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Hello! In this video they explore a bit the sounds that the Trilian brings. Arrived at this part of the video (minute 2:05):...

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BrianInfante 3 hours ago
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Yo! For those of you that enjoy my first free instalment of one shots. I have put together a 7 gb pack of breaks, fills,...

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Good Times 14 hours ago
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Hello guys. Much time I'm looking for information about mixing Chris Browns vocals, but there's nothing for me. Here's a...

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nevowhisper 18 hours ago
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so i ran across an article where Kanye was talking about recording for Jesus is King and he revealed that some parts of the album...

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lemonsquash 1 day ago
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Hello, can anyone help me figure out how to get the bass sound in Freaky Tales by Too Short? What...

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Miles Harding 1 day ago
Avatar for fragilo

Yo I copped I rebuilt and modded 2kxl (cf, all new tact and rotary encoders, new screen, pads) from ilovemympc on ebay, he's...

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keefaz 1 day ago
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larts 1 day ago
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Hey, Any tips on how to higher my vocal's pitch without sounding too unnatural? Basically have a bit more of a female voice as a...

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arasi 2 days ago
Avatar for haloo

I noticed a Parallel compression knob on the CL1B comp, should i leave it on wet or dry for vocals?

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blayz2002 2 days ago
Avatar for Mannas

I saw that Bass Engine 1 by Dopesonix is currently on sale for $39. Does anyone use it for boom bap? I was curious about the...

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Fergstramental 2 days ago
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Hey guys Do you know what equipment was used for the old classic Wu productions like Raekwon - only built 4 Cuban Linx, GZA -...

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Sense_A 3 days ago
Avatar for HOVIS

Could I use my HIFI Amp's built in phono pre amp to send signal to my interface? Wouldn't it also send power? I want to...

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keefaz 3 days ago
Avatar for MmBuddha

Having recently lost my trusty old DJM-300 DJ mixer in a house move, I've been wondering whether I should look for another one,...

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keefaz 3 days ago
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I have recently bought ssl six. I have Motu 16a audio interface. Got a ssl six because of analog summing capabilities and ssl...

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arasi 3 days ago
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Hello sound lovers, I might need help with EQing my vocals. When I compare my vocals to professional recordings vocals, I feel...

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arasi 3 days ago
Avatar for R&B-Vocalisto

Hi there, I'm looking for an Acoustic Drum Sample Player VSTi like BFD, Addictive Drums etc. but with Drum Sounds that are...

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jra_inthacut 3 days ago
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hi my proteus 2000 display is fading away you can hardly see what it saying..any idea what could be the problem?

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nikitademidov 4 days ago
Avatar for Triza

Back in like 03 it was a mix that showed a bunch of songs where The Neptunes interpolated. In light of the blurred lines...

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Avatar for thaentertainer
thaentertainer 4 days ago
Avatar for blakeg703

How's it going y'all! My name is Blake, I'm new to the forum. Since 2013 I have been rapping and writing my own songs. In 2015...

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Avatar for fragilo
fragilo 4 days ago
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Avatar for HOVIS
HOVIS 4 days ago
Avatar for TheRealist

Is there anyone using a Oktava MK319 for Rap vocals? If so, what kind of chain, gears and plugins, you use for it? I having...

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chessparov2.0 5 days ago
Avatar for MixingChamp

EQ wise... what frequency range should I leave some space when making beats so I have room for the vocals? I'm already not...

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Avatar for DAH
DAH 5 days ago
Avatar for kvmoore

I bought the Digital Sound Factory Ensoniq EPS/ASR library from eBay. After downloading the samples and going through the 808...

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dstrayer09 5 days ago
Avatar for superflanker96

Hello erryone, amateur MC here. I'm doing a Memphis inspired mixtape of my own using a ton of samples, chopping them, then...

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dstrayer09 5 days ago
Avatar for TaskForce1

I'm currently working on a project that is 90's Memphis Rap inspired and I am looking for these specific drum sounds. I know alot...

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Avatar for dstrayer09
dstrayer09 5 days ago
Avatar for OBOYO

What are your go to hardware pieces for making a synth or sample that clashes with a vocal more dull so it sits back in the mix...

