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The Radial JDV is arguably the very best direct box ever made. It is able to handle any type of instrument with ease, reproduces the sound with the utmost accuracy and least coloration, and is equipped with all of the connectivity you will ever need whether you are performing on stage or recording in the studio.The active design begins with 100% discrete class-A circuitry for absolute signal purity while eliminating troublesome zero-cross distortion. But unlike all other buffering amplifiers, the JDV does not employ any phase-cancelling negative feedback loops to stabilize the circuit. Instead, a tube-like configuration with proprietary stabilizers delivers the true sound of the instrument without artefact or hype.To address electric bass and guitar, the JDV is equipped with Drag Control that enables you to correct the load of the instrument as if connected directly to an amplifier. For piezo instruments, the input can be switched to 4meg-ohms to eliminate squawk. And with 30 volt internal rails, even the most dynamic digital sampler or active bass can be handled with ease. Features separate outputs for the PA, monitors, amps and tuner making it stage and studio ready.How does it sound? When one musician proclaimed: The JDV is the best sounding DI I have ever heard. We replied: No… it's your bass… you've just never heard it before.The JDV… There is no other like it anywhere or at any price. Radial JDV Features 100% discrete class-A active direct box Feed forward design – no negative feedback Drag Control load correction for natural tone Huge 30-Volt rails for exceptional headroom


The best DI box in front of a Neve 1073 for electric guitar and bass is?

...a re-amper, is the DI on the Little labs superior to the Radial JDI? Also is the Radial JDV superior to the JDI? Love some opinions from expereince with different ones. Thankspeachh

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Preamp/EQ system for live bass guitar rig?

...the right amount of slots for my needs, with loads of flexibility on the back panel. I chose the Radial JDV Pre because it is also a DI. I have the choice of taking my line signal directly out of it, and running another line out from my EQ to my stage rig. The...

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Radial voco loco.

...USA specifically to be a high end mic pre-amp, one of the best on the market. The PreMax, PreComp and JDV MKV on the Balanced Input use the same microphone preamp. The Voco Loco Mic Pre is an auto padding true variable gain circuit and quite a high level can be fed into it...

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