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Hierarchy of Needs
Old 6th November 2017
Hierarchy of Needs

Hi Vance,

Thanks for taking some time to answer these questions. If you were thrown into an empty church and tasked to make a record, what are the recording and mixing tools that you would absolutely require to make a recording of the highest caliber? Let's assume we have a decent sound from the room and a well-rehearsed band, as those are the fundamentals for a great record. Thank you again!
Old 8th November 2017
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A functioning console (any) and a way to record.. Tape/PT/Whatever.. and my ProAc Studio 100's
A few good and a few not so good mics.
Fet 47
5-10 SM57's
A SM58 or 3
Coles 4033 or 2
My black 77Dx
Ampex 1101
Strangely, I'm kinda doing this in Dec..
Old 9th November 2017
Here for the gear

Hi Vance,

Thanks for taking the time to answer all these questions. Do you have "go to" uses for each of these mics, or are they just the ones you reach for most often?
Old 9th November 2017
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57's everything else..
77 vocals
58' vocals (and an ok kick mic if there is nothing else)
d12 bass
and I a few good DI's..
Old 9th November 2017
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And of course Stands/Cables and some sort of monitoring for the band..

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