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gearstudent 6 days ago
Avatar for LeftHand

I am looking to put together a reference set of great mixes for that genre. Really only recent releases from the last 2-3 years....

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Avatar for tomwatson
tomwatson 1 week ago
Avatar for onthekeys

So I have an sm7b bc I knew I would be recording in a less than ideal environment, but I'm still struggling with noise, while I...

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Avatar for Rick Dalton
Rick Dalton 1 week ago
Avatar for sadix

I was getting a copyright the other day and iw as wondering if i could copyright my sample beats or if i couldnt because they...

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smccarthy945 1 week ago
Avatar for smccarthy945

If a company was to take the ASR-10 or X and redesign it with new features and update it with a modern touch but yet keeping the...

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Avatar for keefaz
keefaz 1 week ago
Avatar for Lost_Cause

I've been using a demo of Ableton Live 10 Suite for the past month and really dig the interface, layout, cycling 74 plugins, and...

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Avatar for _evan_hutton
_evan_hutton 1 week ago
Avatar for smccarthy945

So I am looking for a stand-alone sequencer/sampler that is fun and easy to use. I want to use it to sketch out the track with...

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Avatar for mp3
mp3 1 week ago
Avatar for HOVIS

Anyone have any experience using it or any of the other phono converters for sample based music?

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Avatar for HOVIS
HOVIS 1 week ago
Avatar for MmBuddha

A bit of a broad topic I’ll grant you, but since I’m a new member of the ASR-10 congregation, I’ve had a few questions...

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Avatar for mattPSTV
mattPSTV 1 week ago
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Avatar for haloo
haloo 1 week ago
Avatar for Kollision

What's up everyone? Haven't posted in a very long time. I'm trying to use my mixer's FX reverb just for the booth headphones for...

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Avatar for iamanapple
iamanapple 1 week ago
Avatar for Patrick_

I'm a 90's head. I'm going for the analog. I'm at this cross road for individual drum comps. Should I do the 160a, 160x, or...

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Avatar for Patrick_
Patrick_ 1 week ago
Avatar for Ace'Lo

Hey guys. So I'm ready to upgrade my converters (Mytek96 blueface). I'm thinking of either the Burl B2 or the Dangerous AD+. The...

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Avatar for Ace'Lo
Ace'Lo 1 week ago
Avatar for dobrovolskyi_v

It's a question for connoisseurs. What kind of drum machine can make such a snare?

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Avatar for musaee
musaee 1 week ago
Avatar for Onlyvibe

Hello guys Can anybody advice what kind of processing is used in the verse here? Specifically: 1) Seems there's no double...

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Avatar for Onlyvibe
Onlyvibe 1 week ago
Avatar for immersed_records

For anyone who recently started making beats, what are the biggest struggles for you?

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Avatar for kwaping
kwaping 1 week ago
Avatar for onthekeys

I hear these weird robotic noises here and there on my vocals and I can't figure out what's causing them. I thought it might be...

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Avatar for Rick Dalton
Rick Dalton 1 week ago
Avatar for Straw


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Avatar for MrMark
MrMark 1 week ago
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Avatar for Drho
Drho 1 week ago
Avatar for jedilaw

Mods, I'm not sure if this is the right forum, but since we've been discussing Prince's drum sounds here lately, I thought it...

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Avatar for Roger Starr
Roger Starr 1 week ago
Avatar for Namshae

Hello, Im a Rapper from Germany (Trap & G-Funk especially) and have one question. Excuse me for my bad english. I want to...

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Avatar for trevon
trevon 1 week ago
Avatar for smccarthy945

So after many years, I decided to buy a Pioneer Toraiz SP-16 to try going back to hardware production to build my beats. I was...

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Avatar for sirjuxtable
sirjuxtable 2 weeks ago
Avatar for rollin weight

Currently tracking mostly urban vocals (rap and r&b) U87ai >blue Robbie>wa76>eqp-wa>pure2>daw. Trying to...

rollin weight
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Avatar for Glenn Bucci
Glenn Bucci 2 weeks ago
Avatar for Kaeyel

Hello! I am a recording artist / producer and I am currently in the process of learning how to mix. I been using most of my...

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OBOYO 2 weeks ago
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OBOYO 2 weeks ago


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