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Does Any Body Know Where I Can Get Custom Made Hip-Hip Drums?
Old 7th August 2005
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Does Any Body Know Where I Can Get Custom Made Hip-Hip Drums?

Sup Guys, I was just wondering if anybody knows where i can get custom made hip-hop drums from? Like miked up and recorded drums like the real pro's do like Dre, Scott Storch, Timbaland, Ect.? Anybody know anybody or any engineers who do this. Im looking for custom made commercial drums similar to the people i've mentioned above. Also Neptunes sounding drums and kicks. Im not looking for any drums from sample cd's or internet websites i've bought pretty much every one and im not into them really.

Im looking for real custom Kicks like the Neptunes, Timbaland, Scott Storch Deep type kicks drums, The Dr.Dre, Scott Storch thumpy style kicks and thick candy shop style kicks.

Custom Snares, Percussion, warm shakers, Hi-Hats, Bongo's/ Conga's

And those commercial style claps and layered group claps, ect.

Basically the types of drums you hear on todays top 10 commercial records.

Im willing tp pay $10 per Clap, Kick, and Snare, and $5 per Hi-Hat, percussion sound. But they have to be no less quality than what is out today.

Old 7th August 2005
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rickrock305's Avatar

i'm not even sure what to say here. Maybe i should go take away my vote to keep this forum permanent.

Man, put in the work!!! Those guys went digging through records, and they sat there and put together those drum sounds. I suggest you do the same for yourself instead of expecting a handout.

Sorry if i seem a little rough on you, but this is the exact type of **** i hate in the hip hop world nowadays. You think you can just spend a little money, buy a few good drum sounds, buy whatever module you think Storch and Pharrell is using, and your gonna be makin platinum tracks overnight. You gotta work for it man, these guys didn't get on by paying for drum sounds, they put those sounds together themselves. You can't buy success, but it seems like thats what everyone thinks these days.
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Well i dont mean to be rude but i hate hearing that stupid "put in the work" crap. I did put in my work and im smart enough to realize after digging though tons of vinyl is that these new drum sounds are not from vinyl. Do you think the neptunes dig there drums through vinyl? No they are custom made and recorded with an engineer. You show me a deep neptunes, timbaland, or storch kick that comes from vinyl and i'll leave this alone. Actually i'll bet money on it. It is stupid to think the way you are you will go nowhere for the next 10 years trying to think like you do.What makes you think im looking for overnight success anyways?.What does that have to do with anything i asked? Its impossible to get those style of kicks without recording them becuase they are "real" kicks.

Now that wasnt what i was asking so kindly dont post if you cant help me out with what i asked.

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Sorry. These guys pull their samples from the same places everyone else does. There are programmers out there who sell samples to the big guys, there was a guy named Speedy who was hot for minute, I think he was selling zip disks with full MPC banks for a few hundred. Otherwise most of these guys are pulling stock sounds out and hitting them with EQ, compressors, etc. Kind of premastering them. Then resampling them for later use. Years ago I was asked by a programmer where we got all the drum sounds for the Michael Jackson records I worked on and he was shocked to learn that most of them came from sample CD's and ROM'plers that were tweaked during tracking and the mix. But hey, if want to do a custom sampling session I'd be happy to set it up for you. I've done it and it's actually a lot of fun.
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Gear Maniac

hey robmix, great to hear, can we exchange e-mails i would like to talk in private. My e-mail is [email protected]

Im very interested.

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Gear Nut

dogs it's pretty strait forward
1. stop looking at a drum track as oh i need to have 1 snare 1 bass drum 1 hihat and 1 crash.
2. stack on 1 part like lets say the kick until u get the sound u want. for example find the low wnd in the kick that u want then find the attack of another kick and stack them. the only thing about this method is that u need to know how to eq and compress.
3. the key is to be able to take 5 kicks and turn them into 100 sounding kicks. the same thing goes for snares. that is all what these custom banks or magic techniques are.

i have over 120 gigs of drum sounds and still take the time to make the drums the drums from the above method.
i am a drummer and i have 3 different sets and about 15 different cymbals so i could sample them if i needed to but i haven't found the need so far

the possibilities are endless
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Gear Maniac

Beat God, you sound like you know how to get the results im looking for.
Im not an engineer but are you interested in my offer of $10 per clap, kick, and snare?

I visited your website and im feeling that beat and those drums.
Can we talk in private im looking to work a deal with somebody and im dealing with some serious people in the industry right now but i cant talk about it here. Can we talk on Aim or something?
My e-mail is [email protected]

The problem is i have some good sounds and i've stacked some to create some good ones but i dont nearly have enough and ive pretty much run out of material.

