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Supposed to work with a female rapper who also sings, and has a somewhat shrill tone... Looking to buy a mic and preamp, both no...

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musaee 45 minutes ago
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Hi, I'm going to be recording a 90's style, jazz breakbeat Hip-Hop track for a university assignment. I'm taking influence...

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sonotws 5 hours ago
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Hello, So far I've bought 3 microphones that I didn't like and I returned all of them I've returned ecm 87 Lauten 220 fet and...

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illegal4Hunna 6 hours ago
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I can't seem to get this question answered from youtube but I've got an great idea from recent research and the question is...

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illegal4Hunna 6 hours ago
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Just bought a Rode nt1-a mic. Upgraded from a blue snowball and Maono Au4.....(Don't know the rest of the mic name)...

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illegal4Hunna 7 hours ago
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King_Leo 16 hours ago
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Ive been looking for that reggaeton "kick drum sound" for years. The kick drum on 1 and 3. There's like another drum...

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Mike Lambert 17 hours ago
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Hey guys, I produce all my instrumentals and then rap over them because I believe I can do it better than anyone else (sorry...

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TomVY 1 day ago
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I have a Technics SL-1210 Mk II which I've just taken out of storage but see that its needle/stylus is broken. As far as I...

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dracul 1 day ago
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Hi everyone, if you are wondering what I am using to montior I use Focusrite solo 2nd gen. So I usually record with effects on...

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kyrobeasty 1 day ago
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Hi all, These days there's many many types of beats out there. The trend sometimes seems as if louder 808 = better. I...

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PR13 1 day ago
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hi! we're a band that produces bass-heavy electronic trap/hiphop/reggeaton beats in a home studio and the 3 of us do lots of...

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LasMarikarmen 2 days ago
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I feel like all producers do these days is just experiment with sounds, but neglect the actual arrangement of the song. No...

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sfilipee 2 days ago
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I love the sound of "Air Forces" "Bottom of the Map" and "Trap or Die" that shawty red did for...

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Shmokey 2 days ago
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Ali Rock 3 days ago
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Hey there, i've been down the rabbit hole of mic's all day.. and week.. and month... lol currently using an Aston Stealth...

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DAH 3 days ago
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T E C H N I C A 4 days ago
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Can someone help me clarify a few things about virtual scratching (I'm still stuck in the late 80's) and am trying to catch...

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boombapdame 4 days ago
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SSL Fusion or Avalon 747 on stereo bus? I do mostly hiphop/pop mixing but before I send to mastering just want that sheen....

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Sharp11 5 days ago
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Trying to find the source of this snare sample. Heard on almost all of the late 90's early 00's RnB...

So Long
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MrMark 6 days ago
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The Mike 6 days ago
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Can someone help me find a good hardware sampler for making beats? This are my requirements: - I would like to be away of the...

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peterpiper0815 1 week ago
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Link to the instrumental: The kick/bass come in around :35 seconds in. I'm just having a...

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peterpiper0815 1 week ago
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after watching the trailer this gave me goosebumps! coogebumpkin

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Joey333 1 week ago
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Saiasan 1 week ago
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hi! SO, ive watched many videos about hiphop vocal editing and local engineers breaking down mixes of their popular tracks and i...

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illegal4Hunna 1 week ago
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So I have since 3 moths an Elektron Digitakt. It is a great sampler & sequencer but I want to improve the...

Olskool Bwoy
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Olskool Bwoy 1 week ago
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Yo! For those of you that enjoy my first free instalment of one shots. I have put together a 7 gb pack of breaks, fills,...

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Paul_G 1 week ago
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I'm trying to create the effect as if there's a DJ stuttering a record before they let it play. I've attached a link to the...

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mightycyclone 1 week ago
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just wow. how does crap like this happen? vocals totally masked / way too low. :facepalm: here i am worrying about my mixes...

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Sense_A 1 week ago
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Hi guys, I wanted to ask a question. A bit of a story, I sold my first beat on beatstars! or so I thought. The buyer bought...

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BezowinZ 1 week ago
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Sup everyone, I'm about to have about 4K to upgrade my studio a little bit. I'm looking for your opinions on what piece(s) you...

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BT64 1 week ago
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Im looking to do some upgrades, mainly a microphone and a mic pre, i just purchased a Lewitt LCT 940 should be here in a few days...

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jlgrimes11 1 week ago
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I've been trying to replicate music like Arizona Zervas and Sueco, Any ideas to how they get their vocals so squashed and...

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jlgrimes11 1 week ago
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I really love the ambience and reverb work on some of the late 80's stuff that was done in R&B, I actually did a huge thread...

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jlgrimes11 1 week ago
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Can anybody give me a quick run down of how I would go about quantizing drum tracks in Logic pro? I'd typically do this in PT...

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Studio131 1 week ago
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Anyone got one of these and know the going rate? Looks like they are pretty rare, can't find any available anywhere and no idea...

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Sampler Man 2 weeks ago
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Hi guys, First post here. I've searched for this topic but couldn't find anything. Also I wasn't sure on the best sub forum...

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E.rOk.stA 2 weeks ago
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Do you guys use channel strip plugins? I don't see many mixing engineers slapping a channel strip on every channel vs using...

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E.rOk.stA 2 weeks ago
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Just holler at me if you need something mixed excellent? rockout

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E.rOk.stA 2 weeks ago
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Hello all, There's this very popular rap song in France right now. I wonder if someone can tell me how to get that sound...

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anniwonky 2 weeks ago
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Here's my problem: Every single guide I find online, in text, or youtube, or even here on gearslutz on "how to mix old...

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Sense_A 2 weeks ago
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Currently tracking mostly urban vocals (rap and r&b) U87ai >blue Robbie>wa76>eqp-wa>pure2>daw. Trying to...

rollin weight
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Realbadwolf 2 weeks ago
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Hello, I never timestretched samples. I just pitched the sample to whatever I felt like and tried to make the chops work at...

Hip Hop Head
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viewing 2 weeks ago
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Hey, Sorry for the question but when I searched, I didn't see anything recent- anyone successfully running MPC software with Big...

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con?one 2 weeks ago
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Hi , I just ordered a Neumann tlm 102 and I have a focusrite 2i2 , Will this pair work good along or Will I need to upgrade...

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Syze25 2 weeks ago
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I'm just saying...this thing has saved my life about 5 times in the last month. The ability to turn a @#$%n 808 DOWN, that...

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Fanu 3 weeks ago
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I'm really curious as to how Ras G got this percussion sound? It's very similar to Dilla. I'd imagine a lot of it comes from the...

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Daexic 3 weeks ago
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Anyone know what Jake uses for his basslines? It sounds like a bass guitar but i don't think it's a VST... I've tried...

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play.exe 3 weeks ago
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Hi im trying to record vocals in logic. How come the input is so quiet? Its at -20db even when I scream. I even turn the preamp...

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BIG BUDDHA 3 weeks ago