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Hit Song headphone bleed Virtual Instrument Plugins
Old 22nd March 2003
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Hit Song headphone bleed

Ok , I admit , I like this Christina Aguilera song "Beautiful". It's all over the radio.

One thing about this song though,...I can't believe how audible the headphone bleed is!!?? Am I the only one that can hear this??It's painfully obvious it's the click track.

The beginning of the song, the very first "Mmmm.." she does, you hear it- and the worst one is at the end , right before the last chord. Can't they get some better phones for her???Is this acceptable for a major label release?? Does anybody care??

Kinda strange.
Old 22nd March 2003
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I was told that that Ch Agg Vocal on Beautiful was a reference that they we not planning on keeping, but they "Loved" the magic of the reference.. I dont know. Whaterver.

To me it sounds more like a reference drum loop playing in the back. I dont think it was just the click. They probably replaced the loop with the live drums later and ditched the loop. Too bad you cant ditch the bleed too. hahah

Anywhoo.. Just another sunny example that only the song really matters in the end.

Old 22nd March 2003
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Re: Hit Song headphone bleed

apparently not .......
Old 23rd March 2003
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Re: Re: Hit Song headphone bleed

I've seen many a whack thing end up on the "masters". Sometimes it's roadkill, other times it's intentional.
Old 23rd March 2003
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Intentional or not, I'm sure that everyone involved on the engineering side knew it was there. A lot of times people post "gotchas" about albums with the idea that they're exposing something that wasn't previously noticed. (Not saying you're doing this, FS.) In the real world, mistakes happen, and you're not always allowed to go back.
Old 23rd March 2003
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Something else to think about - if the guys doing the tracking have the loop turned up during the overdub phase (As I remember, the main drum/ loop or whatever it was doesn't come in till later in the song), it's quite possible that they didn't notice the bleed until it was too late. I've been there and done that a time or two, since I usually keep the click in the headphone and control room mixes all the way through all of the overdubs and up until the mix stage begins...
Old 23rd March 2003
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e-cue's Avatar

It's much more noticeable on the radio with it's god aweful compression. It's less apparent on the CD...
Old 23rd March 2003
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It happens. I remember tracking one song with the drums and guitar starting, the bass player didn't have his cans on when I started the click and they started to play so it's all over the drums. That was 'the' take and there was nothing I could do about it. Poo happens. The best thing to do is not make it sound like a mistake and do something interesting with it.
Old 23rd March 2003
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Hell, I don't even use closed cans for vocals. I'd rather give the vocalist a pair of Sennheiser HD580's, because they're SO much better when it comes to sound and comfort. I'll even use them for group vocals. I have to do a "strip silence" and carefully trim everything before it hits the compressor, but I think avoiding fatigue is very important. A couple times I ended up with drum loop leakage - no big deal.

I'm similarly picky when it comes to drum headphones. I'm a drummer, and I found all the isolation 'phones on the market to be horrible - either bad sound, poor isolation, very uncomfortable, or all three. I ended up sticking a pair of Radio Shack 'phones (their $40 on-ear model) inside a pair of Peltor hearing protectors.

If anyone is in the headphone business, I'll be glad to show you how I put them together, because they're a lot better than any of the stuff on the market.
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