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nukmusic's Avatar

one place.....
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Thanks nukmusic, but im pretty sure i said no internet places or sample cd's. Oh and beats by mail have to be one of the worst ive ever heard
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nukmusic's Avatar

what do u mean? P.s. he a local cat here in New Orleans. That did the site to expand.

Im looking for real custom Kicks like the Neptunes, Timbaland, Scott Storch Deep type kicks drums, The Dr.Dre, Scott Storch thumpy style kicks and thick candy shop style kicks.

Custom Snares, Percussion, warm shakers, Hi-Hats, Bongo's/ Conga's

And those commercial style claps and layered group claps, ect.

Basically the types of drums you hear on todays top 10 commercial records.
plus, some producers don't like to sell their custom stuff until they have worn them out. Its like a battle of who has the best sounds. Just like trying to do the best song, producers try to have the best sound, **** nobody has. Some of the snares(or kicks) you hear are sometimes just 3 or 4 different snares sync'ed and timed together and mixed down right. That's what makes them sound good. You have to play around with stuff, if not you'll be buying a of stuff every few months are so. I'v seen cats take a grand piano sound, edit it and make it sound like a phat ass moog bass, and that was on the old classic ASR-10.
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Gear Addict

your are so wack... sorry for this threatment, i follow up rickrock!

why all kids out there wanna sound like dre pr neptunes.

damn. get out. to your own work, to your own things and dont copy them cats out of the bizness. that dont want pull you foward if you copy them. noone wanna hear you
beats if you bite storch or some else. this is fact.


dont hate on me. its just what i see these days, its not only you.


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Gear Maniac

No Chester YOU ARE WACK!!!

You have to give the people what they wanna hear.
You aint gonna change the game homie the game changes you!!
What i wanna sound like storch because of drum sounds???
Thats the stupidist thing i've heard.
So what Storch is trying to copy Dre because he has a MiniMoog Too???
Get a brain!!!
You think im gonna use snares in club tracks when tons of hits were done using claps???

Get with the program or stay a nobody makin beats for fun or for the streets. Im not doing this for fun.

Create something of your own yes but it still has too be in the ball park of what sells commercially today.

I hate losers like you!!! **** your all over the place!!

No wonder you guys aint millionaires like Storch your all idiots. Only the people who think like you. So what Dre was Stortch's mentor and he learned a lot from him do you think Stortch is sooo wack now because now he too follows tips from dre and knows how to record a live drum now because of dre and Timbo??

Well im sure Storch could give a **** what you think cause he's a millionare now!!!

Because he created hot beats of his own but he stayed in the guidelines of what sells today!!!

He learned how to get timbo style kicks from Timbo so i guess he's wack now too right???

But he's a millionaire so take this **** in.

Just because you dont have what it takes to compose a hot track (not the drums) doesnt mean that other people dont.

I guess everybody who uses a kick and a clap are all biters now!!

who ever bought an andromeda first everybody after that is a biter and they are wack right????

Also tell me what can be more original than getting my own custom recorded drums???


Just because you dont have the balls or the brains to persue something like this dont mean im wack!!!

Im just serious!!!! Which a lot of you people aint!!!

Oh ****, i shouldnt give out this information but Just Blaze has guys digging for him for samples (not drums). So i guess he's wack because he's got guys digging for him. he's too busy doing the tracks!!!!! I guess he's wack because one of his diggers found the sample for Jay-Z's "public service announcement"

He's wack because he created the track and didnt find the sample!!!!
Oh he uses a MPC 4000 so he's trying to sound like Swizz Beatz and copy him!!!

Oh **** Kanye West Does that chipmunk voice effect with his beats so he's copying RZA!!!

Im not an engineer who sits there and tweaks for 10 days while i could have done a few hit singles in that time. I just create the music. I stack a lot of claps but thats about it.

Get with the program!!!
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audioez's Avatar

If I were a salseman I'd say GIGA STUDIO. stike

but to be honest, I've worked on some trakcs of the above artist mentioned, especially with Mr. T....the sound is greatl especially when the engineer Jimmy Douglass is at the controls, although this was a couple of years ago, as things progress.

