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Andrew W.K. and Spineshank
Old 24th October 2009
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Andrew W.K. and Spineshank

for Scott Humphrey --

would you happen to remember anything regarding the guitars on I Get Wet or the Height of Callousness (guitars used, amps used, cabs used, mics used, signal chain, etc )? love the tones on both records! as well, what mics/signal path was used for Andrew W.K.'s vox, and what was the layering like on most of the songs, sounds huge!! heh

As well, Mike Shipley posted here a while ago (actually during a Q&A) regarding the Andrew W.K. record, and he mentioned that Andrew had recorded the record in a closet in his apartment (you can read his whole post here: -- just wondering if this is really true??

Old 24th October 2009
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The equipment used on AWK and Spineshank was a combination of quite a few amps and guitars layered together. The signal was split to the Diezel-Vh4, Naylor-super drive 60, Vintage Marshall etc.. through a variety of 4/12 vintage and non vintage cabinets. The signal would get split again to a variety of combo amps, Vox-AC30, Matchless, Vox-Viscount, Star etc.. Mics used, 57's 421's. A combination of 1073 and 1081 Neve's were used for the preamp and eq and then all signals were blended on the SSL to a single record track. Vocals on AWK was recorded with a u47 and a Manley Vox.
The layering on the record was really over the top, and I tried to convince AWK to give it more dynamics and contrast but he insisted that it be full on at all times..
Btw, I haven't heard anything about Andrew recording in a closet...haha!!
Old 25th October 2009
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On the record which I worked with Andrew , was his first one ..... he did record a lot of it in his closet in brooklyn so as not to disturb his neighbours who were constantly pounding on his door for making too much noise !!!! Andrew will tell u this as a fact and laugh about it as we did , but he still recorded great stuff which needed a lot of tending to in the mix , which was a total blast !! but that is half the fun !!!!
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