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The 1inch two track tape discussion thread
Old 2nd March 2003
The 1inch two track tape discussion thread

OK who has used 1inch two track?

Who is interested to try it?

Whats it like?

Is it here to stay as a format?

Old 3rd March 2003
One with big hooves
Jay Kahrs's Avatar
What's the bottom end like on a 1" 2-track? Sometimes I don't like what 1/2" does to the sound vs. 1/4".
Old 3rd March 2003
Lives for gear

Mastermix here in town uses 1" 2 track pretty regularly, as there as a couple of them here in Nashville.

Not having mixed into 1" myself, the word I hear is that it's great for some things, the noise floor is killer, but for some music the bottom end is "too big/round/wide". That's from mastering engineers who've been able to compare the 1" with a digital mix master. Very similar to Jay's comment, I heard one guy say he preferred 1/2" in some ways, at least for certain genres, for that very reason.

Brian T
Old 3rd March 2003
On the rare occasion a project comes in that needs it, we rent one. Very spendy, but they sound great. I heard one that had the Aria electronics package - holy crap.

That being said, people absolutely fawn over my custom Studer A80 half-inch, and demand for 1" is sooo small...
Old 3rd March 2003
Have you seen Tim's custom electronics for two tracks Brad?
Old 4th March 2003
Gear Head

1 inch Tape Machines.

Since I invented the formatte back in '84, there have been a number of successful recordings the early ones were mostly classical and of course Waterlily records. The first Sheryl Crow was done on my machine at 15 ips.
Bass. at 15 is 7 Hz to 35 Khz within 3 db. I don't care what other ordinary machines do, they just do not understand how to deal with real lowend as their repro amps are all so cheapskated!
CCIR and AES 30 (which is basically CCIR at 30) both require the gain to keep on increasing at 6 dB/Octave down to at least 3 Hz to keep good phase intergrity. The other thing is that the Studers etc have poor HF overload margines especially with 30 IPS that cause them to 'splitch' on all the high hat and bells also on female sybilences. I can go on and on on this subject.
My current spec is 18 ips and 14 u sec. for this formatte
Old 4th March 2003
Originally posted by Jules
Have you seen Tim's custom electronics for two tracks Brad?
You know, I haven't. Only Spitz's stuff around here (tape-wise) but I can't wait to get my mitts on an EAR EQ!
Old 5th March 2003
Gear Head

! inch Tape

As a post script, Bob Ludwig has one , My tube electronics on a Spitz Rebuilt transport ATR102 series.
Yes cost is relatively high but for the results $50 a roll of tape is small beer relative to all the other artists expenses and fancy lunches.
I have also listened to 10 year old tapes such as Dan Swatz's Tuesday night music club and they have that made yesterday quaility. Not only is the noise floor important but the intergrity or Drop Out nature far less to give that line out sound.
As to someones comment on bass and comparing to Digital. Just compare bass on Digital to the line in to you digital converter! I am afraid the digital comes back leaner than the desk out.
I have never said Digital cannot work, I said more than 20 years ago it has got to be 400 Khz sampling and 24 Bit to satisfy the hearing mechanism. So 384KHz as the 8 times 48 is as near as damn it perfection.
But in digital most of the converters use what I call succesive approximation techniques even one bit. but the VIDEO
digital is usually for the speed FLASH converted. More distortion but less time distortion.
So don't get me started on a marathon session.
Tim de P
Old 5th March 2003
Tim, do you make a repro electronics package for the A80? Mine is a special beast, but with two sets of repro electronics onboard...
Old 6th March 2003
Here for the gear

Just for the record, and from what Bob Ludwig has told me, Tim's J-37 sounds way better than Spitz ATR.


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