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Freelancers, what gear do you always take to sessions? Dynamics Processors (HW)
Old 10th March 2003
Lives for gear
cajonezzz's Avatar

Thread Starter
Freelancers, what gear do you always take to sessions?

I pretty much work in the same room but I'm starting to move around a little bit. I've always been a drummer/perc/programing guy and have brought the various flavors of the year around with ...(f16,mpc,Vdrums DDrums, drums,toys etc.) and such but really never payed much attention to what the AE schleped around .
what do you big time travelling engineer folks have with you in your racks/workboxes?
What's a must, gear, vibe stuff.......cremes , lotions, potions?

the engineer the other nite brought in:

Peterson vitrual stobe
Phase checker (clicker)
Little labs reamp box
DBX sub harmonic something or other
avalon comps
a freakin B3 (he played on some traks)
manely pre's
a couple mics
various stuff to make the place "home"
I didn't root through his workbox but I'm sure there were plenty of other goodies in there.
I'm gonna start putting together an essential kit..for the workbox. I hate not having the tools I need where I need them, and some of the places I've been in seem pretty lame in that department.
Old 10th March 2003
Gear Head
Jakob's Avatar

-Ad converter
-A case full of stompboxes, MXR, E-Harmonix, boss, Danelectro Guyatone
-****loads of Candles
-Gameboy Advance w/Tony Hawk pro Skateboarder
-Hush Puppies
-Two persian carpets 2´*5´
-Pod, not to record, but if we layout guitars, everybody can emagine what sound were talking...
-Siemens v76
Old 10th March 2003
Lives for gear
Wiggy Neve Slut's Avatar

The last gig i schelped my rack to contained:

Shep SN8 EQ's
API 3124
Clm Dynamics 'Expounder' EQ
Neumann FET 47

Assorted cables and connectors. This is becoming a major point in a freelancers kit as given that most of the ones that i know are not working in the few major studios that are left here in OZ, they are working in home studios that often dont have X & Y to make their rack interface properly into the studio.

Assorted CD's Dats and reference material

Bul**** bag with gag material! ( porn for dummers, wigs and hats, stupid sunglasses etc, funny books and anecdotes etc etc)

Digital camera for those kodak moments.

filtered water jug....i find drking chilled water helps keep me awake and going to the toilet.. i try and stay away from coke etc

Spare blank CD's and Dats and cassettes ( yes some cheap skates dont yet have CD palyers in their cars yet... includes me!!!! heh )

I would like to add to my rack:

IBP phase thingy!

'compressor that will do everything!'.. still searching

Tube pre amp.. not vital but in the future!

reamp thing for gtr pedals into patchbay etc.

API 560 EQ's a whole rack of them please!.. Paul Wolf if ur hanging around can i have a sponsorship?heh heh heh heh heh

TALENT in a bottle, so bands can have a swig and then redo their tkae well and or in tune or time!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Old 10th March 2003
PT Mix + rig with 16 Prism input channels + Flatscreen monitor
API, Neve, Helios, Various - mic pres
Compressors (dependant on whats there already)
Genelec 1031's (have ADAMs back at my place but use these when I travel)
Les Paul Standard
Gibson SJ accoustic
Evil twin Di
Espresso machine

On longer projects (more than tracking) the following additional gear
2 x Aeron chairs
Pro Control
This laptop Ibook G3 600 + MBox
Little Labs PCP distro
Old 10th March 2003
Moderator emeritus

Fender Precision Bass
Fender Jazz Bass
Modulus 6 string Bass
Pedulla Pentabuzz fretless Bass
Fender Bass VI Tic-Tac Bass
Danelectro tic tac bass

Eclair Engineering Evil Twin
Manley mono Vari-Mu
Various pedals, cables, and a pair of Sony 7506 headphones.

If requested, early '60's Juzek acoustic bass and RCA 77DX as RCA 74B microphones.

Oh - you mean freelance ENGINEERS - never mind...
Old 10th March 2003
Lives for gear
cajonezzz's Avatar

Thread Starter
This is great , keep'em commin.....Just so you know,if you ever work in our room make sure you have your name etched on everything.....grggt

and of course the house rule is that anything left over 3 days......

Wiggy, that IBP phase tool is high up on my list as well.
Old 10th March 2003
Gear nut
plexi's Avatar

The IBP and a Redeye together does that!
Try a Boss CS-3 compressor pedal on a drum room mic, sounds WILD!
Kind of like an 1176 with all buttons in, then nuked with a distressor......

Old 10th March 2003
Lives for gear
toledo3's Avatar

Every kind of adaptor, audio and power

Little Smokey Amp, and many other ****ty little speakers

EV strobocon mic

Fig 8 SM57 mod

Old Gretsch Kick

Assorted Drum Sticks/heads/cowbell/cymbals

Gibson ES347

Fender Custom Shop Doubleneck-Strat 12 string/ Tele six


Mr.Coffee Esspresso Maker/ some kind of good coffee

Gaffer's tape

Toilet paper

-but I'm not a freelancer...rollz
Old 10th March 2003
Gear nut

I've never heard of that one - how/who does it?

Old 10th March 2003
Gear maniac
RSMITH123's Avatar

OMG, no tapestries?
Old 10th March 2003
Gear maniac
audiogeek1's Avatar

When I work somewhere else I take a huge selection of cables and adapters. In a home studio environment you can never have enough of these types of things. Also I bring extension cords and power supplies.

