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Sputnik Sound
Old 6th November 2017
Sputnik Sound

Hi Vance,

Thanks for your time I'm a big fan of your work!!! At Sputnik Sound I was wondering if the wooden fence surrounding the live room was for acoustic treatment or just for aesthetics / vibe. Also, would you mind sharing the overall dimensions of the live room?

Thanks, Spencer
Old 9th November 2017
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Thanks Spencer..
It's a combination of both.. The "fence" is from a 100+ year old barn from Kentucky.. I wanted the room to have an old Nashville and Memphis feel, therefore the fence and the punched out acoustic tiles..
There is some ideas behind the fence as it's a labyrinth behind the fence.. there is about 2 1/2' inches of space there and you can see that there are spaces between the fence slats.. I wanted sound to go in and then "slow down" before coming back out.. Diffusion, basically. The room is 23' by 19" by 16.5 High at the apex of the Vault.. but it's quite a bit more complicated than that, as there is a loft, and doors on the ceiling and Window's (facade)up high..
Old 11th November 2017
Thanks Vance!
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