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HC6S Headphone Amplifier The Rane HC6S is one of the most indispensable products in today’s audio industry. Featuring six stereo headphone amplifiers, the HC6S performs a number of necessary tasks, not all of which are headphone related. The HC6S provides Master stereo Inputs which can be used to drive any or all of the 6 stereo headphone amplifiers. A Mono switch on the front panel drives both channels of all 6 amplifiers from a common mono source. Six individual unbalanced stereo Inputs are available to drive any individual amplifier from a separate stereo source. These Inputs can be converted to mono balanced Inputs through internal jumpers if required. Outputs for all six channels are provided on the front panel and on the rear panel so that headphones may be connected on either side. Two pairs of headphones may be driven from each channel, one pair connected to the front and one to the rear. The HC6S is capable of delivering up to 500 milliwatts into headphones with rated impedances between 32-600 Ω. The precise amount of power depends on the exact impedance of the headphone in use and the number of headphones connected to the unit. Under most conditions, the HC6S produces sound pressure levels in excess of 120 dB, more than adequate for most listeners. Features 6 independent stereo headphone amplifiers Master balanced or unbalanced stereo inputs with Master Level Six unbalanced stereo Inputs can drive each amplifier Front and rear Output jacks Six Output Level controls Stereo / Mono switch


Headphone Distribution Amps

...the Rane HC6 (older models), Behringer HA-4700, Behringer HA-8000, and ART HeadAmp6Pro, for various complaints. This leaves me with: Rane HC6S PreSonus HP60 Samson S-phone ...but I haven't found any reviews that speak of their audio quality specifically - it's always about how convenient the talkback feature is or the personal mix features. For my application,...

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Apogee Ensemble's Outputs

Thanks for the replies guys. I checked out on Sweetwater a nice headphone amp here: Rane HC 6S 6-Ch Headphone Amp | The Rane HC 6S 6-Ch. If I were to get this, and the Ensemble, would I still have to use my hosa monitor switcher? Or would I have enough 'out ports' for more...

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Track/Mix Classic Rock-Pick your gear-8 items max!!

...K240s for the studio. Audeze LCD-XC for monitoring and mixing, especially when just working with the computer and no monitors. Headphone amp: Rane HC 6S (for 6 pairs) Cables: Gotham Audio This is all probably nearing $25Kish $5K left for acoustic panels, racks, stands, etc.. That's my 2¢ on $30K for a modular studio system for recording rock bands.

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