The rack includes:
2-Daking 52270 Mic pres
Focusrite Penta comp/pre
Drawmer 1960 comp/pre
Langevin ELOP
Electrix MoFX
Electrix Filerfactory
Alesis SR16 Drum Machine (For Click)
Behringer Headphone amp
5-Sony MDR7506 headphones.(most home studios do not have enough phones for everyone.)

2- AT 4047SV
2-ADK Tube mics
2-Beyer M500 Ribbon Mics
2-Beyer M88
1-Shure SM7
3-Sennheiser md504(awesome tom mic)

Most of my freelancing happens when I go to a home studio to help a band track at home. (most of the time I try to get them to track drums in my studio then overdub @ home.) Mixing usually happens back at the studio.
Old 11th March 2003
Lives for gear
toledo3's Avatar

Well, I had the idea, and my uncle (a physicist and electronics expert) helped me cobble it together. Basically, there are two capsules, and one mic body. The capsules/metal piece are both turned ninety degrees from the usual position, and are back to back. He wired it all up for me. There is a piece of metal that we had fabricated that holds the two capsule/metal peices on top of the body of the mic. I usually use it out in front of the drum kit, and just nuke it.
Old 11th March 2003
Gear interested
drumbone's Avatar

one of these would be nice --

Old 11th March 2003
Gear nut

Dave, something tells me that we'd be fast friends if we lived near one another. That's my rig...except my buzz is a four string fretless (SN 0237), and my 'modulus' is a bass I built myself...

I was gonna ask what kind of women you like, and how you take your coffee, but why bother? I'll bet I already know.

Old 11th March 2003
Moderator emeritus

Altos who can cook, and a little milk- no sugar, right?
Old 11th March 2003
Gear nut

I take 2 types of gear to the studio.

A bag of buds that I would share with the talent (freezones)

And a bag of bud that is eeeeeeeeeeeevil

gots to be specific
Old 12th March 2003
Lives for gear
Don't freelance much anymore but in the old days:

Focusrite ISA 115
Urie 1178
Massenburg pres
Tuner & metronome
comfortable footware!

Old 12th March 2003
Gear addict
mdbeh's Avatar

API 3124m+
Langevin DVC
Lucid A/D
Bunch o' Mics

I hardly ever bring any non-pre outboard, but I think I'm gonna start doing so. How 'bout you guys?
Old 12th March 2003
Gear nut


this is just too funny! Then again, the description is still generic enough to cover a lot of people.

5' 11", 190 lbs, right?

zowd (spelled backwards, actually)
Old 12th March 2003
Moderator emeritus

Me or the missus?

ACtually, neither on that one. I've haven't seen 190 in a decade. But I'd like to be down there again someday...
Old 13th March 2003
One with big hooves
Jay Kahrs's Avatar
I don't freelance much but when I do go to other studios what I bring depends on what I'm doing and what they have. The last time I mixed at another studio I brought;

Summit DCL-200
TC M2000
Mytek ADC
Alesis D4 (drum module to trigger kick sample)
dbx Subharmonic Synth (didn't get used)

If I'm tracking I'll bring whatever I need to feel ok. Usually some mics and a couple of pres and compressors. Although, sometimes it's nice to walk in and just use what's there. I couldn't ever see myself bringing 16 or 20 spaces of gear into a session. If I had to do that I probably wouldn't book the room in the first place.
Old 13th March 2003
Lives for gear
dave-G's Avatar
My tote-list gets shorter and shorter as time goes by. Nowadays, I bring My Klein + Hummel O300D monitors and as little of everything else as possible (Especially when air-travel is involved).

Renting gear is usually worth it, saving the cartage headache with my own esoteric stuff, and Steve Jarvis Rentals is loaded with most of my favorite goodies anyway.

Old 14th March 2003
Gear Head

I totally am the worst with this. i have had so many studios reem me for bringing so much but I know my gear and that it works and how it sounds and I HAVE TO get the results I want.
With that on every gig i bring:
KRK Krocks, Hafler Amp
2 Neve 1073s
1 fatso
1 distressor
2 1176s
1 Alan Smart C2
Pendulum Audio MDP-1
TIG4 laptop with Mbox for even more metering and diagnostics.
Tons of mics and yes I am such a pain in the ass I bring my own pair of 57s since I know how they sound and that they sound good. At one studio I went to the 57 was out of phase that blew my mind and I bought I traded them for it since a freind didnt believe me that it was possible. He bowed down.
As well I have two Rubber Tubs full of pedals cables adapter my Brent Averill summing box and all sorts of diagnostic stuff and most importantly a tuner
On gigs at less gear equipped studios I bring
DSP 7000
My full pro tools rig
4 Quad Eight Pres and 6 EQs
API rack
and hopefully next week Ill be getting a new GML 8200 though I am really interested in that squeezebox thing.
Old 14th March 2003
Lives for gear
"I am really interested in that squeezebox thing."

Cannon, what squeezebox thing are you refering to?

Old 20th March 2003
Lives for gear
AudioGaff's Avatar
Great thread with interesting choices.

I always bring an anvil breifcase full of various style patch cords and adapters and find that I need to use them every single time.
I also bring my own cables to interface my gear as many times the smaller and home studio guys don't have any spares or extra of anything.

My floater gear:

Eventide DSP4500
Lexicon PCM91
BA single 1272
API 512C & 525
Amek/Neve CIB
Manley mono Vari-Mu
Neotek MicMax
dbx 160SL
Evil Twin DI w/Mic pre option.
Countryman 85 DI
AKG 240 phones
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