Just go work at a studio, this is where you learn from other peoples mistakes.
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audioez, thanks for the reply. You are probabbly right but im not sure that there is anybody around here who can help me acheive what i want. I really cant waste $100 on studio time when im not sure these guys even know how to get these results. Thats why i was offering $10 per drum sound but if it will take more than that im prepared to pay. Do you think you can help me out?
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nukmusic's Avatar

Folks no need to get crazy. It just beats. K, some of the post I'm feeling. I understand u have to be up on what's hitting the air waves. But just reminder you are hearing the final version of those samples. Like i said above, a lot of that nice phat sound is from mixing it down, sometimes its the gear they used to record it too. I have mixed a lot of local stuff that had sampled sounds and the artist sometimes say that the track didnt sound like that before.

may I ask what was the last hardware workstation u have bought. Because I lot of sounds are straight off some of those boards.. Just think, those big name producers have the money to buy everything that comes out, the same month it drop with all the newest sounds, Then the tracks they used the new sounds on, gets released on albums that same year. So bought time the everyday producers get it and the production is released on an album, there's a new bunch of sound out.

maybe what u might need to do it find that unknown producer thats on the grind making beats, custom samples, etc and buy, buy, buy. You'll save money and help someone make money at the same time. Just go out to that locate club scene (open mic nights) and listen, u might get lucky.

another thought.............have to try to combine samples from the different sample disc u already have? ex. one snare from 3 different dics combined to make one snare hit.
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defjamm's Avatar

you compare single drum-hits with mastered tracks? that's the problem. your drums will sound different, when they go through effects(eq,comp,reverb,limiter etc), in the mixing and mastering-stage.
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Gear Maniac

Sup nukmusic,

I use an MPC 3000, and some analog synths, ect, so there is no drums that come from there.

I've heard the drums from pretty much all the keyboards and stuff and yes some producers once and a while will use a preset here and there but its rare. The producers i look up to anyways. I have a few really good drums and i've stacked a few amazing claps but there is only so much i can do. I need more sounds in the variety that i was describing. From what i was told dre, storch, timbaland,neptunes, ect record a lot of there drums and they have a whole complicated process and chain, drum kits, mics, ect on how they acheive there sound.

Is is a coincidence that Scott Storch suddendly became a non stop hit maker after spending some time working with Dre and Timbo and absorbing all there drum recording methods, production methods,ect.?

If you notice he has a lot of new kicks that sound like timbo kicks. These guys seem to think that he is a biter for doing that, but im sure Storch doesnt care because he's worth at least 50 million dollars now and he hasnt even seen his royaltee's from the 50 Cent The Massacre Ablum yet.

But i know its hard to find somebody that could help me out but its worth a try who knows i might get lucky.

So basically im still looking for what i was asking in my first post. There has to be a company or somebody who does this.

Mastered drum sound or not i have a few really good drum sounds that arent mastered and still sound good. But again im looking for a lot more.

Also it wouldnt hurt if they were tweaked while being recorded. This is what i will pay money for so again its a one in a million shot but im trying.

I know its really rare that i'll find somebody on a forum but im not limiting myself to trying.
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I came up with some pretty FAT drum sounds last summer.

I needed something for hip hop and I had an SP-1200 on loan but no sound discs! So I needed to come up with something fast.

So I loaded up Garageband on the Mac and sampled the hits from the Garageband stock Hip Hop kit into the SP-1200. I then heavily EQed and compressed with Neve 1073/Urei 1176.

Sounded awesome, and no one would ever think it was something so stupidly obvious and simple, but the processing (vintage gear + 12 bit sampling) really made it shine.
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Gear Maniac

Thats great, my whole post is "im looking for original recorded drums in the studio"

Not anything else other than live recorded drums in the studio that are engineered i guess after being recorded so they have a similar vibe to the producers i've mentioned and pretty much every other producers who makes top 10 hits.

If there was a team of professional people who do this i would gladly pay the money for high qaulity results.
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Gear Addict

man. please calm down.

i'd didnt know it will hurt you so much.

but eh why is Dre not your Mentor ?

maybe because you didnt come in contact with him ?
storch hit up dre, dre seen his creativity so he pushed him alot. storch got some luck.thats all.
yes he uses moog too, but he knows how to tweak it in the mix, that everyone knows, hey this is a storch beat.

noone needs a second dre. and dre didnt wanted that storch sound like him. he wanted that storch evolve his style his OWN sound.

who likes commercial hiphop these days ?

me, mostly not.

why is some cats sampling sh*t others done 5 years ago ?

who needs a sample of sample of sample?

who needs another tracks with claps ?

and yes Just Blaze got his diggers, and kanye got some dudes replayin
samples he wanted to use, because of copyright issues of them samples, so that
he can use it in his tracks.

i know what ya mean man, i make tracks on this basic too, CLUB.

we'll i dont wanted do threat you man. maybe i done wrong.than im SORRY. but maybe you use some drummachines instead of gettin a library every second NON bizness producer uses.

i feel a lot more better if i tweak the drums my own. ( eq/compress......)

create your own drums.


