample yourself and if so, do you sample other musicians who play instruments just as you...

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boombapdame 30th November 2015
Avatar for Herr Rausch

Hi, So I just got an MPC 2500. This might be a noob question, but after hours of googling, manual reading and trial and error,...

Herr Rausch
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Herr Rausch 30th November 2015
Avatar for soulstruck

I have decided to scrap the idea of getting an MPC2000xl, and want to get an SP to integrate into my maschine based...

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Avatar for killa ego
killa ego 29th November 2015
Avatar for Realziment

This is a nicely produced track by Diplo & Greg Kurstin.. The main melodic part of the music is the samped glitch vocal,...

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earwolf 29th November 2015
Avatar for mylesp

I'm trying to make my own sounds and do more then just layer. I can do it for the most part, but I need help with this style I'm...

replies: 7 views: 1,347
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mylesp 29th November 2015
Avatar for ziggydub

Ok, so not gonna lie, I’m a complete rookie. Long time interest in making beats, but only now have I had the time to research...

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Whatupdoe? 29th November 2015
Avatar for logiiz

Hey everyone from gearslutzheppy I was listening to "The Hills" by the weeknd, and in the intro I noticed that he...

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sfilipee 28th November 2015
Avatar for AGP

Hi, I was wondering if the either the MPC500 or 1K is capable of sequencing a polyphonic external midi. For example can I...

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AGP 28th November 2015
Avatar for OldManProducer

Long story short. Attic studio. Access in bedroom. 7 month old baby in bedroom. Not spending enough time in attic...

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OldManProducer 28th November 2015
Avatar for bonzotracker

Hey Guys, Im just setting up a live rig that includes my MPC 2000. I have read in a few places that you can use turntable...

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Avatar for bonzotracker
bonzotracker 27th November 2015
Avatar for ews234

Starting to get more into hip hop production and was curious if anyone had any leads on what kind of VST might achieve the vocal...

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Avatar for Nahuel
Nahuel 27th November 2015
Avatar for TYPHY

-rO7_UAxBqk The parts where he kinda sings. If it is... is it possible to have the autotune vst active during recording where...

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Avatar for kangking
kangking 27th November 2015
Avatar for Blain

Like in this Weeknd song, the only term I can use to describe it is thunderous lol. Is it a sample from a pack somewhere??...

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Avatar for Claborn
Claborn 26th November 2015
Avatar for star506

Hello as a producer I like to listen to other producers and figure out how they do things, not to copy it or anything I just like...

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Avatar for Claborn
Claborn 26th November 2015
Avatar for Sihle sakhile

Hi guys I've been trying to work more on the "trapsoul" hiphop production side and I was wondering if anyone knows...

Sihle sakhile
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Sihle sakhile 26th November 2015
Avatar for MaximumMusic

Hey slutz - Here we go. Producing is just a passion for me, ive been reading, watching videos etc... for about 6 years....

replies: 12 views: 1,651
Avatar for Claborn
Claborn 26th November 2015
Avatar for Selah1281

Hi, posted this in the newbie section, but the answer I received didnt seem to address my particular setup as it referenced a mic...

replies: 1 views: 819
Avatar for A Fak
A Fak 26th November 2015
Avatar for boombapdame

DK-“Oxygen” @dkboombap @mc_justo | SheBloggin Much success to you and keep grinding with your goals in mind.

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boombapdame 25th November 2015
Avatar for drethe5th

I really like how things are EQ on this song. Trying to figure out if that bass is a Sub Bass patch or does it sound...

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Avatar for Dkelloway
Dkelloway 25th November 2015
Avatar for ASICE

Are any of you guys using the new iMaschine 2 for...

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Avatar for DomiBabi
DomiBabi 25th November 2015
Avatar for mjohnson52

Hi guys, I have been interested in music production for a while and a few years ago sat down and managed to churn a few (bad...

replies: 68 views: 13,365
Avatar for Circuit Circus
Circuit Circus 25th November 2015
Avatar for Lando Calrissian

I've been excited to see a few more mentions of Just Blaze around here lately! I'm a huge mega fan of the Roc era production...

Lando Calrissian
replies: 48 views: 6,798
Avatar for Lando Calrissian
Lando Calrissian 25th November 2015
Avatar for Iamfred

Hello i'm a rapper I got a question i'm getting My home studio soon and buying a neumann tlm 102 Already bought a apogee duet...

replies: 24 views: 1,403
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DomiBabi 24th November 2015


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