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Where Will Hip Hop Go After Trap?
Old 6th June 2019
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Originally Posted by nubiumbeats View Post
Sure I do. Trying to dissect music genres and turn them into something quantifiable down to the letter is a waste of time and is in no way valid. I just try to think in contextual, stylistically broad strokes and go from there, instead of letting myself get carried away if something doesn't check a bunch of arbitrarily set boxes. It's my personal way of categorising music, and I wish people would stop pushing their way onto others in such a toxic fashion.

That was my entire point, you're denouncing a huge part of hip-hop just because it doesn't align with your idea of artistry, skill, evolution, whatever. If you even made the tiniest of efforts you'd see that there's plenty of contemporary hip-hop artists out there today with plenty of skill and effort poured into their projects. You're out here comparing the "best" from the past with the "worst" from today like the rest of you, so it'd fit your narrative. Your patronizing stance against technological advancements instead of embracing it, just highlights your bitterness and prejudice, too.

Gucci Mane is not a gangster rapper. Gucci Mane makes trap music. Trap music is definitely a part of hip-hop culture. If you don't think trap music wasn't rooted in the same communities and struggles as the lyrical masterminds you think so highly of, then I don't know what to tell you. Also, "gangsta rap" hasn't really been acknowledged as a sub-genre of hip-hop since the late 90's, goes to show just how much you really know. No point in arguing this with you anyway, since you're trying so hard to specify a list of requirements for a damn music genre, tailored specifically to the artists you personally enjoy most. It's pointless.

Why are you even questioning this? What's your counter-argument then?

Obviously there's a massive difference between Outkast and Migos in both sound, style, delivery and content; I'm not deaf, thanks. My point is that one is not more or less "hip-hop" than the other, because unlike you I don't get my panties in a twist when contemporary artists don't sound like my favorite artists from back in the day. (Mainstream) music is trend-driven, and you're being purposely discriminatory because you didn't like the inevitable changes a genre can go through to stay relevant. There's tons of hip-hop artists I don't enjoy listening to, but I'm not gonna go out of my way to drag them through the mud just because they don't meet some artificial set of criteria.

Just lay down the crack pipe already. Yes, you can definitely categorize music, an art form, by looking for similar traits. But you're trying to do this in absolute terms, which just doesn't work for something as dynamic as music. Not to mention trying to implicate "skill level" as a required element for partaking in an art form is outright classist. Who you think doesn't deserve to be celebrated is something you decided for yourself, rarely does it hold any objective truth. Whatever catches on with the masses goes beyond what you think is right or wrong. You just don't like change.
you're falling over yourself to the point of abstraction and detracting at such a high rate that I doubt you'd even recognize the truth if it was given to you in the form of a rap. look first of all... I didn't bring up any artist like you claim in your make believe world where that make believe post of mine that I assume you read lives..... You.. brought up all of the artist.

2. again, your facts go from suspect to non-existent as I didn't say anything about trying to dissect music genres it never even came up and of course art itself isn't quantifiable but art forms themselves are which is why 'tenets' exist in the first place. Tenets are not arbitrary, it may hurt your feelings but there's rules to this ****. You call it your own catogorization and that's fine because that's exactly what it is, you're also allowed to call the sky green and the earth flat if you want but that won't make it so. An art form existed in spite of everything you've said maybe before you existed maybe after it doesn't even matter, the fact is the art form exist and the tenets of said art form exist and you can adhere to them or not like you described all you want, there is nothing more valid about your self categorization and the art forms established categorization that lives outside of you and in spite of you... ffs you think tenets are arbitrary, do you think that about all tenets or just the tenets of hiphop, music etc..

3. you keep bringing up age, the past, whether something is contemporary or not and again no one cares. I didn't denounce anything the only thing I've done is called an art form what it is . I'm not stuck between some fckin dates on a calendar like you obviously are, there are dope MCs today and there were dope MCs 25 years ago just as their were dope guitarist 25 years ago and dope guitarist today, what's changed is your definition because it's predicated on a freakin time date stamp or some other bull**** like that instead of predicated on the talent and skill of the MC, you actually have a problem with 'mic skill' being an integral part of the artform where the most important thing is mofos holding a mic, what's next are you gonna start hating on guitarist who put strings on their guitars..... you sound ludicrous.

4. you're claiming I'm comparing the best from the past to the worst of today again you're masturbating via revisionist history.... I didn't make any of the comparisons ....... you made all of them!!!

5. patronizing stance against technological advancements?....Really??.... we weren't even talking about technological advancements, we were talking about the lack of skills.... I own traktor, I know how to use it, that has nothing to do with the fact that I don't need traktor to juggle a ****in beat. Here's a test you can give to yourself next time you're shuffling Outkast and the migos, ask yourself does traktor need you more than you need traktor or do you need traktor more than traktor needs you..... there are plenty of traktor users who still have basic skill and can still twist a freaking knob on the filter cutoff while syncing two songs themselves instead of letting traktor do it because they are waaaaay to busy crafting that spectacular migos mix.... You know Brian eno loves computers and computer generated music but he still knows his ****, it's only in your mind that you call having a lack of skill any kind of advancement in anything.

6. Gucciman is a gangster rapper, if you want to be technical trap doesn't exist, now why would I say something like that well a genius like you would know that what you call trap music is what people called rap music before they called it trap... the only tenets of trap are 808s hat work, and tempos that are just like standard rap music.... listen to any popular rap song that exist before the phrased trap was coined and then smack yourself for thinking otherwise... you sound like all those goth kids who swear they are shuffling not knowing all along that all they're doing is the running man lol
Guccimane is a gangster rapper rapping over regular old rap beats plain and simple. Oh but he invented trap right, so does that mean he invented 808 based rap music with hat work and dark melodies hahahahaha... did you even listen to rap music before Gucciemane proooooolly not.

7.Also, "gangsta rap" hasn't really been acknowledged as a sub-genre of hip-hop since the late 90's.... what the hell are you smoking, you are really stuck on the clock aren't you, Gangster rap was, is, and will be fully acknowledged....maybe not by you but paying attention isn't really your forte, so what jazz from before the 90s isn't acknowledged anymore, what about rock, you sound crazy for that one

3.i agree with you on one point and that is the toxicity of this conversation, my apologies for that but long story short, you are predicating the validity of very established tenets of the art form in question on what freaking year the music was made in, for someone that doesn't like genres or whatever your deal is that sounds ridiculous, you ought to know that mic skills, dj skills, any skills exist independently on their own merit it has nothing to do with the 90s or anything else.... would you call a fine artist passe or less advanced, just because you're a photoshop whizkid?...... I hope not cause that would be stupid.

I know you think you're really doing something advanced that's cool, but you're still only doing the running man and voguing :D

Old 6th June 2019
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[mod delete]

I'm done with this topic and Martel80 is getting ****ing reported, but I just want to address Captain 8's post real quick before I go. I know I kept talking about being stuck in the past, but these tenets you speak of, to which you uphold every song that came out henceforth, are just waaaaay to narrow and specific in my opinion, and relate so heavily to that period in time when classic boom bap was poppin' off, that it leaves very little room for hip-hop to evolve and grow as a genre.

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