(and hopefully we will not fight against us here ,its a peaceful place and be kept, if iwas wrong on you , i'm sorry again!)
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Gear Maniac

Chester, cool i dont want to fight either but i dont like being called wack when im making perfect sence to someone who is serious aswell. I could care less about feeling good when tweaking a sound because in that time i was tweaking a sound i could have been done a hit record. Now that would make me feel even better

I have my own style too but drums have no effect on saying i want to copy somebody because i use drum sounds lol!!!

There is only a very few type of commercial drum sounds and every producer uses them there just not the exact same but variations. They all sound very similar.

Is everybody who uses 808 drums trying to sound like lil Jon???

No but it sells. Making money is the object and when i compose a track i have my own style and it is commercial aswell. Bottom line dont be too scared to use a sound like may come out sounding similar to someone else. Its gonna happen and already has.

Lokk at that track Scott Storch produced for Chris Brown called " Run It"
I though Lil Jon produced it untill i heard that part where it breaks down into some real RnB piano playing melody.

But point is Scott Storch used the exact same synth preset that Lil Jon uses in every track to produce that Chris Brown track and he uses 808 drums aswell.

But he made atleast $50,000 off that track because now Storch is able to command $150 000 per beat!!!

Point is if you wanna eat your going to make tracks that sell and as long as you are as good or better than the best you will make your money.

Dont have too much pride and honour about sounding a bit like somebody here and there because these dudes wouldnt have it for you.

Just look at Kanye West stealing drum sounds from Eminem when he left the room lol!!!!!

There's a big sea of money out there and if this is your serious career than you better think smart and get it.
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Gear Addict

yeah man i got you. i know what you mean.

you ever been able to sell some of your beats ? or even give it a "hear" on some producer you like?

maybe this will push you forward. and if money is you biz its okay. who wants to make music to live from need to get money from it.

i try that too. maybe not to be a millionaire, but to have some good life out of my interests.

i hope the best for you!

greets chester
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paultools's Avatar

Katz, didn't we go thru this with you when you were asking about Distressors and the like?
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Gear Maniac

chester. i wish you the best of luck also.

paultools this is a different topic im basically looking if anybody or if anybody knows people or a company,ect who mikes up and records brand new drums in the studio for hip-hop production. Like lets say how there is a internet sample company who sells hip-hop drums samples, im lookomg for a company who creates you custom new original drum sounds/ records them live in the studio.
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nukmusic's Avatar

K, i wonder what would happen if dre, timbo or Storch, etc each went through their on hoods and bought 12 tracks each from unknown producers and then put their names is the cds' as producer, Would they sell?

or look at it the other way around. what is you find the tightest unknown rapper, got Dre, Tim, and Storch to do 4 tracks each for the artist, but not take any credit for the tracks or help the artists get contacts to A&R. Would this artist get signed right off the back? Will he/she sell a mil records? Will he/she got record play on every station by just asking?

stack those samples cat. I have been using 3-5 snare licks as one for a while now. maybe 2-3 kicks, same with hats and sometimes bass. Folks always ask what board I'm using......makes me laugh when i say it all stock stuff, but I don't usually say that its stacked. tutt tutt
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Originally Posted by kataztraphy
im lookomg for a company who creates you custom new original drum sounds/ records them live in the studio.
I think the Neptunes did that for Justin Timberlake for his album.
I heard it's expensive, though.

Once you get your tracks together, I really wanna hear them.
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kwilliams's Avatar

Hey Katz,
Did you ever end up buying the SSL 384 you were asking 'bout the distressors??...or any of the gear you mentioned??? your last threads were interesting to say the least!!! seems you manage to create a lot of controversy everytime you post...!!!BTW the Neptunes use a lot of stock Trinity/Triton sounds....Dre uses a lot of breakbeat drums that are layered and processed...and Timbaland uses tons of CD-Roms...some of which I have and you can even hear specific loops he's as far as real drums...well I'm sure they do that to...but that's only one component to many....
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DivineMusic's Avatar

my cousin uses:
East west Colossus
and giga...
he has some of the hottest beats i've heard in a while(not just saying that b/c he's fam)
he has some kicks that are so hard or so dirty its crazy....
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tomdarude's Avatar
you want perfectly recorded natural drums to stack with your other samples ???

fxpansion BFD ,drumkit from hell (maybe the custom&vintage).... you´ll have a hard time to actually find someone record SINGLE HITS better than that.....

live playin vs. BFD-programming - another story...but single hits....???

I think it´s everything out there to stack your own sounds.....what else would you want them to record for ya ??? diff. custom tunings/sticks/woodhoops ??

guess they´ll sound quite different if you pull them of BFD and load them into ya mpc3000 (hell, even try a mpc60 or an SP)

cheers, tom

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