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Lets Get in to Reverb!
Old 12th March 2009
"When creating reverb sounds..."

Hey Tony,

I noticed you said "
When creating reverb sounds, you should be able to see the walls of the room in your mind..."

So my question is,
When using reverb, do you tend to use different decay times and/or types of verb for different instruments to put them in there 'own room'? I know it all depends on the mood of the song and how busy the mix is so maybe the best way to answer this question would be to use an example from a previous project you worked on (R&B if possible). So if you could explain more of the 'reasoning to why' you picked that verb/decay time for that instrument, that would be great. Also, do you find your self eqing the reverb and leaving some instruments dry to make room for the rest of the mix?

Old 12th March 2009
Lets Get in to Reverb!

Tony, very cool of you to do this!

So I wanna talk about your reverb technique!
On average how many verbs will you run in a mix, and how much do you use this to create space in your mix.
What types of verbs do you tend to reach for for what? Convo, NonLin, Plate, Hall... And so on.

Cheers :-)

Old 12th March 2009
2 x reverb questions for ya Tony!thumbsup
Old 12th March 2009
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Originally Posted by Jules View Post
2 x reverb questions for ya Tony!thumbsup
Hey Guys,
Great questions. I've got to run this morning to make my class at NYU. Hopefully, I'll be able to answer this between students.

Briefly, tho, I use lots of different types of verbs. I still use Lexicon (outboard) stuff when I can get it. I've got a couple PCM 70's as well. I've got an ol Yamaha Rev 1 that my assistant just plugged back in for me. ...and I go through the usual suspects internally.

I use the Waves IR, Altiverb, RVerb, ReVibe. One of my faves is the Eventide Reverb from the Anthology pack. I can really do a lot with that one. Get it to sound like a real room or an old plate.

Okay, More later,
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